25 Best Shopping Apps In India – 2022

Who would have thought 10 Years ago that you could order a massive refrigerator to your doorstep with just a few taps in your mobile phones!

Online Shopping has evolved so much since they were introduced and now it’s not a privilege anymore but instead a necessity for comfort. They say once you get something you just need more and more and more.

That’s true! But with so many Shopping Apps out there, providing different new features and services to make you stay in the e-commerce game, how are you gonna find the best place to put your money on? It’s hard, right? Of Course, it is.

That’s why we are here to help you understand each and every shopping apps and what they are providing you and what you should look for in terms of safety, value for money, and the perfect quality.

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Best Shopping Apps In India – 2022

So sit back and let’s begin this ride to know what’s best for you and what’s not.

1. Amazon

Amazon is India's best online shopping app

With over 100M+ downloads, Amazon holds the title of the best and the most trusted shopping apps of all time. The app holds a reputation of listing almost all products available for the public to buy and you are most likely to find the product you’re searching for and many more.

Amazon always keeps in my mind that the customer is God and so tries its best to satisfy their needs by introducing many services like Pay On Delivery. Not sure if the product you’re buying is gonna fit your needs?

Amazon got your back! Now you can order anything from the platform and after delivery of the product you have 10 days to check the product and if it doesn’t fit as per your need then you can return it within the next 10 days and opt to replace the order or return the order and get your money back, no questions asked.

2. Flipkart

India's Best Shopping Apps

The name Flipkart has now become India’s one of the most trusted brands with over 12 million users rating the Flipkart shopping apps 4.5 out of 5. Not to seem biased but Flipkart has definitely the most user-friendly interface compared to other apps.

Due to its limitation of operating only in India, Flipkart has proven to list only the best of the best products in each and every category. Due to its user-friendly interface, people of every age can be seen praising the app. As trustworthy as it is, Flipkart also introduces many great and jaw-dropping deals to further sweeten the pot.

3. Myntra

Shopping Apps In India

The Fashion Guru of the shopping apps has earned its Name and Fame in the Clothing world and is definitely not gonna give up its spot to anyone for the time being. Why? Because of its wide variety of selections, better clothing quality and easy to return policy, Myntra is definitely the talk of the country.

Myntra has always been a welcoming place for the Fashion Enthusiasts and also for the ones who just want a piece to show off to the world and Myntra has never disappointed either of them and always ready to do more than yesterday.

4. Snapdeal

Snapdeal - India's one of the leading shopping apps

Have a tight budget but don’t wanna go for cheap? Welcome to Snapdeal shopping apps. The online Marketplace deals with some of the best products with a really budget-friendly price.

The App not only deals with clothing but also covers the everyday use electronics, books and magazines, kitchen appliances, daily essentials and many more. Whatever your requirement maybe, but it’s safe to say that Snapdeal can get you some great prices compared to other marketplaces.

5. Paytm Mall

Another great online shopping app from Paytm

The Brand Paytm that first launched as an online payments bank app then later introduced us to Paytm Mall listing over 65 Million+ products. Covering overall categories of products the app has definitely left its mark in the Online Shopping Industry with its top-notch services and value for money listings.

The shopping apps regularly provides you with cost-friendly deals on products and even has a reputation to Sell some really simple Gadgets in not more than 10 Rupees and even less. The App is fairly all-rounder and definitely a friend for the people who want really awesome products at a really cheap price.

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6. Tata CliQ

Being the subsidiary of the great Tata Group, Tata CliQ is one of the best and the most trustworthy Online Marketing Brands. The app may not offer as many products as other shopping apps but instead focuses on the quality of each and every product.

How do they do that? The App mostly deals with branded goods and self-made products to achieve the satisfaction of each and every one of its customers. The offered categories by the app are, fashion clothing, smartphones and accessories, computers and accessories, home appliances and much more.

For smooth delivery and convenient payment options, the app pays real close attention and hence adds more to its trustworthy sides.

7. eBay

After Amazon, the second most known and used shopping app eBay is really one of its kind. With many options like buying, selling, bidding your offered buying price the app has definitely broken the boundaries of local area shopping where the customer can be the seller and the seller can be a buyer.

As strange as it may sound, the app definitely offers limitless options for your desired products whether you want a fresh new jacket or a used study table for your kid. Wondering about the fraud and safety of the product you want to buy?

Then worry no more, eBay also has many safety services introduced combined with global payment gateway PayPal to deal with fraud and safety of your products. When things go wrong eBay is always on the side of its customers then it is for its sellers.

8. ShopClues

The online shopping app has over 50 Million+ shoppers and over Million unique products and delivers to almost 30k + pin codes. The app has everyday hot deals and offers and also festive discounts and many app-only offers.

The app has many pocket-friendly products in almost all categories. The app definitely has a user-friendly interface to make it simple and easy to browse and shop.

9. Bewakoof

Looking for some trendy clothing and youth-oriented fashion accessories to match you up to the fashion? Then Bewakoof has it all. The fashion marketplace has wider Clothing categories starting from t-shirts, joggers, dresses, mobile covers, hoodies and many more for everyone with every size.

The color Quote printed clothing has now become a sensation among the youth and Bewakoof app is standing in front of this trend providing all the ammo you need. The app also has a really cool and out of the box collection where it introduces Design of The Day each and every day for you to update yourself with the trendy fashion weeks.

The shopping apps also include clothes from many famous and big brands like Marvel and Disney to offer you your favorite movie character look.

10. LimeRoad

LimeRoad, the one-stop-shop for personalized online fashion for your lifestyle with over 6 million products from over 10,000+ brands. Lime road may not be that popular among the youth but its value is immeasurable for the fashion enthusiast out there.

The interface may be confusing to many but definitely not a tricky one because dealing with only branded products LimeRoad may have its reasons to make it as it is. You can also get major style inspirations and lookbooks in the app to get updated every minute to stay updated about the fashion and style.

11. AliExpress

Ever wondered how it feels to buy your most desirable product from the words cheapest online shopping apps that deliver globally? Aliexpress offers millions of products in it’s factory price. You can even find a phone cheaper than your burger.

Products that are hard to find now can easily be delivered to you hassle free. Aliexpress also offers free shipping on almost 75% of its products. The best thing about the app is that it has buyer protection on each and every product it sells. That means you are definitely gonna get your money back if you don’t receive your product or it’s just faulty or not the one you ordered.

12. Wish

Wish provides its customers a really low rate on many gadgets and products including shipping that is hard to find in other shopping apps including your own local markets. The way they make the products cheaper is by directly selling them from the manufacturers. Like many other big shopping apps, Wish also has tons of safety features to avoid frauds and scams.

One of the great reasons to shop from Wish is that it has a massive 30 Days return policy where you can return any product that was faulty or wrong or maybe broken within the next 30 days after delivery. Making the App a really safe place to explore new products at a really amazing price.

13. Koovs

Koovs may be a small app compared to many other apps but it definitely made its way to this list for a reason. And that is Quality. Koovs only deals with branded products for product genuinity and quality assurance. Its Product list may be small but it definitely doesn’t sell any average product as all its goods are above great quality and are really rare to find on any other Fashion Marketplace.

Koovs really a choice of place to shop for the ladies as the fashion on the app is top-notch and definitely gonna make you buy whatever you see. In terms of safety and security, the app offers Cash On Delivery and also Easy Return Policy to make you carefree to go ahead and Shop On.

14. AJIO

The Handpicked Clothing marketplace offered by the Reliance Industry has some really sweet products to drool over for. AJIO offers limitless possibilities of clothing and combinations to go for. It offers Clothing solutions for each and every one individually with many options to choose from.

Whether it’s the Indie experience you want or maybe party wear, Ajio has a really fashionable collection from premium brands to meet all your needs. The app is owned by Reliance Industries so there is no question about genuinity or the safety of your order.

Just go ahead and place your first order to unlock your way to the AJIO Fashion World by downloading AJIO shopping apps.

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15. Max Fashion India

Like the name suggests Max Fashion India is solely dedicated to giving you taste of its fashion and trend. The App has a really wide variety of products and only sells self-made products for quality purposes. Due to its listing of only In-house Designed Products are listed, it is safe to say that all the products are among the best of the best.

Max Fashion India has also stores all across the country and the product quantity is definitely value for money. Why did I mention the offline store product quantity, when this article is focused on online Shopping Only? That’s because the products Max Fashion India lists in its app are the same one’s that are being sold in your nearest Max Fashion Showroom.

So that brings us to the conclusion that Max Fashion India has definitely genuine products along with a trustworthy and reliable Shopping process.

16. Voonik

The app deals with clothing and decorative products and has only limited but definitely some really rare and quality goods. The app has many style tips included to help you choose your ideal products. In terms of safety, Voonik offers all premium services for a safe and secure buying and delivery experience. The app may not be much grand and vast like others but it definitely is one of the premium apps focusing on quality over quantity.

Due to its narrow and small category, each and every product is up to date fashionable and are designed precisely to match the trend as well as can definitely turn a simple-minded customer wanting to show off their fine new threads.

And that’s the reason focusing on each and every product has made Voonik stand today among the reputed Fashion Sellers.

17. Bangood

Just like Aliexpress And Wish, Bangood is a really amazing place to find products sold by manufacturers making it a cost-effective place to shop on. The App sells mostly gadgets and clothing along with some daily use categories. The categories it sells on are really cheap and have definitely amazing deals going on each and every minute.

So it’s safe to say that you will find a discount on whatever you are planning to buy. The App sells to different countries and therefore may take up to 60days for your product to reach you once ordered. But if you are not in a hurry then I would definitely suggest you check this App out.

18. Gearbest

Gearbest is definitely similar to Bangood or Aliexpress but this app only deals with gadgets and electronics. The prices may be reason-worthy enough to check out the app. You can expect to buy all types of electronics in this app and also many coupons and discounts on almost every product.

Although the app may not stand out as other apps but It definitely is safer because of its 45 days money-back guarantee and 360 days free repair and DOA policy to fully protect your products. And that is the reason this app made it to this list.

19. FirstCry

FirstCry is the name that gives out hints that this shopping app is only for newborn babies and little kids. Many parents want their kids to have amazing or cute-looking dresses and clothes but not many online shopping apps take their concern and introduce some really amazing clothes and apparel for your newborns and toddlers to wear and enjoy.

The app only has branded clothes so that your child doesn’t have to face any problems like getting rashes and skin problems due to clothes using rough and cheap materials. The clothes offered by FirstCry are made with smooth and soft materials to eliminate any problems related to clothing.

20. HomeShop Mobile

HomeShop Mobile, the e-commerce app of the widely known TeleShopping Company HomeShop 18. The app sells almost all the stuff you want and the prices start from 1 Rupee. You can also watch HomeShop 18 TV Channel in the app and shop like old times all on the phone and enjoy its hassle-free delivery and services instantly.

21. OLX

OLX is an online marketplace inspired for buying and selling new and second-hand products locally. The app also lists Houses for rent/sale, Plots for sale, services and also job offers. As OLX has been here for quite a long time and that means wherever you are in India, you are definitely gonna find someone selling something near you through this app.

The app users often keep tabs on the lists to find some rare items in real cheap or maybe a really good deal on a product for them to flip and earn a profit. Likewise, you can also sell anything through this app and the best part about this is that OLX doesn’t get any cut for any sale made through its listings.

Yes, that also means that there is no buyer protection and you have to be really careful about what you buy or who you buy it from. Nonetheless, this app really comes forward to help those who cannot buy new products or can provide you with some products that don’t need to be new.

22. Quikr

As similar to OLX, Quikr is also a marketplace for both new and secondhand products. In addition to that, the app also lists Cars and Bikes for sale, Houses and rooms for rent, PG for rent, JOB findings and also Local services like repairing, cleaning, hiring photographers, etc. Quikr also offers many verified services and products partnering with many brands for quality goods.

23. Etsy

The global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods, Etsy is not known to many but is a must-visit place for the ones that know it. Etsy encourages people to craft handmade items and list them on the app so that local people who have demand for it can explore more creative handmade products.

Handmade crafts or goods are often used for decoration or giving them as gifts and so adds definite value to it and can be found a rarity in many places. In Etsy, you can real-time track your ordered goods and can also talk to the sellers directly to understand more about the product before buying.

The best thing about the app is that it has every possible handmade product for every occasion whether it’s a wedding or just some handmade clothing you want to try.

24. Zalora

The southeast Asian App Zalora has now become a renowned Fashion Destination. The app has an amazing Head to toe Fashion categories with so many seamless options to choose from. The App not only acts as a seller but also has in-house designed products for its buyers. The App has a really sorted catalog so that buyers can find exactly what they are there for.

But if still finding some really rare items can be difficult and hence Zalora didn’t forget about them and introduced a Visual Search option along with a search bar so that people can take pictures of the apparel they are looking for and Zalora finds you similar that’s sold by them.

Not only that but the App has integrated fashion magazines also to give you tips and lifestyle stores about fashion clothing.

25. Facebook Marketplace

Yes, that’s right! You can buy anything listed from facebook’s Marketplace. Facebook is not only the biggest Social Media Giant but also entered into the e-commerce market. By following the footsteps of eBay, Facebook now allows its users to sell or buy in your local community. You can also list your property for rent or sell on Facebook. Interested in any product?

Connect with the seller directly and tell them that you are interested and offer your bidding price. Same way selling in the marketplace is also easy as you just need to take pictures of what you are selling and add name, description and price along with your location and you are done.

One thing to keep in mind is that Facebook does not involve itself other than just listing the products so it’s advised to always check the product beforehand to stay safe from fraud or brokedown of the product soon after buying.

You can find Facebook Marketplace in the Facebook App itself.


So this is the list of the 25 Best Online Shopping Apps In India to shop from. Hope that this blog has helped you understand each and every app so that the next time you buy something, you know exactly where to buy it from.

If you have any doubts or questions in mind then please go ahead and write to us in the comment section below.

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