10 Best Email Marketing Tools For Startups – 2022

Wanted to grow your startup or online business?

Well, Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies you can easily integrate with your current marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

Email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an impressive 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective marketing channel.

Whether you have an app, website or any online services you provide, email marketing tool lets you connect with your customers to sell your products or any other online services you offer.

With over 100+ email marketing tools out there, it’s not an easy task for anyone to find the one which is authentic, fast and affordable.

That’s the reason we did hours of research work for you and listed below the 10 best email marketing tools so that you can save your time in choosing the suitable one according to your need.

Best Email Marketing Tools of 2022

Lets check out the list below:

1. MailChimp

Mailchimp - Best Email Marketing Tools

MailChimp is a very well-known email marketing tool that integrates with popular apps and services like Google, Twitter, Salesforce, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Facebook, Spotify, and Eventbrite.

This marketing tool allows you to easily sync your data from those services, import content from other sources, and learn how your campaigns are affecting your business.

Along with the reports show that how you are well connecting with your audience and how much money you are bringing in, Mailchimp gives you tips for improvement as well. MailChimp mobile dashboard enables you to check in from anywhere.

Official Website: MailChimp

2. SendGrid


A cloud-based email platform, SendGrid is a tool that is built to serve the developers. It is known as the world’s largest email infrastructure as a service provider. Users can easily send out emails such as email newsletters, shipping notifications, and sign up confirmations, etc.

Businesses can also track email opens bounces, spam reports, and un-subscribers without the use of code. This email marketing tool also provides templates, A/B testing, and scheduling. Email analytics can be viewed in a real-time scenario.

Official Website: SendGrid

3. SendinBlue


SendinBlue ranks as a popular email marketing tool, which is very simple to use. This is why it is highly recommended for beginners, who can now create email marketing campaigns even when they do not have prior expertise or experience.

It allows you to deliver transactional messages depending on the interactions of customers. Its price will depend on the number of emails that you are sending. You can avail free account with unlimited contacts. Moreover, you will be permitted to transfer only 900 emails every month.

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You may sign up for their premium plan priced at the cost of $25 every month, which can even accommodate almost around 40000 emails each month.

Official Website: SendinBlue

4. Constant Contact


Constant Contract is a fairly experienced email marketing tool with around 20 years of experience in the industry. Customers can easily take advantage of professional email templates, various modifications and customization options, easy to set up, and engagement driving action blocks.

This tool also includes the list building feature, contact list segmentation, automated welcome emails, and email tracking.

Official Website: ConstantContact

5. SendPulse


SendPulse, which is well-known as an email marketing service provider that is suitable for any type of business. It allows you to send emails in SMS, emails, web push, etc. These facilities help to increase the growth of your business.

It also has an advanced service that automates the communication process and gives you the flexibility to manage the contact list, provides email templates, schedule online mails, high deliverability, and much more.

Official Website: SendPulse

6. Active Campaign


Active Campaign has made a name for itself as an excellent marketing tool for those who are looking for an intuitive interface. It also provides more features than a regular email marketing tools.

The email editor comes with the user-friendly drag and drops feature, and users can also choose from pre-designed templates to create a visually appealing email.

Each of its features is rich in functionalities and using Active Campaign, you can conveniently build campaigns using both the elaborate one and simple text with lots of videos and images.

When you are keen to get statistics on the campaigns, this tool can be of great help. This feature is not essential if you are handling a few of the subscribers, but it may be very useful when you have a long list of subscribers.

Official Website: ActiveCampaign

7. AWeber


AWeber is another popular email marketing tool with a huge number of features. With the help of drag and drop editors, users can easily create automated emails and make use of their high-quality autoresponder capabilities.

Users can also create subscription forms and place them on the website, Facebook, or blog pages. Within this tool, you can even pull up charts showing how many contacts opened emails or clicked on links within your message.

Official Website: AWeber

8. MailerLite


MailerLite is another great email marketing tool. You can use this email marketing platform for any type of business. MailerLite is the best solution for sending bulk email campaigns. This email marketing tool lets you design landing pages, newsletters, and pop-ups. You can also segment customer lists, track campaign metrics, etc.

Apart from this, all other information is available on the dashboard on this MailerLite backend. It is a cheaper alternative for Mailchimp. MailerLite offers an easy to use interface. You can even manage customer-related responses and queries.

Moreover, you can easily integrate MailerLite with third-party web services, which includes the CRM tools with the MailerLite. Based on all the features, it is a cost-effective and efficient tool.

Official Website: MailerLite

9. Pabbly Email Marketing


Pabbly is an effective and efficient email marketing tool that helps in easily transmitting bulk emails with the help of a secured network. You will also get various futuristic features that will help you to create emails with the drag and drop builder, automate a campaign and consequently track the results under the one roof dashboard.

Moreover, you can also select from a wide range of templates by simply cloning and modifying them according to your needs. Also, it facilitates you with custom tags in order to send some of the personalized emails.

Official Website: Pabbly

10. vCita


vCita provides quite a robust set of email marketing functionalities. It provides a dynamic lead capturing tool that makes use of online forms and calls to action buttons that will help you to collect the information from the leads.

The software will then consolidate all the data in one place for you to organize according to buyer persona, demographics, and some other criteria. After this, you can make use of its emailing features to communicate with your target audience effectively.

The platform even comes with client communication tools in case you need to speak with your customers via some other channels such as social media networks.

Official Website: vCita

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