10 Tips to Control Your Child’s Call Duration

There is no doubting the fact that parents and guardians need to keep a tab on their kids. Today, technology influences practically every aspect of a child’s life. Many children are addicted to the mobile phone and parents must do something about it.

One of the ways to curb this addiction is to control how long they spend on mobile devices. This includes monitoring the call duration and other phone activities.

It is impossible to be with them 24/7. Therefore, the best way to control their call duration and other phone activities is to use a phone monitoring app. In this post, we’ll share the top ten tips (apps) that you can use to control your child’s call duration.

1.   Spyier

The first phone monitoring solution that lets you control your child’s phone activities is Spyier. This app has taken first place on our list because of its numerous features and ease of use. Find more info here

It works in stealth mode and doesn’t affect the functionality of the target device. Spyier has been downloaded by millions of satisfied users from all over the world. It works with Android and iOS. This means you can use it on any brand of phone.

Why use Spyier

·       No rooting or jailbreaking required

·       Tracks and records call on your target device, saving the timestamps and call details

·       Blocks specific apps remotely

·       Monitors social media apps and blocks inappropriate content

·       Monitors web browser history and all installed apps

·       Reads text messages, including sent and received as well as deleted and saved text

·       Location tracking and geo-fencing

·       Over 35 features to explore

2.   Spyine

Spyine is an exceptional phone monitoring solution that can be used by anyone. Whether you have any technical experience or not, you can activate and use the app on your own. The app lets you see who your child is speaking with and the duration of the calls.

You can block some contacts from their contact list and gain access to your child’s conversation. Beyond monitoring calls, the app also works perfectly to transmit other phone activities to your dashboard.

Spyine is compatible with both Android and iOS and it doesn’t require that you root or jailbreak the target phone. Here are some unique benefits of using the Spyine app.

·       Complete access to the call records and contacts on your child’s phone

·       Access to call logs and timestamps with contacts’ details

·       Monitors social media apps and text messages

·       Tracks website visits and enables website restriction

·       Tracks locations with timestamps and enables geo-fencing

3.   Spyic

Spyic is an exceptional phone monitoring app for iOS and Android. It has the unique feature of enabling the user to listen in on phone calls. This means that apart from seeing who your child is talking to, you can also hear the conversation.

The app is safe and will never compromise your data or your target. Some unique attributes of the app are listed below:

·       No rooting or jailbreaking

·       100% stealth mode

·       Call logs and messages tracking

·       Access to browser history and other installed apps

·       Over 30 features, including all social media apps.

4.  TeenSafe

If you have a child that is old enough to use a phone, TeenSafe is a great choice of app to consider. Its features are a little bit different from others because it’s specifically designed for children.

You can see the phone activities of your child and set screen time. With this, you can control how long your child uses their phone. Additionally, it lets you read the text messages and private chats on their social media accounts. Some features of the spy app are listed below:

·       Compatible with Android and iOS without rooting or jailbreaking

·       Works in stealth mode and remotely

·       30+ features to give complete access to your child’s phone

·       Call logs and phone conversation tracking

·       Location tracking in real-time

5.   Minspy

When you need a trusted and effective phone monitoring app for your child’s phone, Minspy is a good choice. It works remotely, which means you don’t need physical access to your child’s phone to see their activities. You can use it to monitor an Android or iPhone.

Minspy is safe and virus-free. It uses military-grade encryption to protect the data of its users. You can trust the app to restore your parental control in full. Some features you can access on your child’s device with the Minspy app include:

·       Phone call recording and tracking

·       Enables screen time management

·       Full access to all social media on a target device

·       Access to all installed apps

6.   Neatspy

This is another iOS and Android phone monitoring app that works exceptionally well. It empowers you to remotely keep a tab on your child’s phone activities. You can listen in on their phone conversation and monitor their call duration.

The app also lets you see their calls over social media platforms. You can view all their phone activities remotely and discreetly. Furthermore, you will not be required to root or jailbreak your child’s phone. Neatspy is one of the safest spy apps in the market. Its features include:

·       Call log monitoring and call recording

·       Social apps tracking

·       Access to all installed apps

·       Geofencing and location tracking

·       Web browser history monitoring

7.  FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is a top phone monitoring solution that lets you see the phone activities of your child. Are you worried that your child is associating with bad peers? You can track their phone conversation and other phone activities remotely.

Listen in on your child’s phone call and read their text messages remotely with FoneMonitor. The app also lets you see their location in real-time. Here are some of the reasons we love the app:

·       Full control over the phone activities of your child

·       Phone call recording and tracking

·       All installed app tracking features

·       Location tracking and geofencing

8.   Spyzie

When you need to know what your child has been up to on their mobile device, Spyzie comes in handy. With the app, you can access the phone calls and monitor their call duration. You can also see other activities they perform on their device.

Some features of the Spyzie app that makes it one of our top choices include:

·       Call logs tracking

·       Text messages monitoring

·       Web browser tracking and site restriction enabled

·       Social media apps monitoring, including posts, private chats, voice notes, video, and photos tracking.

9.  HelloSpy

HelloSpy is another great choice for parents looking to control their children’s phone calls. The app works in the background without affecting the target device. It also lets you save files and voice notes for proof. Some of the unique features of the app include:

·       Call log tracking

·       Social media apps monitoring

·       Location tracking

10. Spyera

If you are looking to control multiple devices, the Spyera spy app is a top choice for you. It works on Android devices as well as iPhone and iPad. The app is easy to activate and takes a few minutes to complete the process.

Some features you can access include:

·       Phone call logs and call duration monitoring and control

·       Access to text messages with timestamps

·       Social media accounts tracking

·       Access to media files

·       Location tracking and geofencing alert


Every parent has to monitor the activities of their children. This will ensure that the kids are safe and not exposed to inappropriate conversations and content. The apps highlighted in this post are top choices to control your child’s phone calls and other activities.

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