10 Best TV Under 1 Lakh In India – October 2024

Best TV Under 1 Lakh

Yes, this is the age of smartphones, laptops and tablets. But, nothing can replace the television. For some people, television is a way to relax after their hectic day while for others it’s a medium for learning about the world. Keeping all these things in mind the companies are manufacturing the latest and advanced 4k … Read more

5 Best OLED TV In India – November 2022

OLED TV In India

In today’s modern world of technology, OLED TVs have changed the meaning of entertainment by enhancing the watching experience of movie lovers. No doubt OLEDs are much better than LCDs or LEDs as they offer some of the most impressive picture quality with perfect blacks, superior viewing angles and infinite contrast ratios. Apart from the … Read more

9 Best Android TV In India – Latest 2022

Best Android TV In India

Basically, An Android TV is introduced to fulfill the growing demand for streamable content. There are plenty of ways to stream content on your television but the best way for streaming is with an android TV that can make sure your experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. It acts as a smart platform where … Read more