Customize Your Rental Lease Agreement by CocoSign

One of the most significant steps in renting out a property is to sign a contract. It safeguards you from any financial strain that might arise. If you do not have a proper lease agreement, you could even end up giving up your investment in the lease.

Thus, by getting a lease agreement, you have to cover yourself and your property as a landlord. If a conflict arises between landlords and tenants, the lease agreement is normally the first document consulted.

In the current digital world, it is worthy to use lease agreements available online. As they are customizable, easy to use, & more accessible. To see our best recommendation, keep on reading!

CocoSign: Use & Customize Your Rental Lease Agreement

Looking for some guide on how to find a rental agreement? CocoSign is our best recommendation. Find and customise the ideal rental agreements in the CocoSign template library from the 80 + rental and lease agreement templates to meet your needs, save your time, and secure your rights!

Editable Parts Of CocoSign’s Rental Lease Agreement 

The Necessary Details Highlights

Both the rights and obligations of the landlord and his or her tenants can be set out in the residential or rental lease agreement. Such pieces of information contain:

All of the Renters’ Titles 

The agreement should be signed by all persons residing in the rented quarters, which would then convert the inhabitants into official tenants. Therefore, these visitors should also sign the contract if one of your tenants wishes to let a family or acquaintance stay in their rented place of residence.

You can also apply to the legal contract an occupancy clause. Check CocoSign templates that contain the clause that a particular area in your leasable space can occupy only a limited number of tenants. You can also suggest inserting a statement in the contract for the number of permissible guests at a given time in the rented property.

Term of Residence 

For the short-term, rental agreements appear to be. Renters from one month to the next will take advantage of a rental scheme. This leasing scheme is automatically renewed before the lease is terminated by a party (e.g., the landlord or a tenant).

On the other hand, lease contracts can be for the long-term. These agreements tend to be extended for a fixed period, such as a year. Make sure, however, that you take notice in the contract of the start date, rental period, and expiration date of the agreement.

Any Fees 

One of the most common points of contention between landlords and their tenants appears to be money matters. CocoSign’s lease agreement contains all deposit and fee details.

Types of Rental Lease Agreements Available on CocoSign

The Rental lease on Real Estate

Leases are used to spell out the amount of time a homeowner will live in the home and what happens at the end of the lease term in the leasing of residential properties (including apartments).  The lease will address what limits are put on the house.

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A lease will set out the dates on which leasing payments, expenses, late fees and upfront deposits are due. It will also clarify the liability of the tenant for maintenance and maintenance (small repairs, grass cutting, etc.) and the liability of the owner (major repairs such as heat and air system repair, appliances and other things not needed to be taken care of by the tenant).

Commercial Rental  Leases 

Leases are used by tenants that rent commercial properties. The square foot, set as a dollar amount per square foot of space, can lease space.

One of three different forms of lease can be provided to the tenant: the first is a gross lease, which involves a fixed amount of rent to be paid per month. The owner offers to pay the building’s taxes , insurance and all repairs.

Equipment Rental Leases

Office or company equipment leasing has its benefits. Cash flow is typically poor when a new entrepreneur starts up a company.

Leasing is an option to purchase the requisite equipment, yet to prevent a loan from going into debt. The owner of the company will spend a smaller amount on deposits, and will only have a monthly charge.

Equipment costs more when rented in the long term, but leasing has its benefits. For machines, an example of this would be. Computer technology has changed so much and so frequently, that computers are very rapidly becoming obsolete.


A arms and shield for the landlord and his or her tenants may be the residential lease agreement. For all parties to comply when remaining in the establishment, this legal document will display all the required pieces of details.

It also helps shield tenants and renters from financial pitfalls that could arise in the leased space during the duration of the occupant ‘s residence. For signing, customising or editing the lease, use CocoSign. Also, don’t forget to read the fine print, or if you face a legal dispute between the owner of the property and the renter, you might regret it.

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