9 Best Intel Core i7 Laptops In India

Best Intel Core i7 Laptops

With the passage of time, laptops have become more powerful and versatile. Especially if we talk about the laptops powered by Core i7, Intel has introduced its tiger-like processor based on their revolutionary Iris Xe graphics. Intel Core i7 is considered to be the most powerful processor that is capable of delivering top-end performance. The … Read more

9 Best Ryzen 5 Laptops Under 50,000 In India

Best Ryzen 5 Laptops Under 50000

When it comes to performance Ryzen 5 laptops are considered to be extremely powerful processors as they have higher TDPs. It features a higher basic clock speed that enhances normal usage and provides efficiency while streaming games, editing photos or videos. The Ryzen processors often come with 4-8 cores, which means they can handle games … Read more

9 Best Gaming Laptops For PUBG In India – 2022

Best Gaming Laptops For PUBG

You love playing PUBG but you can’t because your current laptop or desktop lag or feel sluggish while streaming online games. It means now it’s a time when you should replace your old laptop. PUBG is a type of high-intensity game that requires a huge number of resources like high-end specs and sufficient hardware to … Read more

9 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity In 2022

Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity

With the evolution of mechanization and constant disruption in the field of technological offerings, now it is very easy to maintain day-to-day operations. Whether you’re a full-time employee, a student, a freelancer or own a small business who wants to manage your all-day tasks, Chrome extension is the best way to increase your productivity level. … Read more