Everything You Should Know About a Website Footer

The footer of the site is the part that is not visible for the visitor from the start. But in fact, it is an important part of any page. If the site header and first screen are the most important elements of the site, then this does not mean that the footer is useless. It can be very functional and just as useful as the rest of the sections.

The anatomy of a website

Know About Website Footer

Web pages can and will be different from each other, but all of them are predominantly composed of similar standard components, unless the page displays a full-screen video or game, is not part of an art project, or is simply poorly structured.

If you look at a standard site through the eyes of an ordinary person who does not understand the intricacies of software code and the IT industry, you can see that it consists of top, side, center and bottom parts.

Top part

Header section of the resource, which usually contains contacts, logos, emblems, slogans, slogans, mottos, top menu and pictures.

As a rule, the first glance of the resource visitor falls on it, and therefore the first opinion and further interest of the visitor largely depends on its creative performance.

Side parts. Left or right

Surely everyone has seen sites with a side menu, the so-called sidebar, more than once. It can be right and left. The left position is considered more common.

Center is the best place for content

The central part of any site or body is the largest block on which it is best to place the necessary content: videos, pictures, text and other materials useful to users. In the central part of the site, users visually spend most of their time.

The lower part is a place for what does not fit above. Many site owners leave it blank.


It is presented as a strip, which is situated at the bottom of the page. It can be seen in the footer examples, which clearly show the information. They usually contain copyright notices or contact information. A typical webpage footer consists of a lot of important information.

Footers establish consistency

In the footer, be sure to include hyperlinks to key sections of your site. This will help users not to get lost in the sections, as well as provide an opportunity to link internal links.

What to include in a footer

In the footer, for sure should be included the hyperlinks, which lead to the key sections of the site. This will help users not to get lost in the sections, as well as provide an opportunity to link internal links.

What can be hyperlinked to in the footer:

  • Section with the latest company news.
  • A blog with helpful articles.
  • Product version updates.
  • Actual promotions.
  • Support Center.
  • Frequently asked questions and answers to them.
  • Privacy Policy.

In fact, this list is not limited to anything. You can leave links to those categories of the site that you think are the most important.

The footer should become a useful assistant for users and search engines in the process of navigating your resource. Also, the best footer design should definitely arrange the sitemap. A list of all relevant and important pages of your resource will help the search robot crawl your resource and add pages to the index faster. The same principles should be taken into consideration in design game app.

Don’t miss the opportunity presented by your footer

Footer is one of the important sections of a website for two reasons. First, it displays technical information that should always be visible to users and buyers. The author of the site has the right to determine the type of content that will be presented in the basement, taking into account the type and characteristics of the web resource.


Site Footer

Whatever the site is in its structure and features, it is important to always remember the rule that a good resource is a resource that works and benefits its users, and therefore combines both technical and visual solutions. What should be its structure for this – the owner must decide on the basis of his own experience, marketing research and analysis of competitors.

Remember that the placement of these elements positively affects both the perception of the resource by users and crawling by search robots. The site footer is no longer just a service component.

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