9 Best Laptop Cooling Pads In India – 2022

Over the years of use, your laptop’s cooling fans get slow due to the accumulation of dust and hair.

This will cause excessive heat that is uncomfortable to your hands and will also have potential performance impacts for your computer as your processor slows down to keep from overheating.

To avoid such an issue you can depend on a cooling pad. A laptop cooler is an accessory for laptop computers that help to reduce their operating temperature. Usually used when the laptop is unable to cool itself sufficiently.

So if you are looking for one then we can help you with some of the best in the business.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads In 2022

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1. Cosmic Byte Asteroid Upto 17.3”Laptop 5 Fan Cooling Pad

CosmicByte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad


● Adjustable height
● 17-inch size
● Ergonomic
● 5 fans

We are starting our list with the Cosmic Byte Asteroid Fan Cooling Pad. This cooling pad offers excellent performance with its durable and sturdily built. It’s designed to provide you with optimum convenience in all ways.

The pad is made with a metal mesh front that enables it to maximize its airflow. The cooling pad is equipped with five strongly built-in fans, the big fan measures 5.9 inches while the small fans are 3.1 inches.

It’s finished with bright LED lights for a modern look and a beautiful touch. With an average speed of 1100 revolutions per minute, it will drop down the temperature of your laptop to a reasonable level in a few minutes.

This cooling pad gives you the option to adjust its settings to suit your preferences.

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2. Lapcare DCX-A101 2 Fan Cooling Pad

Lapcare- Best Laptop Cooling Pads


● Adjustable height
● 15.6 inch size
● Ergonomic
● 2 fans

Lapcare ChillMate DCX-A101 is a versatile laptop cooling pad that offers excellent airflow, ensuring that your laptop doesn’t overheat when you are playing your favorite games or browsing online.

It’s made of high-quality material and the fact that it’s sleek, slim and lightweight makes it highly portable.

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The cooling pad is ergonomically designed and is incorporated with 6 inclination angles so that you can adjust it to a comfortable angle to allow you to stay relaxed especially when using your laptop for long hours.

It has two powerful USB-powered fans that measure approximately 125 millimeters. And its base is large enough to hold the laptop without worrying about it sliding or dropping off from the pad.

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3. Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Cooling Pad for Notebook/Laptop

Zinq Technologies Cooling Pad


● Adjustable tilting
● Height: 20 mm
● Weight: 860 g
● 5 fans

Next up on the list, we have the Zinq Technologies Cool Slate cooling pad. This cooling pad comes with five fans that can reach up to 1100 revolutions per minute each.

From 15 to 17 inches it will cover the whole area that needs to be cooled below the laptop or notebook to allow for a quick drop in the temperature of its components.

With the Anti-skid baffle design, it effectively prevents your laptop from slipping off the pad. Plus it also features LED lights below each fan for a charming look. On the other hand, it has two USB ports to connect other USB devices.

Also, this pad has different adjustable height settings for all-day viewing and typing. Apart from this, its fans perform without any noise to give you an idea of a whisper or the rustling of leaves.

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4. Deepcool Multi Core X6 Notebook Cooler

DEEPCOOL Laptop Cooling Pad


● Multi-core control technology
● Height: 12.7 inch
● Weight: 907 g
● 4 fans

Deepcool Multi Core X6 cooling pad is designed to keep the notebook temperature low even while using them at a high capacity. From a design perspective, the pad has a stylish aesthetic with a beautiful black butterfly arrangement.

It is equipped with four fans along with four controllers to deliver continuously cold air to the bottom of the notebook and dissipate the emitting heat.

For maximum comfort, while reading, watching videos, and playing games the cooling is incorporated with 2 viewing angles and adjustable supporting feet.

Moreover, the Deepcool Multi Core X6 cooling pad is powered through a 2.0 USB port and features an extra USB port to expand connectivity with peripherals.

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5. Tarkan Dual Fan Cooling Pad Suitable for up to 15.6-inch Laptops

Tarkan Dual Fan Cooling Pad


● Metal mesh surface
● 1200 RPM
● 5 fans settings
● Weight: 860 g

Tarkan Dual Fan Cooling Pad is another budget-friendly pad for gaming laptops. This pad comes with two 140mm powerful fans that can reach up to 1200rpm, each helps to drop your laptop temperature back to normal. Offering broad compatibility, it is perfect for the laptop size up to 15.6 inches.

Powered with a USB 2.0 hub to connect your devices. Additionally, the cooling pad features blue LED lights integrated below each fan deliver a pleasant look and also indicates that the pad is working.

Besides it, the Tarkan cooling pad has a durable construction allowing for five adjustable height settings arms to raise or lower the stand to your desired height for the most excellent flexibility.

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6. Flipkart SmartBuy FKCPK17 2 Fan Cooling Pad

Flipkart SmartBuy Cooling Pad


● Adjustable settings
● 15.6 inch size
● 2 fans settings
● 1000 RPM

Flipkart SmartBuy FKCPK17 cooling pad is flawlessly engineered with plastic and metal mesh which makes it sturdy and durable.

It is equipped with 2 powerful fans with eye-catching blue LED lights that rotate at a blazing speed to deliver optimal cooling and keep your device from overheating even in demanding conditions.

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Furthermore, this laptop cooling pad lifts your laptop to an optimal viewing angle making it more convenient than flat cooling pads, thus avoiding neck and back pain. This light and portable cooling pad work with laptops up to 16.5 inches.

To be noted that the Flipkart SmartBuy FKCPK17 is one of the ultimate models in laptop cooling pads designed to protect your laptop to provide extended life.

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7. TopMate C5 10-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

TopMate C5 Laptop Cooling Pad


● 5 height adjustment
● 6 winds speed
● 5 fans settings
● Weight: 200 g

TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad is a durable and reliable pad made with a non-slip mat that enhances its stability.

The pad is portable because of its lightweight and sleek design allowing you to have the convenience of moving around with it. For better cooling performance, the pad is equipped with five high-quality fans that run continuously.

It has two built-in USB ports that make it possible for you to plug in other USB cables. The cooling pad is compatible with laptops of up to 15.6 inches in size. It’s made with a metal mesh at the upper surface and plastic on the other parts.

The TopMate C5 cooling pad has a ventilated design and an open back to enhance its airflow allowing the air to go towards your laptop for the cooling process that prevents the laptop from overheating.

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8. Tukzer Laptop Cooling Pad

Tukzer Laptop Cooling Pad


● 2 viewing angles
● Ergonomic stand
● 1000 RPM
● Weight: 308 g

Tukzer Laptop Cooling Pad is an innovative and elegant device that is ideal for everyday use. With the measurement of 320-mm X 245-cm X 24-cm and weight of 308grams, this cooling pad is compatible with almost all laptops and notebook such as Dell, MacBook Pro, Alienware, ThinkPad, Lenovo, HP, ASUS up to 10-15 inch, so you don’t have to worry about the size.

This pad uses a powerful and impressive 14cm fan with 1000rpm speed which generates an airflow that will cool your laptop down in a few minutes, and thus heat will never bother you anymore.

The Tukzer cooling pad is ergonomically designed with non-slip baffles and two height adjustment settings for the best viewing & typing angle and to avoid excessive need for twists & turns.

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9. Dezful Heavy Duty [4 Fans] LED Cooling Pad [Suitable for Upto 17 Inch Laptops]

Dezful 4 Fans LED Cooling Pad


● LED illumination
● 17 inch size
● 4 fans settings
● Weight: 820 g

Dezful Heavy Duty Cooling Pad supporting laptops from 12-17 inches. Powered by four large fans that run at 1300rpm, you can rest assured that your laptop will remain cool.

This large model is suitable for all laptop sizes and cools them down very quickly, thanks to its four powerful fans. They extend your laptop’s life easier and are easy to carry.

Two adjustable mount stands on each side helps you to adjust the exact angle and height of the cooling pad so that you can finally get your laptop to the proper height and angle while you are working.

It is equipped with a dual-fan speed controller which allows you to adjust its speed according to your need. While the advanced aerodynamics with metal mesh surface ensures even cooling during the heavy load.

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Today, laptops are prone to overheating, especially when they are being used for extended periods of time. Investing in a simple laptop cooling pad can prevent expensive overheating damage to your device.

However, with so many choices out there, finding the best laptop cooler can be hard especially when there is a lack of awareness about them.

Therefore, in this article, we have tried to reduce your confusion by comparing various laptop coolers that are designed for users.

We have prepared the above list keeping in mind many aspects such as size, cooling fan quality, convenience of use, style and price. So that it will be easy for you to choose.

We have discussed the 9 Best Laptop Cooling Pads and a detailed review of each product is mentioned above.

We hope that you can easily distinguish between them, and all the confusion is cleared out as well. Do share your experience in the below comment section.

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