5 Reasons Why Businesses Must Do Email Verification

Approximately 320 billion emails are sent around the world daily. For most people, sending and receiving emails is something they do regularly without much thought. The popularity of this type of communication has resulted in many businesses using email in their marketing strategies.

If you are engaged in various email marketing campaigns, you have to make sure all of your bases are covered to ensure these campaigns are successful.

Proper email verification is a crucial component of any successful email marketing campaign. Here are some of the reasons why email verification is a must for your business.

1. A Positive Sender Reputation is Important

When monitoring the success of an email marketing campaign, you will need to consider your hard bounce rate. This metric is used to calculate whether or not the emails you send out end up in a person’s inbox or spam folder.

If the majority of these emails are ending up in the spam folder, you have to do something to fix this problem. When sending out bulk emails, you need to minimize the number of blacklisted email addresses on your list.

Failing to remove these flagged email addresses can negatively impact your sender score. Having a low sender score can result in your IP being flagged by various email services. Finding a tool for companies sending mass emails is the best way to ensure you eliminate blacklisted email addresses from your list.

2. Ensure Recipients Are Actually Authentic

Most businesses invest a lot of time and money into organizing email marketing campaigns. If you are on the verge of launching an email marketing campaign, your last step needs to be verifying all of the email addresses you have. Without this verification, you are bound to experience issues with lower click-through rates.

Instead of setting yourself up for email marketing failure, you need to find the right tools to verify your addresses. The money spent on these tools will be worth it due to the success they can help you achieve.

3. Save Yourself Time and Money

One of the main reasons why business owners invest in email marketing campaigns is due to their high success rate. The only way to ensure your email marketing campaign yields the results you are after is by structuring it for success. The main thing you need to do before sending out emails to potential customers is verified them with the help of technology.

Some business owners think that they can manually validate each email address on their list. While this may be true with smaller email lists, you will find it nearly impossible to manually verify a long list of email addresses.

Instead of investing lots of time and money on this process, you need to implement the use of power email validation technology to help you out.

4. Boost Engagement Rates

A well-written email can help your business land a ton of new clients. However, if you are sending out these emails to bots, you will be unable to accomplish your main email marketing goal of creating new sales leads.

Wasting money on an email marketing campaign that doesn’t generate results can be very frustrating. Making this mistake too many times can put your business in a financially compromised position. This is why you need to realize the value and benefit of using an email validation program.

Importance Of Email Verification
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5. Identify Disposable Email Accounts

Business owners use a variety of methods to get email addresses from consumers. Many of these consumers will create a temporary email address just to take advantage of the deals or content being offered by a business. These disposable email addresses really provide no value to a business owner trying to generate sales leads.

With the right email validation software, you can discover these disposable email accounts. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of waste in your email marketing campaigns and get messages to people that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why email validation software is a great investment for business owners. With some time and research, you should be able to find the right program to use for your email validation needs.

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