10 Best Apps To Order Medicine Online In India – 2022

India is now suffering from the Covid19 Pandemic and we all know the importance of good health and the role of technology in achieving it. Using technology, we can’t stop the arrival of these pandemics. But, we can control and prevent their spread by educating and empowering those who are more vulnerable to this pandemic.

One such technology-based platform is the “Medicine Ordering App“, using these apps we can at least provide medicines and other essential products to the needy.

Considering the present situation, we did some research to help people to some extent and listed below the 10 best apps to order medicines online in India.

Best Medicine Delivery Apps In India

Now Lets Check Out The List Below.

1. PharmEasy

PharmaEasy is a pharmacy made easy. It has established as an Indian leading online medicine and healthcare delivery platform, catering to two million customers across the PAN India.

With the help of a mobile app and website help customers to connect with local pharmacy stores and diagnostic centers to fulfill their extensive medical needs. It delivers medicines across the 1000+ cities and towns, covering around the 22000+ pin codes in the entire country.

Download App: Android / iOS

2. NetMeds

NetMeds is a licensed online pharmacy. It has almost a PAN India presence. You can order your medicine s from anywhere across the globe, but please note that the vendors will only be delivered to locations in India.

Promoted by the Dadha Company, which is a trusted name in the field of prescription drugs. The form is known for its quality since 1914. NetMeds is a startup that is a pioneer in India in the field of mega online pharmacy.

Ordering your drugs easily is just like a breeze with the service. You just need to download the NetMeds app, upload your prescription, and place your order. Your medicines will be delivered to you in two to three business days.

Payments can be made with the help of cash or using any of the debit/credit cards. Cash on delivery orders below INR 100 will be charged INR 49 for shipping.

Download App: Android / iOS

3. 1mg

1mg is more than a local pharmacy. Additionally, letting you order your medicines, it also helps you to gather information on your medicines. It also sells you generic medicines. Even if you do not want to buy medicines from them, you may use the app to know more about it.

You can find out about the substitutes and side effects of the drugs you are ordering. The services are operational in the Delhi NCR, Lucknow, Agra, Indore, Chennai, Bangalore, and Bhopal.

It has partnerships with the pharmacies in these locations. It lets you get your medicines from one of the nearest partnered pharmacies.

Download App: Android / iOS

4. Practo

Practo is a trusted and familiar home where they know that they will find a healing touch. It connects them with everything which they need to take good care of themselves and their family, assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, obtaining medicines, booking diagnostic tests, learning new ways to live healthier, and storing health records.

Download App: Android / iOS

5. ML Xpress (Myra Medicines)

ML Xpress (Myra Medicines) has headquartered in Bangalore to operate its own warehouses to make sure the better quality of medicines to customers without even comparing the experience. It has been voted against the Hot 50 brand in Bangalore 2019.

The company buys the medicines directly from the manufactures and stores and delivers them from its warehouses located across the entire city. This makes sure better control of operations, superior margins, and, most importantly, a smooth customer experience.

Download App: Android / iOS

6. Medsonway

This app has a great personal assistant. An assistant will help you with discounts and delivery. Navigation in the app is intuitive. You won’t be confused. Ask any questions to the assistant. You will get an answer immediately.

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It is easy to order medicine online with the help of this app. Just one tap and the medicine has been added to the cart. Find antipyretic and painkillers tablets. The choice is limitless.

Download App: Android / iOS

7. MedNear

Always take care of your health. Even if you are not sick. Don’t forget to take the vitamins and eat right. What if you have a fever? You can order medicine online.

Select all the necessary items lying on the bed. The search system works well. All the products are sorted by category. You can search for the medicine by name or by the effect.

Download App: Android

8. GoMedii

You can order any medicine online with the help of a GoMedii app. Just download this app. This is a quick and convenient medical service. You can make an appointment with the doctor as well. Choose a convenient date. You will become happy and healthy.

Download App: Android / iOS

9. Bookmeds

Bookmeds is the last on the list of online medicine apps because it lets you buy medical products in different categories online.

For example, with the help of this app, you can use Bookmeds to order medicines and prescription drugs online. Moreover, you can also buy mother and baby care products, protein supplements, and medical products, among some other products online.

Download App: Android / iOS

10. Just Relief

Just relief is a one-stop destination for healthcare and pharmaceutical services and products. You can opt to buy your prescription medicines online from here at a discounted cost.

Apart from buying medicines, you can even book healthcare services, which include home vaccination services for your little ones.

Their medical store is well equipped to take care of your varied medical needs, from buying over the counter drugs to prescribed medicines to even ayurvedic herbs and medicines.

Download App: Android

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