10 Best Apps To Create Instagram Stories – 2021

Apps for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are trending nowadays, everyone wants to put up awesome video stories for their followers and to get new followers. Many people want their stories to look professional in order to get more views and bring more followers to their Instagram account and they spend too much time creating such stories. Here we have … Read more

Top 10 Best ePub Reader for Windows – 2021

Best Epub Reader for Windows

What is ePub? ePub is an XML-based e-book publishing format standard, file content is expressed as XHTML, a combination of HTML, CSS and XML to provides you an all-round aesthetic document as compared to PDF, in plain text, digital text and converted text. Full form to ePub is Electronic Publication. What is an ePub reader … Read more

How Technology Can Affect Your Relationships

Technology Affects Your Relationship

Our current technology has blessed us with wonderful opportunities to expand our social circle and communicate with our loved ones anytime and anywhere. With instant messaging and social media platforms, you can share your thoughts, milestones, and precious happenings in your life to a broad audience. Technology is now a part of our daily lives … Read more

What Is Kindle Cloud Reader And How To Use It – 2021

Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud ReaderĀ is a web app for online ebooks reading and library management. This makes it possible for people to read Amazon Kindle ebooks without a Kindle device or the official Kindle mobile app. Kindle Cloud Reader is primarily for people who don’t have a Kindle device or don’t want to install any extra software … Read more