7 Best Smart Speakers Under 5,000 In India

As it can be defined from the name, Smart speaker is one of the most versatile gadgets that comes with integrated AI assistants to let the users use it in a plethora of ways.

These smart speakers are far better than the traditional ones as it provides you with a wide range of advantages besides playing music like enjoying your favorite music, using it as an intercom in your home, staying in touch with friends & family by making audio calls, access an array of different streaming services and much more.

These portable smart speakers can work as typical Bluetooth ones and can be an affordable way to control your smart appliances via voice command. Another reason why people are in love with these speakers is that they can be easily accessible by everyone.

So if you are on a hunt for the best smart speakers you are at the right place, as in this article we will be discussing the best smart speakers along with their specifications.

Best Smart Speakers Under 5000 In 2022

Let’s check out the list now.

1. Echo Dot (4th Gen) with clock with powerful bass, LED display and Alexa

Echo Dot 4th gen with clock

Music is the ultimate solution to spice up your environment to match your mood and that’s why you need Echo Dot, a 4th Gen smart speaker that can produce excellent quality music for your ears to enjoy.

In-built with voice-activated Amazon Alexa, it allows you to control it or complete any task like controlling lights, ACs, TVs, geysers, water motors and more just with your voice commands. Apart from that, you can also control your voice recordings and can hear views, or delete them at any time without leaving your comfort zone.

Apart from This compact speaker can produce the ear thumping crisp sound with improved bass that you can enjoy the audio anywhere in your home. In addition, it comes with a LED display that shows the time, outdoor temperature or timers.

Whereas the light sensor automatically adjusts its brightness level so that you can see the time day or night. The best part about this speaker is that it boasts multiple layers of privacy protection in order to protect your privacy.

Check Price: Amazon

2. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – New and improved smart speaker with Alexa

Echo Dot 3rd gen with alexa

Packed with all the latest features Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is a smart powerful speaker that can be operated by voice. It’s a compact and portable speaker that can fit in your favorite places easily.

This speaker also supports Bluetooth and a 3.5mm audio cable allowing you to use it either as a crisp built-in speaker or to connect it to other speakers so that you can enjoy your favorite playlist from different platforms including Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, and Apple Music in different local languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Kannada and more.

Alongside just plain music, this speaker can control compatible smart home devices, check out the weather, daily news and many more in order to make your everyday life more convenient.

So if you are looking for a smart speaker that can provide an immersive music experience in every corner of your home as well as make your day-to-day life a little bit convenient, then the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the right choice for you.

Check Price: Amazon

3. Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) with Google Assistant Smart Speaker

Google Nest Mini 2nd gen smart speakers

Born with a singular focus to bring great beats to the masses, Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) is a flagship smart speaker in their lineup that offers incredible sound. Enhanced with 2X stronger bass, this speaker can produce sound better and richer.

Besides delivering excellent audio, this speaker acts as a personal assistant to always keep you entertained as well as informed throughout the day. The moment you wake up till you go to bed, it does everything for you, all you have to do is say “Ok Google”.

It provides you with your personalized schedule, reminders, weather updates and much more, thanks to the voice match feature that helps to bring so much comfort to you.

Using this speaker you can even chat between rooms with other Google Home and Nest speakers or displays.

This thoughtfully designed speaker comes in two elegant colors that will blend perfectly into your home, and the best part is you can easily hang the Nest Mini on the wall in your living room, kitchen or bedroom and it never gets in the way.

Check Price: Flipkart

4. Google Home Mini with Google Assistant Smart Speaker

Google Home Mini with Google Smart Speaker

Designed to offer all the help you need, Google Home Mini is a powerful speaker that is capable of producing great quality music while being smart enough to make your daily tasks efficiently.

This little helper comes equipped with the power of Google Search, Maps and much more making your everyday workflow convenient.

Thanks to the in-built Google Assistant, that not only offers hands-free help but also sets up & connects multiple smart home devices such as smart switches & light bulbs as well as helps to control them with just a voice command.

The Google Home Mini also works with different products and services like Philips, TP-Link and D-Link allowing you to access various entertainment and music providers platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Saavn, Gaana and much more.

The most interesting part of this speaker is that you can command the Google Assistant in Hindi as well, like if you want to update yourself with the latest news you can say “OK Google, Aaj ki Khabar batao”.

Check Price: Flipkart

5. All new Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) – Smart speaker with 5.5″ screen with Alexa

All new Echo Show 5 2nd gen smart speaker

Meet the all-new Echo Show 5, a smart and versatile speaker that can take care of your each and every demand starting from delivering excellent audio output, monitoring your home, protecting your privacy to managing your everyday tasks.

It comes in-built with an improved 2MP camera in order to monitor your room with the help of the Alexa app or on other Echo Show devices wherever and whenever you want.

What makes this speaker stand out for other speakers in this list is its 5.5-inch screen which makes it like your personal entertainment corner where you can watch your favorite TV shows & movies from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

The Echo Show 5 also lets you make hands-free video calls to friends and loved ones. Whereas with the drop-in feature you can check your old parents or small kids by instantly connecting to Echo Show 5 via the Alexa app – just like an intercom.

In addition, it helps to manage your compatible smart home devices just with your voice or an interactive display.

Check Price: Amazon

6. Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) – Display with Google Assistant Smart Speaker

Google Nest Hub smart speaker

Elevate your music listening experience and reduce your workload conveniently with the Google Nest Hub, an all-rounder smart speaker that comes embedded with all the latest specifications to produce great quality sound for your ears to enjoy.

With this speaker, you can catch up on all your favorite shows from one of the biggest platforms Netflix. The Google Nest Hub is like a one-stop solution using which you can get entertained as well as control all your smart home devices.

You can create reminders, get weather updates, make voice calls, navigate its volume and much more just with your voice. In terms of look and build quality, this speaker boasts a thoughtful design inside and out.

Whereas its compact and subtle body makes it perfectly fit in any room with ease. Also, it is made keeping the environmental factor in mind and is manufactured using 54% recycled plastic.

Apart from that, it has a display that can adjust itself to the changing surroundings of the home and shows the best shots automatically.

Check Price: Flipkart

7. Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant Smart Speaker

Lenovo Smart Clock with Smart Speaker

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a beautifully designed minimalist smart clock speaker that complements your dynamic lifestyle.

Equipped with a wide range of impressive features, it boasts a classy LED digits display that not only helps you to facilitate your daily routine but also makes it an ideal accessory for your contemporary home as well.

Additionally, it has an inbuilt night light with a brightness of about 31 Lumen allowing you to sneak out of your room without even illuminating the lights or taking your smartphone along so that others won’t disturb you.

Moreover, its dimmable display automatically adjusts the brightness in order to help you ease into comfortable sleep at night. Apart from that, this smart clock enables you to operate over 40,000 compatible smart devices from different brands with the help of Google Assistant, which is great.

There is a cast option on your preferred audio app through which you can connect to the smart clock and access all your favorite music and podcasts in bass-boosted sound quality.

Check Price: Flipkart


In this article, you get to know all about the smart speakers, like what are their basic functions, how they are different from the traditional Bluetooth speakers, a list of the best smart speakers available in the Indian market and their specifications.

All the models mentioned above are of premium quality, belong to brands that are well-known in the audio department and cover each and every factor that one should keep in mind while buying the smart speakers.

So you can go for any of these smart speakers mentioned in this list, and you will not regret your decision.

Since now you have enough idea about it you will be able to decide on the best smart speaker for yourself according to your budget.

We hope you find this article helpful, in case you have any queries regarding this topic you can leave your questions in the comment section and we will try our best to provide you with the best possible solution to it.

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