10 Best Brands For Winter Jackets In India – 2022

Earlier the only use of jackets was to keep you warm in cold weather, but today it has become an essential garment which we should have in our wardrobe as it completes our entire look and enhances our personality.

If we specifically talk about winter jackets there are various brands in the Indian market that offer the best quality jackets in different sizes, designs, patterns and colors. Since you have so many options to choose from, it can be hard for you to select the right one.

That’s why we have brought a list of the 10 best winter jacket brands that you should definitely invest in as they are absolutely within your budget. These brands offer jackets that not only keep you warm but also add a stylish look.

Best Winter Jacket Brands Of 2022

Let’s explore the list below.

1. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger, an American brand has successfully maintained its class and standard since 1985. The company was founded by Thomas Hilfiger. It is a leading brand that offers trendy styles and a wide range of color combinations to give you the complete look to go out.

This is one of the best brands in India and globally which is not only loved by the youngsters but also loved by the old generations.

If we specifically talk about the winter jackets, Tommy Hilfiger deals with many varieties of different patterns, designs and colors such as Featuring a zip closure and mandarin collar which gives you the cool look.

The brand also offers a look for men who want a casual look. Besides it, Tommy Hilfiger designs a beautiful jacket collection for women as well like beige solid quilted jackets and many more.

Hence a Tommy Hilfiger jacket is the one thing which you should include in your wardrobe.

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2. Monte Carlo

On No. 2 we have Monte Carlo which is known for its high-end range of garments. It is an Indian company which was founded in the year 2008.

When it comes to winter jackets, the company offers more than 200 exclusive outlets and over 1300 multi-brand outlets. So, whether you want the trendy look or love a casual one you have a wide range of options to choose from.

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The jackets from this brand are durable as the fabric used by the company to manufacture the garments are of epitome quality. It is one of the luxurious winter jacket brands which not only adds up to your look but also gives complete protection to your body from winters.

You can go for the high-grade zipper closure to ensure that no cold wind seeps inside the jacket. Overall Monte Carlo jackets are the perfect companion of winter to save you from chilly cold winds.

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Our next brand is one of the world’s leading sports brands that doesn’t need any introduction. It is a Germany based company which deals in clothing and accessories since 1948 and today it has become the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

Puma produces jackets of all sizes and vibrant colors, therefore it is the most loved brand for customers of all ages. The company provides you a perfect combination of style and execution in their winter jackets.

In terms of use, Puma winter jackets are very light and are ideal for temperate climates. For women, they offer a wide range of fashionable jackets which gives you an elegant look.

However, the brand is into manufacturing winter jackets too with other apparel such as watches, t-shirts, shirts, shoes, etc. So, with Puma, you are not limited to some.

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4. Fort Collins

Founded in 1954, this is a popular brand which grabbed the attention of the Indian market through its best quality and potential oriented products. The company came into existence with an aim to manufacture trendy and attractive jackets.

With their team of highly skilled designers, Fort Collins manufactures highly fashionable Jackets and Coats caprices to cater to various segments of society.

One of the key features of this brand is their perfect tailoring and striking colors that too at affordable prices. When it comes to cold temperatures the Fort Collins jackets give you the ultimate comfort and keep you warm.

From a women ‘s perspective, the brand focuses more on the style and offers the latest collection for those who like to upgrade their wardrobe in the department of jackets.

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5. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American based company that was established in 1968 by a famous designer Calvin Klein and his friend Barry K. Schwartz.

This fashion house is one of the most celebrated brands that specializes in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewelry, watches and many more. The Calvin Klein jackets are particularly leather and are ideal for gentle temperatures.

Their jackets are designed to bring out all the styles of spirit that you can easily maintain throughout the day. The brand offers a huge collection with awesome colors, stylish designs and an affordable price range to choose from.

Moreover, If you are a person who loves to wear denim, then you can pair them with a Calvin Klein faux leather bomber jacket or ribbed down jacket and get numerous commendations.

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6. Wildcraft

Wildcraft is a well-known Indian brand, incorporated in 1998 by Siddharth Sood, Gaurav Dublish and Dinesh Kaigonahalli. And since its formation, the company has rapidly risen to popularity for its products.

At present, they have crossed over 4,000 multifaceted stores in total both in the country of India as well as globally. Wildcraft design jackets for both men & women and the best thing about their jackets is that they are very light in weight, yet warm, durable and extremely comfortable.

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They also manufacture a quilted jacket that is conveniently reversible and water repellant, designed to protect you from light drizzles during the monsoon season.

The company focuses more on importing high-quality rock climbing and adventure gear and was great for the people to go climbing with.

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7. United Colors of Benetton

This is one of the prominent leading fashion brands which designs versatile jackets with a blend of Italian casual style. United Colors of Benetton started its journey in 1965 and is based in Ponzano Veneto, Italy.

The company offers a wide range of quality jackets along with different colors and authentic designs for various occasions, from winter wear to the milder months of summer.

Their jackets are produced to keep you warm from the outside cold and to add a very glam look to your winter outfit. Apart from this, the products of United Colors of Benetton are manufactured without using any toxic chemicals or poisonous synthetic so they are very much safe to wear.

Overall United Colors of Benetton jackets is the perfect option as it is combined with the characteristics of affordability and quality.

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8 Levi’s

Our next pick is an American clothing company Levi’s. It is one of the oldest and trusted brands which came into existence in the year 1873 by Levi Strauss. The company is known worldwide for its premium quality of denim jeans.

But if we talk about their winter jackets, the brand has successfully maintained its goodwill by offering various designs and patterns of winter jackets such as cushioned, strong denim, sleeveless, etc for both men and women that too at a very affordable range.

Their jackets are trendy, soft, light and very durable. This is the reason it is loved and adored by people hugely. In terms of quality, the company uses good quality fabrics to manufacture the jackets with comfortable tailoring which look awesome for a casual outing.

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9. Pepe

This brand was founded in 1973 in London by three brothers Nitin, Arun, and Milan Shah. Pese has a worldwide network of distribution system which ensures that the products are available to the consumer.

It houses skilled designers that create versatile styles and vivid colors of winter jackets to give you a smart look at your budget. Since its inception, the company has been developed and created its own trend & pattern so that you can feel confident and unique in yourself.

Pepe is one of the best jacket brands in India and is the perfect option for a casual outing or an easygoing trip in light winters. Along with winter jackets, it offers fashionable outfits for men, women and kids.

With their selective assortment of winter jackets and exclusive collection from this brand, it adds to your style sense and personality.

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10. Decathlon

Decathlon is a popular French sporting goods retailer, established 44 years ago inn1976. This family-owned company has its presence in nearly 1000 cities and 57 countries with over 2080 stores.

It is one of the most affordable brands in the Indian market that deals in clothing, Sportswear and Sports equipment. Also, it has received the name of “Best Sports Store” in the subcontinent of India.

The brand manufactures top-quality winter jackets which not only protect you from cold but also allow the customers to have satisfaction by ensuring that it’s up to their standards.

In addition to this, those who want to explore and travel in the chilly winters can go for the Decathlon’s Hiking Padded Jacket which provides an ample amount of warmth.

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Each brand has its own specialty whether it’s a luxurious brand or a mid-tier class brand. And when it comes to reputation, you will only be judged if someone knows what you are wearing and that is possible only if what brand you are wearing flaunts itself.

All the brands mentioned above have set their mark on the Indian customers with their stylish, trendy and comfortable winter jackets.

We mentioned above a list of top 10 brands that provide you the super quality fabric winters JACKETS in India. Do share your experience in the below comment section.

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