9 Best Oven For Baking In India – 2022

Kitchen is the heart of any house as it is the place where you cook your favorite dishes and let yourself enjoy a good quality time with your family.

But to cook your favorite food conveniently and efficiently you require modern kitchen appliances, and an oven is one of those appliances that help to reduce your workload and speed up your cooking process.

Ovens are designed to provide excellent heating power and unique cooking settings to elevate your cooking experience. With an oven, you can make delicious pizzas, cookies or many more tasty things at home itself.

These modern ovens can cook food quicker and more evenly than traditional cooking techniques. There are a lot of OTGs on the market right now with different outputs but choosing the right one among them can be a difficult task.

Therefore, to help you out in buying the best oven for your kitchen we have listed the 9 best Oven that you can consider to enhance your cooking needs.

Best Oven For Baking In India

Let’s check out the list below:

1. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS Oven Toaster Griller

Bajaj Majesty 1603 Oven


● Capacity: 16 liters
● Power: 1200 Watts
● Manufacturer: Bajaj
● Weight: 4.89 Kg
● Colour: Silver

Bajaj is a company that has long established itself as a company that designs and manufactures consumer durables that are known for their innovative features and robust build.

A company that lives up to its aim to provide smart ideas for your home. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS is its 1200 watt oven toaster grill that caters to the varying cooking needs of different households.

This sleek machine is available in two classy colors- silver and white that add to the decor of your modern kitchen. While it’s stainless steel body with cavity material makes it more durable and rust-free.

This 16 liters versatile machine has a 60-minute timer with auto shut-off mode that automatically switches off the machine once the cooking is completed and alerts you by sending a notification, saving your food from over-cooking and electricity.

It is equipped with a unique heating element in the oven that creates the right temperature in the OTG to ensure you get the best results.

It features a cool touch door handle that provides protection against injuries while opening and closing the door.

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2. AGARO Marvel 25 litres Oven Toaster Grill

AGARO Oven - Best Oven For Baking


● Capacity: 25 liters
● Power: 1600 Watts
● Voltage: 230v / 50 Hz
● 5 Heating modes
● Colour: Black

The AGARO Marvel oven toaster grill is a versatile appliance that will add to your cooking experience. This 25 liters appliance with a 5-stage heating mode offers you a host of choices making it an ideal option for all your baking, toasting and grilling needs.

It is equipped with the motorized rotisserie function that evenly grills your food and gives you the taste of delicious fire-roasted barbeque from the comfort of your kitchen. This OTG has a glass door along with an illuminated chamber so that you can view the food while it is being cooked.

Taking into account that different food items need different temperatures to cook, this one comes with a temperature control knob that lets you set the desired temperature from 100 to 250 C depending on the recipes.

While the 60-minute timer makes sure that food that takes longer to cook can do so without regular intervention from you.

Your dish will be prepared as per the selected settings and once done, the alarm will ring and the unit will shut off automatically. Thus, freeing you to probably relax while the food cooks to perfection.

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3. Wonderchef Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

Wonderchef Oven Toaster Griller


● Capacity: 19 liters
● Power: 1280 Watts
● Material: Stainless steel
● Weight: 5.6 Kg
● Colour: Black

The 19 liters OTG from Wonderchef is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality that helps you to cook healthy and tasty items such as delicious cakes, loaded pizzas, softest breads, grilled chicken and much more with the convenience of your home.

From a design perspective, it has a sleek, compact and aesthetic design that will not only enhance the look of your kitchen but can fit in easily in any corner. The appliance is made of long-lasting metal materials along with a heavy-duty coil and thermostat.

Whereas its wired racks and tray handles are built using stainless steel and the window is made with heat-resistant tempered glass that ensures durability.

Now cleaning after the cooking is a chore that most of us do not like, hence to make things easier for you this unit comes with a detachable crumb tray that collects food droppings and spillage during your cooking and thus facilitates easy cleaning while protecting the bottom of OTG.

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4. Philips HD6975/00 25 Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill

Philips HD6975-00 Baking Oven


● Capacity: 25 liters
● Power: 1500 Watts
● Material: Gold rolled steel
● Weight: 6.38 Kg
● Colour: Grey

Philips HD6975/00 is an advanced technology OTG that will fulfill all cooking needs of the modern kitchen. It is available in two sizes, 25 liters and 36 liters, both in a sleek matte grey finish that looks elegant.

This 25 liters multi-purpose appliance offers apart from the standard features like one-touch 10 pre-set menu, 90 minutes cut-off mode and digital display panel to give you brilliant results. Operating at 220 – 240 volts, it improves the flavor of your foodstuff by reducing moisture and adding perfect crispiness.

This version has an illuminated chamber so that you can keep an eye on the cooking process and take corrective steps wherever necessary.

This unit comes with a wide range of rust-free accessories for different cooking needs such as a baking tray, drip tray, tongs, rotisserie, grilling rack that are easy to maintain and clean.

It gets equipped with an opti-temperature technology that helps to evenly distribute the heat so that you get perfect cakes and bread every time.

The fact that it carries the Philips logo guarantees that it will be your reliable kitchen partner for years to come.

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5. Agaro Marvel Series M19 19 liters Oven Toaster Griller with Rotisserie

Agaro Marvel Series M19 Oven For Baking


● Capacity: 19 liters
● Power: 1280 Watts
● Material: Steel
● Weight: 5.88 Kg
● Colour: Black

AGARO, a Poland-based company gives you an ultimate experience of a beautiful & healthy world of cooking with its amazing range of OTGs. Agaro Marvel Series M19 is one of their best product lines which lets you cook your favorite dishes easily at home.

It’s a smart oven that is built to elevate your cooking experience. This OTG has a large capacity of 19 liters with a powerful 1280 watt heater which means it can cook a lot in a single sitting.

It features 5-stage heating operations allowing you to prepare delicious foods through baking, grilling, toasting and rotisserie. You can select its temperature by adjusting its style ranging from 100 degrees to 250 degrees celsius.

It comes equipped with a motorized rotisserie that ensures all the veggie and meat kababs on the skewer cooks evenly from every side. The Agaro Marvel Series M19 with a 60 minutes timer function sends you an alert with a ring once the cooking is completed and automatically stops the unit.

This versatile OTG has a glass door along with an illuminated chamber so that you can monitor the food while it is being cooked.

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6. Borosil PRO 42 L OTG, with Motorised Rotisserie and Convection

Borosil PRO 42 L Oven For Baking


● Capacity: 42 liters
● Power: 2000 Watts
● Material: Alloy steel
● 6 stage heat modes
● Colour: Black

The Borosil PRO OTG with a large 42-liter capacity will be an attractive and efficient addition to your modern kitchen that will let you prepare delicious food in no time.

It has a revolving rotisserie rack that is self-paced as it turns and can hold heavy veggies and meats. With all of its settings and functions, it can easily fulfill the requirement of the dish you want to bake or toast.

In terms of build quality, this machine comes equipped with an ergonomically designed handle, stainless steel grill rack and steel alloy tray that not only makes it safe and easy to operate but also ensures non-staining and non-reactive food.

The Borosil PRO offers 6-stage heating options one of the most convenient features of this device is the 90-minute mechanical timer along with an automatic power indicator top.

Essentially this feature can be used to delay the cooking wrap-up time so that you don’t have to be around the oven the whole time while it cooks, bakes, toasts and grills your specified meal.

Apart from all these smart features, you get a recipe book with this OTG, illustrating more than 25 dishes for delicious snacks, meals and fresh desserts.

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7. Philips HD6976/00 36-liters Digital Oven Toaster Grill

Philips 36 liters Oven


● Capacity: 36 liters
● Power: 2000 Watts
● Material: Steel
● 7 level Browning modes
● Colour: Black

Designed for easy accessibility, the Philips HD6976/00 is all about convenient usage. With a 36-liters large capacity, it is capable of accommodating a large pizza and all sorts of dishes.

Also, it gets combined with a unique option temp technology that facilitates even and uniform cooking. This smart OTG features a convection mode that helps to maintain uniform heat dispersion inside the oven giving you tasty yet healthy food.

Enabled with 10 customized touch preset menus program and Pre-heat mode, it lets you prepare a variety of dishes of your choice such as cakes, muffins, pizzas, kababs, tikkas, cookies and other Indian cuisine without any hassle.

In addition, to add more convenience to your cooking techniques it comes with a digital panel using which you can control the temperature select between different modes, recipes, times.

Furthermore, there is a see-through glass door that you can use to observe the process or notice any missing ingredients so that you can be satisfied with the texture of your food before it actually hits the timer.

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8. Lifelong Oven, Toaster & Griller, 23 Litres OTG Oven for Baking

Lifelong Toaster Griller 23 L Oven


● Capacity: 23 liters
● Power: 1500 Watts
● 4 heating modes
● Weight: 4.95 Kg
● Colour: Black

This 23 liters OTG from an Indian brand Lifelong is one of the low-end budget ovens on our list. But at the same time, it is as powerful as it is easy to use. So the people who are on a cash-strapped budget can consider this oven.

This is an exceptionally strong, durable and versatile appliance that supports many smart features that aim to bring convenience and a most comfortable cooking experience.

First and foremost, this oven is very compact in size, its dimensions measure ‎45 x 34.9 x 28.5 cm and it weighs oy 4.95 Kg making it your perfect traveling companion, so if you want you can take this meal maker on vacations and trips.

The Lifelong ‎LLOT23 features 4 stage heating selection allowing you to set the heat levels as per your dish or preference.

It rocks two heating elements, one each on the top and bottom that produce temperature in the range from 100 degrees to 250 degrees which essentially ensures that the food cooks uniformly.

Power on/off indicator, cool-touch handle, single-layer glass door all make your cooking experience much smoother and safer.

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9. Prestige POTG 19 Oven Toaster Grill

Prestige POTG 19 Oven For Baking


● Capacity: 19 liters
● Power: 1380 Watts
● Material: Stainless Steel
● Weight: 6 Kg
● Colour: Black

When it comes to home appliances, Prestige is one of the oldest companies that cater to the various needs of homemakers with their wide range of quality products. The Prestige POTG 19 PCR is a user-friendly appliance that can easily accommodate all your cooking duties and will be your ideal companion in the kitchen.

With its advanced features, it will let you prepare delicious dishes like pizzas, tikkas, kebabs, cakes, bread, biscuits, baked vegetables, and much more within a few minutes.

Since it gets equipped with high-quality stainless steel heaters, you can be assured of its long-lasting performance and durability.

While its ergonomically designed robust handle that stays cool irrespective of the temperature allows you to safe operation. This unit appliance has a removable rod and 2 grips for uniform heating from all heating positions.

This OTG comes with a variety of assorted accessories such as a rotisserie set, skewer rods, crumb and baking trays that not only make your cooking a pleasure but also add convenience to your experience.

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In our earlier days, the ovens were only used for warming the cooked food, but today’s modern ovens are considered to be versatile, as they are capable of doing multitasking like baking, toasting and grilling. Hence, these days the oven has become an important appliance of any family.

When it comes to buying an OTG there are some of the important aspects besides aesthetics which should be kept in mind like its capacity, power consumption, heating & temperature range, safety features and warranty period so that you can be satisfied that your hard-earned money is not wasted.

We hope that you find this article informative and now you will be able to get the best suitable OTG oven for your kitchen.

If you want more information and updated pricing of the products or want to buy any of the ovens referenced above then you can check the links given below for every model.

If you have any queries or have any more good suggestions to list let us know your thoughts in the comment section as we always consider our user’s feedback.

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