How to Separate Your Work & Home Life (Must Read!)

Often, we let our work and personal life interfere with each other. It is a heinous crime we commit as we tend to be neither here nor there. We are always struggling to maintain a perfect work and home life balance. 

It becomes increasingly hard to sustain a work and life balance if you’re working remotely. In the year 2020, most offices have switched to remote working and people are bettering at performing from home.

Most organizations have switched to escalate their communication procedures through platforms such as WeNumber. It provides great alternatives for people to stay in touch with their functions, their work, etc.


You can attain the much desired balance between the work and personal life by following the below mentioned tips:

Official Communication

As an employee, your functions are interrelated with others in the office. You never function in isolation. Communication of work in a timely and prudent manner is important in order to keep facts and matters unambiguous.

A lot of employees now have access to 0330 numbers from mobile by virtue of their call forwarding abilities. This has definitely reduced the dependency of the employees on office infrastructure. 

This can be used to a great advantage by the employees. You can sustain a healthy work relationship by communicating with your line manager or superior about your concerns, updates, etc. In most cases, chatting and other features are also enabled so you can keep everyone concerned in loop.

We all might have different work hours with flexible work timings but we need to adhere to procedures at our end. As long as you keep the concerned people informed and are clear in your communication, you will not face any disturbances in your personal time.

However, on the contrary, if you are not clear about what you state and mean and retain information with yourself, you will face disturbances. Keeping everyone concerned in loop about the issues pertaining to one’s roles, updates and procedures is important. 

Practice a Routine

To have an effortlessly easy work-life balance, you need to get in the habit of sticking to a routine. If you work haphazardly not following a routine, you will not be able to gauge your productive hours or even your family time.

So, organize your day in advance and stick to your routine. If you do not do that, you will end up in a whirlpool of things to do in both personal and private space swirling around you. This could be a mess and the best way to avoid that is to practice a routine.

Respect Your Workspace

You have to respect your work space first, if you expect others to respect it as well. Your work desk is your work desk and should be devoid of any unproductive distractions. Your leisure time is your leisure time and must be devoid of work thoughts.

When working remotely, your family members must be made to understand to respect your work space. They must not interfere into it and should avoid disturbing you during the work hours. The communication about the same must be very clear. 

Do Chores Virtually

You can save a lot of time and effort by virtue of technology. We live in times where almost everything can be done virtually. You can get your food in a jiffy, you can book or pay a bill online in a jiffy, you can also get something delivered in a day itself.

So, with such technological ease, you must accomplish things online rather than running around for getting chores done. This will save you a lot of time as your productive hours will not be spent in getting chores done and you will have more personal space. 


Engage in our hobbies or things that you like doing. This could be a good and productive personal time. Sometimes, work can be stressful and things like engaging in a hobby can relieve you of the stress.

This is extremely good for your mental health as well and helps you relax. You can zone out from your work when engaging in your hobbies. It can really take your work worries away and can ensure some very calming personal time. 

Short Breaks

Continuous and relentless working could take a toll on your health, both physically and mentally. You therefore need to time your breaks. Take short breaks like taking a small stroll, snacking, etc. This will make you feel rejuvenated for your work ahead.

Continuous and relentless working has the potential of making you unproductive because you will tire out too soon. Instead, short breaks could be the productive time out. Just engage in something you like during this period. 

Regular Meals

A hungry stomach will never do you any good. Just time your meals in a way that you are well fed and ready to accomplish your work goals. If you’re emaciated, you will mostly impact your personal life by throwing around your irritation. 


Attaining a work and personal life balance is a tough scenario, especially when your organizational skills are not perfect. This is a problem when you do not know how to dedicate your time at one point to one facet of your life.

Too much dedication to work can lead to a personal life in shambles. On the other hand, too much dedication to personal life can impact your employment pejoratively. This is where efficient communication can come handy. 

Platforms such as WeNumber are being used by organizations extensively to enable employees 0330 numbers from mobile. This is incredible with respect to empowering the employees to connect and stay everyone in loop with respect to work related matters.

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