10 Youtube Marketing Tips From the Pros (Who Went Viral!)

For an effective YouTube marketing strategy, you are required to leverage the new content as well as the old. New trends, updates, and features on YouTube as well as other social media platforms will affect your strategy.

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Firstly, if you don’t own a YouTube channel, you need to get one now. The best part about YouTube is that you can log in to multiple Google accounts simultaneously using your brand channel. So, a YouTube channel is great for streamlined workflow in teams.

In this article, we have created a list of 10 YouTube marketing tips from the pros to increase engagement on YouTube.

1. Build your YouTube brand channel

Your YouTube channel should revolve around your brand’s story. From your channel icon to description, everything must speak your brand’s voice.

Add your brand’s logo, a custom YouTube banner, with social media icons directing your audience to your other social media profiles. In the ‘About’ section, add a brief description of your brand. Finally, divide your videos into several meaningful playlists.

2. Consistently create and upload compelling videos

Create YouTube videos that get your audience talking. Most importantly, use them to promote your brand’s story.

If you are a B2B brand, you can create videos to promote your blog or website content and bring your customers to give reviews of your brand.

Youtube Marketing Tips To Get More Subscribers

You can also interview industry professionals, subject matter experts, and seniors. Informative video content is popular among audiences. Post step-by-step guide videos and tutorials on “how to” use your products or services.

3. Leverage YouTube Tools and Features 

YouTube has a ton of tools and features to enhance your YouTube marketing strategy. Use end screens and YouTube cards to add your desired CTAs (Call To Actions).

Share a video on “how to assemble a product?” Direct your audience to other videos of your channel by encouraging them to click the “i” button or the link in your description.

Add transcripts to almost all of your videos. Make your content universal by adding closed captions. At the same time, add keywords to your transcripts. A keyword-optimized video helps enhance your YouTube SEO also.

4. Optimize video titles for YouTube voice search

Improve your SEO by optimizing your YouTube video titles for YouTube voice search. People use YouTube voice search to find videos fast without typing their full name. Since voice search is easier to get YouTube video results, you need to make sure that your videos appear in front of your audience.

Optimize your YouTube video title to enhance its SEO. keep it concise and informative at the same time. Use the most relevant keyword in your video’s title to increase its reach and make it more discoverable.

5. Optimize video description and thumbnails

Now that your titles are optimized, it is time to focus on other important things of your content- their description and thumbnail. Since your YouTube video’s thumbnail and description are the first two things that provide a glimpse into your content to the viewers, optimizing them for better results is crucial.

Your YouTube thumbnail should be engaging enough to encourage users to click and watch your video. Add a popping image in the thumbnail and an engaging caption to draw the attention of your audience. Moreover, don’t forget to add relevant keywords in the caption aka. description of your video. 

6. Add YouTube Stories to your marketing strategy

After Instagram and Facebook, YouTube has also hopped on to the Stories’ bandwagon. It now has the Stories feature in which you can add short, mobile-only videos that die after 7 days.

If you are on Instagram and Facebook, you might be aware of the importance of Stories in digital marketing. So, you need to add them to your YouTube marketing strategy too to increase engagement on YouTube.

7. Cross-promote your YouTube content

To increase your YouTube engagement, video views and receive more traffic on your YouTube channel, cross-promotion is extremely important. You should share your YouTube videos on your other social media accounts.

If you haven’t set up on other social media platforms, then do it now and start promoting your YouTube channel on them. Also, don’t forget to promote your YouTube content on your website and blogs. In this way, you will be able to increase your brand exposure as well as engagement on your YouTube channel.

8. Run influencer marketing campaigns

There are 3 main benefits of collaborating with an influencer-

  • Access to a larger audience
  • Access to another creator’s skills
  • Diversification of your content

And all these benefits will bring more engagement to your brand.

9. Invest in YouTube Ads

Paid promotions will always be an integral part of a decent YouTube marketing strategy. It is a smart way to make your YouTube videos appear easily before your target audience

10. Capture audience insights

Being aware of your target audience is a crucial factor to build an effective YouTube marketing strategy. Find out which people would watch your content to know what content to need to create for them.


Did you know that audiences love visual content more than other types of content? And amongst that, videos are their favorite pieces.

Whether you own an online or physical retail business or offer B2B services, there is enormous scope to create content with videos that would engage your audience. A lot can be done to promote your brand on this video-sharing platform.

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