7 Best Soundbars Under 50,000 In India – 2024

For a superior home theater experience, 4k TVs are not enough to completely immerse yourself in the content because the speakers that come in-built inside the television are not capable of matching the 4K HDR display.

Hence, you will need a quality soundbar as they have the technical abilities to produce powerful sound. Since soundbars are designed specifically for sound reproduction, they will greatly enhance the tv audio without letting you deal with tangled wires or multiple speakers.

Many soundbars in the market are constructed to deliver a richer, more realistic and reliable sound output. Adding a soundbar will not only allow all the sound to be directed towards the front but also make it easier for you to hear and understand the dialogue.

Even soundbars have different levels of complexity which may confuse you at the time of purchasing. So to help you make an informed decision we have made the list of the top 7 best soundbars available in the Indian market that will help keep you entertained with immersive audio.

List Of Best Soundbars Under 50000 In India

Let’s explore the list.

1. LG G1 360W 3.1 Channel Bluetooth High-Resolution Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

LG G1 360W 3.1 Ch Soundbar

With powerful booming audio and 360 Watt output 3.1 channel for an immersive listening experience, the LG G1 is the best soundbar in terms of performance.

The soundbar comes in a harmonious design with a slim profile and premium materials that make it a great classy-looking addition to your home. It supports Dolby Vision & Dolby atmos technology that lets you transform your home into a theater with no loss of quality or performance and get the best viewing experience of all your favorite movies.

This device will deliver you the uncomparable sound, thanks to its high-resolution audio that emanates 96kHz sampling rates and 24-bit depth, for more accurate sound. Along with the soundbar, you get one wireless subwoofer that allows you to enjoy incredible audio anywhere in your room.

Moreover, since the subwoofers work wirelessly you don’t need any extra wires or power connection. Whereas the AI Sound Pro automatically analyzes the content and instantly optimizes the audio settings to catch every detail with crystal clear dialogue.

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2. Sony HT-G700 3.1 Channel 4K Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar with Wireless subwoofer

Sony HT-G700 3.1 ch Soundbar

Combining the latest audio technology and an artistic design, Sony HT-G700 is a premium quality soundbar that creates a truly immersive experience. It has a vertical surround engine with a max 7.1.2 channel to provide amazing sound.

Equipped with all the latest technology this soundbar supports different home cinema formats including HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma let you enjoy your favorite movies.

The Wave-front technology along with an audio enhancer helps to deliver a more natural, three-dimensional room-filling sound. There are different sound modes available in this device like Cinema mode, Night mode and Music mode which allows you to optimize the sound balance and hear every detail of your favorite tracks in different situations.

Apart from that, you have a wireless connectivity option, using Bluetooth you can stream music directly from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices without any hassle.

Your incredible 4k content deserves incredible sound and that’s why we recommend the Sony HT-G700 for your home theater setup.

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3. Bose 300 Premium Bluetooth Soundbar with Wi Fi Connectivity with Surround Speakers

Bose 300 Premium Soundbar

Embrace the sound of the theater while you watch your favorite movies by using the Bose 300 soundbar. Comes in a sleek yet spacious design, this soundbar is just over 2 inches tall, designed to sit low for an undisrupted viewing experience.

Equipped with four full-range drivers it produces intense bass while the Bose QuitePort technology delivers spacious audio and clear bass. It also supports Bose SimpleSync technology that allows you to pair this soundbar with other selected Bose products like headphones for individual listening.

To make it more convenient to use, the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 uses a single connection option, an optical audio cable or HDMI cable to connect it to your television set quickly.

It also has an exclusive Bose Voice4Video technology that expands your Alexa voice capabilities so that you can control your soundbar, TV, and cable or satellite box instantly with your voice commands without the hassle of searching remotely. Overall the Bose 300 is the best way to make your home theater setup.

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4. Sony HT-S500RF Real 5.1 Channel Dolby Audio Soundbar for TV

Sony HT-S500RF Real 5.1 ch Soundbar

Fully immerse yourself in the movie with the Sony HT-S500RF, a premium diamond shape soundbar with a punching metal grill to maximize the aperture ratio to deliver higher sound pressure.

Keeping the habits and usage of the customers in mind, this soundbar is built to provide every person to enjoy their favorite music to the fullest. A 3-channel soundbar with two powerful rear speakers creates an authentic 5.1 channel surround sound cinema experience.

Featuring high sound pressure with 1000W power output, the Sony HT-S500RF offers loud and clear sound from both the sound bar and tall boy speakers. In addition, the 18cm big subwoofer unit makes sure you enjoy powerful bass while watching your favorite content.

The 2X front quality tweeters in the sound bar reproduce high frequency in order to enrich the surround sound. For connectivity, you can find different ports for plugins as well as wireless options like Bluetooth, USB, HDMI ARC and Optical IN which ensure a complete home theater experience when passing through for an external source.

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5. Philips Audio Performance TAPB603 3.1 CH 320W Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Philips Audio Performance 3.1 CH 320W Soundbar

Now get introduced to a smart and compact soundbar from Philips which ensures top-notch audio performance for your movies and music.

From a design perspective, this 3.1 soundbar boasts a premium minimalistic body that blends nicely with the interior of the living room and gives your home a style statement. It incorporates a Dolby atmos technology that creates a three-dimensional cinematic sound and allows you to hear every audio detail.

Besides Dolby atmos, this soundbar comes with a central speaker for crystal-clear dialogue and a wonderful audio experience. Furthermore, the Philips Audio Performance TAPB603 comes with a remote control that adds to your convenience which means you can sit back, relax and take control of your entertainment with the press of a button.

In addition to all these amazing features, there’s also support for multiple connectivity options like HDMI ARC, HDMI-in, optical-in, USB and Audio-in and for wireless streaming Bluetooth so you will never have to compromise on your entertainment.

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6. Yamaha YAS-209 200 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Alexa

Yamaha YAS 209 200W Wireless Soundbar

The YAS -209 soundbar is the most favorite speaker chosen by the customers since its release. The YAS-209 bar has a decent style with an all-black design.

It is covered with mesh fabric around the bar and top and the back where the inputs are placed is made out of good quality plastic. The Yamaha YAS-209 offers excellent sound in a compact size. Yamaha YAS chooses Amazon’s Alexa voice controls and it performs well as a smart speaker and sounds excellent with music and movies.

The YAS-209’s soundbar has a stereo frequency whose response is great. The rest of its sound profile is fairly good and well-balanced, suitable for a variety of content. If we talk about connections it has HDMI in and HDMI (ARC) out, optical digital and Bluetooth.

You can also connect the soundbar to Wi-Fi and Ethernet. If you’re looking for a wired connection to your phone, there’s a USB slot, which can only be used for updates, and an Ethernet port as well.

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7. Sonos Wireless Compact Beam Smart TV Soundbar

Sonos Wireless Compact Beam Smart TV Soundbar

The Sonos Beam is an impressive soundbar that launched in 2018. The Sonos Beam is a 3.0 that comes with the great build quality. It’s mostly good-quality plastic, which feels very tough and solid.

It has a small and compact design and powerful sound, which supports everything from Alexa to Apple’s AirPlay 2. But the fabric covering the bar is a potential weak point since it’s loose and collects dust easily.

Sonos Beam smart soundbar comes with built-in voice assistant support. Which helps you to add to your Sonos ecosystem using the Sonos S2 app.

The stereo frequency of Sonos Beam response is decent and comes with a room correction feature to optimize audio reproduction based on room acoustics like other premium bars on the market.

Sonos calls this feature Trueplay. The soundbar allows you to adjust the bass and treble in its companion app so you can customize its sound easily. If you flip the device around and look at ports it is minimal. There’s an ethernet, HDMI slot, power and a Wi-Fi button.

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So this was the list of the 7 best soundbars under 50000. In today’s modern world everyone wants compact minimalistic items. Whether it’s a television set or laptop.

Hence TV Manufacturers are forced to go for built-in speakers, but they can only go so far in offering the best sound quality. They can’t provide you with the cinematic sound that can match the latest 4k video content.

That’s why you need a good soundbar that can give you an immersive movie-watching experience and at the same time, they occupy less space. Even in some cases, soundbars are a much more affordable choice for traditional home theater setups.

I really hope that this article has helped you in making a decision on choosing the best soundbar for your home.

If you still have any queries you can write to us in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, let us know which soundbar is your favorite.

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