9 Best Kitchen Hobs In India – November 2022

Basically, the kitchen hob is a modern variation of the gas stove which is installed on the kitchen’s countertop and cannot be removed easily.

Nowadays kitchen hobs have become the basic necessity of the modern kitchen as they come with many amazing features and offer different functions from that of a traditional gas stove.

The in-built design of the modern hob not only makes your cooking experience easier but also provides better safety while cooking. Apart from all these features they enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen and create a sophisticated look.

Today, there is a wide range of kitchen hobs available in the market which makes it very difficult for the consumers to select the best among them.

So if you too are looking for the latest and stylish kitchen hob you can consider our list of Best kitchen hobs to ensure you get the best one for your kitchen.

Top 9 Best Kitchen hobs In India

Now let’s check out the list below.

1. Bosch Built-in Gas HOB

Bosch 4 burner Gas Hob

When it comes to kitchen appliances, everyone’s first choice is Bosch as it manufactures the best quality home and kitchen essentials that make our task much easier.

The Bosch in-built HOB POH6B6B10I comes with 4 Gas burners so that you can prepare 3-4 dishes simultaneously. While its side and sword control knobs help it to operate conveniently without any hassle.

From the design perspective, it is made using innovative German technology and high-quality material that adds an appealing touch to the aesthetics of your kitchen and at the same time ensures your safety.

The hob has an elegant black tempered glass surface with a practical high-end pan support system for easy handling and cleaning.

Further, The Bosch POH6B6B10I gives you enhanced flame control with a large 230-degree knob rotate angle so that you can increase or decrease the flame at your convenience.

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2. Glen 1063 SQ Glass 3 Burner Auto Built-in Hob

Best Kitchen Hobs In India

Glen Electric is also known as Glen Dimplex is an Irish-based consumer electrical goods company. The Glen 1063 SQ is one of their best-selling kitchen hobs which is a perfect blend of elegance & convenience, designed keeping in mind Indian cooking habits.

The kitchen hob includes 2 big burners and 1 small burner along with sufficient space between them for a hassle-free cooking experience. To ensure maximum safety it is enabled with integrated auto ignition and a high precision gas valve.

Additionally, the Glen 1063 SQ combined with the smart & elegant bakelite knobs helps in easy operation with a firm grip. This appliance also comes with an extra vitreous enameled Pan support and a drip tray allowing you to clean the spillover easily.

Further, it features 8mm good quality thick and tough glass to provide protection against heat, scratches and stains.

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3. Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Hob

Elica 4 Burner Hob

Elica is one of the most trusted and reliable brands that manufactures premium quality kitchen equipment since 1970. Their appliances are not only very handy but also very sleek and stylish.

The Elica Flexi HCT 470 DX Lotus BK comes with two big and two medium fuel-efficient burners that offer multi-tasking and make your cooking process even faster. In order to function efficiently, this modern kitchen hob operates manually allowing maximum convenience.

When it comes to build quality, it is made of a long-lasting aluminum body that is easy to clean and maintain. While the corrosion-resistant brass burners are extremely hard-wearing and provide protection against higher temperatures.

Besides excellent performance, the Elica Flexi HCT 470 DX has a very appealing design that will perfectly blend with your kitchen decor.

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4. Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Hob

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Gas Stove

Whirlpool is one of the oldest multinational companies that create and deal in varieties of home appliances. The Elite Hybrid 704 MT is a new-age gas stove that comes loaded with many excellent features.

To begin with its build quality, this kitchen hob has a sturdy structure and a durable advanced design that goes well with every kitchen. The Elite Hybrid 704 MT has 4 burners with high-efficiency multi-control flame levels making it an ideal option for Indian cooking needs.

This modern gas stove gets equipped with advanced 6th sense technology that ensures your full safety by cutting off the gas supply in case the flame goes off. The best thing about this kitchen hob is its hybrid design which means it can be fixed in the kitchen platform or you can use it as a free-standing gas stove.

In addition, you get 10 years warranty on toughened glass and 5 years on brass burners & gas valves by the company itself covering the lifetime of the appliance.

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5. Elica 3 Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Elica 3 Burner Cooktop Hob

On number 5 we have the three burner cooktop Hob by an Italian multinational company Elica which is known for its premium quality kitchen equipment. The Flexi Hct 375 Dx is an attractive kitchen appliance that comes with an ultra-slim floating design created to compliment your kitchen aesthetic.

While its compact structure provides you enough space in the kitchen. Besides the beautiful design, it allows you to prepare varieties of dishes in a single lot with much faster speed. Additionally, the Elica Flexi Hct 375 Dx also features a freestanding cooktop that offers easy installation for hassle-free cooking.

When it comes to performance and durability, it is equipped with a multi-flame control technology that enables the stove to consume less energy and its high-quality 360-degree rotating knobs along with the euro coated grids ensure steadiness.

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6. Kaff CRH 603 Built-in Auto Ignition Hob

Kaff CRH 603 3 burner Hob

Outlined with the premium glass finish, Kaff CRH 603 is a perfect option for a family with more than 4 members. Its three tornado-style burners not only handle the cooking of multiple dishes at the same time but also conserve fuel by ensuring even and efficient distribution of heat while cooking.

The main feature of this modern gas stove is that it is equipped with an auto-ignition system that automatically ignites a gas burner which means when you turn on the knob it triggers an electrical spark to ignite the gas in the burner allowing a hassle-free cooking experience and the best thing is that it does not require much maintenance.

Further, it has ergonomically designed knobs along with matte enameled pan support for smooth functioning and better usage for a longer period. Overall, the Kaff CRH 603 is a stylish and premium quality gas stove that will make your kitchen interior more elegant.

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7. Whirlpool Elite PRO Brass Hybrid 753 MT 3 Burner Hob

Whirlpool Elite PRO 3 Burner Hob

This is another user-friendly and durable Hob by again the same brand Whirlpool. The Elite PRO 753 MT is a highly efficient modern gas stove that can be used in both a built-in hob or as a freestanding cooktop.

Since it has a sleek and compact design, it does not occupy much of your space in the kitchen and at the same time, it is easy to clean & maintain. This 3 burner hybrid hob with a cast iron pan support, allows you to place large cookers or even a kadhai with great ease.

Premium quality multi-ring brass is used to create the burners providing the facility to cook different food items at the right temperature.

This gas stove is also featured with auto-ignition which expands the lifespan of your valuable hob and also helps you for quick and easy ignition by providing precision flame control. In terms of reliability, you get up to 5 Years warranty on components like burners and gas valves.

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8. Faber 3 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Hob

Faber 3 Brass Burner Hob

An Italian brand Faber gains the trust of people across the world by ensuring quality and delivering fine kitchen equipment. The Faber HCT 753-SR CRS LBK CI is a stylish yet efficient modern hob that will enhance the interiors of your kitchen.

It gets well integrated with the kitchen slab giving the kitchen a neat and clean look. This hob comes with three burners allowing you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. While its uniquely designed square-shaped pan support prevents the cookware from falling off as well as provides ease of use.

To ensure maximum safety, the company has added anti-leak technology with joint-less welding at the end of gas pipes that offer high safety protection while cooking.

From the build point of view, this hob is made of toughened glass and stainless steel material making it an extremely durable option for everyday use.

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9. IBELL 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Hob

IBELL HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

Last we have a 3 burner glass top gas stove by a fast-paced electronics company, IBELL. What makes this brand differentiated from others is its affordability and after-sales support.

The IBELL 490GH is a kind of one-time investment for your kitchen that will stay for a long time. This user-friendly HOB comes loaded with many amazing features that not only add convenience to your entire cooking regime but will also make your cooking process very smooth.

If we talk about its design, it is available in a glossy black finish with futuristic-looking knobs to give a fresh and elegant look to your kitchen & dining space.

Additionally, it has a combined 360-degree rotating nozzle that allows you to simply turn the gas nozzle in the direction of the cylinder to connect it to the gas stove, saving both time and effort for the user.

So, if you are looking for the best auto ignition modern kitchen hob then this product could be the best option for your kitchen.

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No doubt, a gas burner is an essential part of any kitchen but in terms of performance, look and functions a modern kitchen hob is far better than the traditional gas stove so one must go for the kitchen hob as it offers extra benefits.

Buying the correct hob for your kitchen means saving a lot of time, effort and energy. So, before purchasing a kitchen hob or a modern gas stove there are many factors that one should keep in mind like the safety features, your cooking habits, its maintenance and cleaning requirements, etc.

And in our above list, we have taken care of it and included all these aspects so that it will help you out in your buying process. Along with the detailed features we have also mentioned the links of every product for your convenience so if you want you can order them by just going through the links.

If you still find any doubt, have any kind of question in your mind or find any kind of difficulty regarding this you can leave your queries in the comment section and we will try our best to answer your questions.

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