10 Best Trimmer Brands In India – 2022

The Indian market has the best range of trimmers and related products. There are a lot of brands that develop trimmers, but only a few can actually match the standards expected.

The latest range of trimmers in the Indian market is equipped with some extraordinary technologies that ensure absolute precision and accuracy while trimming your beard and hair.

The most recent products are very well customized for different conditions, and that’s what makes them very user-friendly.

10 Best Trimmer brands in India

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1. Philips

Philips - Best Trimmer Brands

Philips is one of the best Trimmer brands in India. Numerous trimmers are available under Philips. The Virat series is also endorsed by this world-class brand. Philips trimmers are known to provide efficient results.

The trimmers are powered by Dura Power technology so they work smoothly even in hoarse skin. All the hairs on lower chins are also cut by these trimmers. The trimmers that come under this brand are durable and can be re-used as they are rechargeable.

The reviews of Philips products have gained huge acclaim. It is because of these trusted results the brand is known all over India. There are several 5-star reviews that the brand has gained.

Some of the top products are Philips One blade and Philips BG1024/16 Runtime. The upcoming products are Philips Multi-Grooming Kit and Philips BT3211/15.

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2. Nova


Nova trimmers have superior designs over other trimmers. Different types of trimmers are available under the Nova brand. Nova trimmers provide top-class features that come at an affordable price.

The top trimmers that you can get under Nova trimmers are Nova NHT 1076 Cordless trimmer, Nova NHT-1045, and Nova NG 1153. You can get these products in offline remote stores as well as in online marts. Self-sharpening blades are present which makes the trimming experience smooth.

The Nova blades are waterproof which makes them rust-free. High-tech engineering is employed in Nova trimmers which makes them durable for a longer period. Comfortable and easy feels come with the trimmer.

All the necessary works like cutting hair and shaving can be done easily with these trimmers. Currently, there are no new products that are going to be launched. Most of the reviews talk about the satisfaction of using this affordable trimmer.

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3. Mi


Mi beard trimmers are all new among all the products. However, they have gained a top spot on the chart because of superior qualities. There is an ultra-powerful battery that can suffice the trimmer for long hours.

The tough areas can be wiped clean with the unique quad design. There is a one year warranty that comes with this product. The Mi trimmers can be easily washed. The stainless steel surface gives it a polished look.

Both corded and cord-free trimmers are available under this brand. Two combs with sharp technologies come with the Mi trimmers. The lubricant coating prevents any mishaps from happening. You can take the trimmer anywhere and everywhere.

There are great reviews of this brand over the internet. Customers are well satisfied because of the great memorable service of Mi trimmers. All the top products are made keeping the safety in mind.

Mi Trimmers At: Flipkart

4. Syska

Syska Trimmers

The top products of Syska are Syska HT333K Corded& cordless, Syska HB100 Ultraclip, and others. These trimmers can last for many days without any problem. The Syska blades in the trimmers are of great quality.

They are used by millions of people all over the world to meet their daily necessities. The run-time battery is very high which guarantees its optimal usage. Rechargeable facilities make them much more usable.

As they can be put into use several times. You won’t be tired of using the trimmer as it works with butter-like smoothness. Various products come under the Syska trimmers. The cost varies from product to product.

You can choose from the various available products. Expensive, medium, cheap all kinds of ranges are available under Syska trimmers. The reviews put the Syska products in a brighter light as there are many satisfied customers.

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5. Ambrane

Ambrane Trimmers In India

Ambrane trimmers are top-class trimmers. They enjoy great reviews from customers all over the world. There are grooming sets that are available under this brand of trimmers.

The top-notch products under the Ambrane brand are Ambrane Cruiser Trimmer, Ambrane 1000, and others. It has sharp blades, however, they are well protected from any damages. The shielding prevents the blade from causing any harm.

The efficiency is great enough with top-notch precision and durability. The charging backup is also high. They come in wireless and wired cords. One can choose based upon their likings.

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6. Havells

Havells Best Trimmer Brands In India

Havells is one of the most trusted brands in the world. They are in this trimmer game for a longer period. This trust is due to the superior facilities that the trimmers endorse.

The upcoming Havells products that are coming in near time is Havells BT5100C. all the top products in Havells have a huge runtime of around 45-50 minutes. The top products that are available under Havells are Havells BT5113c, Havells BT9005. They have an enormous runtime of 90 and 120 minutes. 

Quick and easy clean up is possible using this trimmer. However, the efficiency is on the low side. There are many options to choose from in the Havells trimmers. They have a smooth surface which prevents any accidents.

No cuts and strokes that can harem the skins unnecessary is prevented using this Havells trimmer. The reviews are very high. Customers are well satisfied with their battery life.

Havells Trimmers At: Flipkart

7. Flipkart Smart Buy

Flipkart Smart Buy

The quality and handling are smooth of the Flipkart smart buy trimmers. The head cap is removable and can be employed temporarily. This provides an added beneficiary in the trimmers. This quality makes the trimmers flexible enough to work with.

The Flipkart smart buy trimmers have a mixed review. Many customers are not satisfied with their precision technology. The durability is also a matter of question. However, none can deny that all the great features and more comes at a very cheap price.

The battery life is great which provides these trimmers with usage benefits. Ione can easily carry the trimmers anywhere as they are very usable and comes at a low cost. The trimming and cutting of beards and hairs can be done easily using the Flipkart smart buy trimmers.

The cordless facility makes them much more easily usable. Overall the product can do the various trimming works that are needed to do.

Flipkart Smart Buy Trimmers At: Flipkart

8. HTC


HTC trimmers are another brand that can be easily used for cutting. The HTC trimmers have mixed reviews as well. Many customers are satisfied while others are not. If we focus on the benefits then several benefits can be talked about.

The first and foremost is that the trimmers can be adjusted according to the need. The length varies which is a great benefit as it can be used to shave away the tiniest nits of hairs. If we focus on the negative sides then the product has many lackings.

Many reviewers referred to the HTC products to be of cheap quality. The blades are reportedly not efficient enough to shave all the hairs. They have a great finishing and overall design but the downfall cannot be neglected.

Many products are being worked upon in this brand. The brand is doing all the work to provide a great customer experience.

HTC Trimmers At: Flipkart

9. Beardo

Beardo Trimmers

Beardo offers a great quality trimmer that can easily trim all the hairs and beards. The quality is good but not up to the mark. It has a great battery backup. This battery backup can easily be employed for different use.

The precision of the Beardo is not that great as compared to other products and brands. However, the great design provides it with one look. The company is a new one in the market and they are doing their best to deal with their backdrops.

Beardo Trimmers At: Flipkart

10. Kemei


The Kemei trimmers have different trimmers that are available in their brand. The top Kemei products are welocity professional, Kemei KM-3580, etc. these trimmers are so superior as they come in various ranges and forms.

They provide great trimming services. But these trimmers have downfalls regarding its precision level which needs to be worked upon.

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These were the 10 best Trimmer brands in India which have received immense support and amazing response from the consumers. The ratings suggest that these brands deserve to be in the list of top 10 best Trimmer brands in India.

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