What Is Custom Web Application Development

Modern solutions consist of a few interconnected technologies. Therefore, there is a team of web application developers with years of experience, which is ready to carry any task. There are the best web application development companies on the market right now, which use cutting-edge technologies. It can be ios application development services or any other.

Custom Web Applications

When and why your business needs custom app development?

After the Internet revolution, the era of mobile technologies came. Right now the time has come to create new effective tools that literally burst into our world along with mobile devices. We’re talking about mobile apps.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, then you understand how various functional applications, games, and entertainment work. But why does a business need a mobile app? Today we’ll talk about this. There are some custom software advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of custom web app development

If you have a smartphone or tablet, then you understand how various functional applications, games, and entertainment work. What can a business mobile app do?

Raise of income

Making a profit is the main goal of any business. All marketing tools should help you achieve this goal. The built-in functions of the application, such as, for example, a loyalty card and sending push notifications, allow you to motivate users to buy goods or services from your company, as well as instantly inform you about various promotions and discounts.


Loyalty programs drive repeat sales. For example, the accrual of bonuses motivates the customer to make several purchases before he can get a discount. That is, the buyer will come back again and again, accumulating points and the business will, again and again, receive profit and loyal customers.

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People are already tired of the many bonus cards. The loyalty program in the mobile application replaces the bonus card and gives the buyer the opportunity to free up space in the wallet – a great way to win the customer’s favor.

To get new customers, offer your visitors an interesting bonus for installing the app. Everyone loves bonuses and discounts. And almost everyone has mobile devices. The app helps you launch exciting new marketing campaigns and thus differentiate yourself from competitors.

Disadvantages of custom web app development

As for negative aspects, there are just a few of them.


High-quality apps can’t be cheap. But these investments are always worth it. Giraffe Studio is ready to carry out the task, no matter how difficult it is.


In the conditions of modern world business has to be flexible and be ready to have better offers than the other similar companies. So the app must be created with all the attention to the details.

Custom web applications development process

Web Application Development

This process includes a few, and while carried it out the developers take stages into consideration all the wishes of the client. The application helps to launch exciting new marketing campaigns and thus differentiate itself from competitors and gain the trust of customers.


The application allows you to establish a permanent channel of communication with potential customers. The mere presence of a mobile application does not solve all business problems, but in the right hands, it becomes a powerful tool for increasing profits.

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