9 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO – 2024

Google Chrome is most people’s favorite browser owing to its versatility. One reason for its popularity is the vast number of tools that are readily available for use and which have made the lives of techies a cakewalk! And not to forget the way it can be customized for the user.

It is a boon for all the SEO experts out there to improve the search engine rankings of their websites or blogs. So, here are the 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Lets take a look at the list below:

1. MozBar

chrome extensions for SEO - MozBar

MozBar is a Chrome extension by Moz that allows you to get instant SEO insights about the different websites or search engine results pages without leaving your web browser.

Along with the various backlinks metrics, you can see a website domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) and domain age from this extension.

Thus offering rich data and SEO insights, the MozBar Chrome extension is a must-have extension for every SEO guy.

2. Similarweb

chrome extensions for SEO - SimilarWeb

Right from knowing your customer preferences to knowing what your competitors are up to, Similarweb helps you to hunt the information and sort it out from the web.

It helps you to figure out various SEO insights and content strategies that you can implement to keep out with the market trends and reap the benefits. You can get all the essential analysis on the go and stay ahead in your race with your competitors.

Make informed decisions after knowing what is working for your customers and competitors via the myriad features available in the SimilarWeb.

It generates various highlights that can be helpful to pitch your products and services at the right time and in the right way.

3. Grammarly

chrome extensions for SEO - Grammarly

This extension is a boon for the content creators! There is a lot that it does apart from just checking grammar. This includes suggesting the tone and voice, plagiarism detection, alternative suggestions and much more.

Grammarly uses Natural Language Processing and AI to help improve the quality of content generated. Grammarly is also available on both iOS and Android smartphones as apps for creating content.

It is compatible with almost all text field websites and keeps giving you suggestions even for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. upgrading to the premium version gives you several advantages of including detection plagiarism and citations.

4. Keywords Everywhere

chrome extensions for SEO - Keywords Everywhere

Be it a monthly search volume, CPC or ads competition, Keyword Everywhere has every data to get you an edge over your competitors. Such statistics help you to generate content that is searched by users.

This extension also tells the CPC paid by advertisers as per the keywords. Keywords Everywhere give results similar to your target keywords, thereby reducing your overhead of searching the right keywords for the content generation.

When you use this extension, there is no longer the need to switch between your keywords tool and Google Keyword Planner. Create content around the keywords that people search for effectively with this extension.

5. Google Analytics URL Builder

chrome extensions for SEO - Google Analytics URL Builder

With the help of this Chrome extension, you can easily track the performance of your campaigns in Google analytics.

It is a feature-rich extension that can read web addresses readily and has a collection of tags to accelerate the tagging which can then be edited or stored as per the need.

Google Analytics URL builder also generates the final URL automatically. There is immediate support available if you lose your way using this extension. It does not collect any information from the users.

6. SerpWorx

chrome extensions for SEO - Serpworx

SerpWorx is a useful SEO plugin that offers data of around 31 SEO metrics with just a single click. The tools combine best SEO tools into one and offer a common interface to check SEO metrics.

SerpWorx offers access to majestic SE tools, Google Analytics tools, ahrefs, Moz SEO tools and SEMRUSH. With the help of SerpWorx, you get the metrics of different SEO elements provided by leading SEO tools under one roof.

It eliminates the need to use these tools separately and brings you the best of the SEO tools in just one place.

7. Meta SEO Inspector

Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Meta data is essential to show the relevance of data to the search engine, which plays an essential role in improving search engine rankings. Meta data is not visible while browsing page, which makes an analysis of Meta data difficult.

This is where the Meta SEO Inspector comes into the picture. Meta SEO Inspector allows you to see Meta Data of any page and know what is wrong and missing.

Apart from highlighting discrepancies, the SEO tools also show tips in yellow color to improve page performance.

8. Open SEO Stats

chrome extensions for SEO - Open SEO Stats

Open SEO stats, which are known by the name as PageRank Status, assists in accessing SEO information. It shows the Alexa Rank and Google PageRank and gives you access to whois, indexed pages, Geo IP location and backlinks.

This extension supports 30 languages and gives information on-page and link stats, page speed and traffic. It does not offer mobile-friendly testing.

9. SEOquake

chrome extensions for SEO - SeoQuake

This is an all-in-one SEO toolbox that you can have to get SEO data on the go. You can do an on-page SEO audit, get internal and external links on webpages, and compare domains and URLs and much more to quake your SEO efforts.

SEOquake also gives you all the required data in the form of a report that can be used to perform further analysis. Make your SEO efforts in the right direction with an easy-to-use feature available in this extension.

It also helps with detecting any unwanted issues with a search engine to optimize your website pages for SEO purposes.


These were the 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO and we believe that the list mentioned above would help you reach your SEO goals.

Do share your thoughts and feedback on the listed Google Chrome Extensions For SEO in the comment section below.

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