7 Best Intel Core i9 Laptops In India – 2021

Best Intel Core i9 Laptops In India

When it comes to high-end laptops, the Intel Core i9 beats most of the powerful processors available in the market. Because of its expanded multi-threading capacity and better power efficiency, it is considered an enthusiast-level workstation or best gaming laptop that can deliver an exciting gaming experience along with better processing capabilities and an advanced … Read more

Important Things You Need to Do as Soon as You Buy a Brand New Laptop

Important Things You Need to Do while Buying A Brand New Laptop

Unboxing a brand new laptop is exciting since you’re longing to enjoy the laptop’s top features. The fact that you chose the best laptop doesn’t mean the job is done; you’ll need to configure it. PC sales exceeded 302 million in 2020 since they’re a necessity when working from home. To make the laptop’s functionality … Read more

9 Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 1 Lakh In India – 2021

Laptop For Video Editing Under 1 Lakh In India

Nowadays making vlogs and YouTube videos has become a career, and hence most people are into video editing. But merely shooting or preparing a video is not enough, they have to spend a lot of time editing their photos and videos in order to stand out from others. For this, ordinary laptops are not sufficient, … Read more

9 Best Laptops Under 1 Lakh In India – November 2021

Laptops under 1 lakh in India

In this present scenario, laptops have become the greatest friendliest in our day-to-day life as they have made our life much easier by offering incredible performance while still being portable. We can use laptops for multiple purposes like watching movies, playing games, listening to music, editing videos, storing data, creating presentations and so many other … Read more