Right Tools To Measure Your Blogging Goals

As a blogger, it can be pretty frustrating not to see the results you want after months of perfecting the layout of your website and creating content for your readers. True enough, posting good content should be at the top of your priorities, but if you want to achieve success, it’s also crucial to know how well your blog is doing.

Measuring your blog’s performance is the best choice if you want a clear picture of how your readers feel about your content. While gathering data may be overwhelming initially, many great tools are available to make handling the tasks more manageable.

Below, we listed the right tools to measure your blogging goals.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular and widely used service that provides statistics and analysis about your web traffic, conversions, and sales, regardless of your site or business type. It also allows you to determine how many visitors your blogs are getting, which you can utilize to direct your advertising to garner more traffic.

Another great thing about Google Analytics is that it measures how many of your visitors are repeats or unique. It will enable you to determine which areas to improve on to make your content more appealing to audiences. On top of that, you can also discover the number of visitors who clicked and viewed your other content, what content they find enjoyable, and the time they spent on your page.

Tools For Blogging Goals
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Google Analytics is free to use. But if you want to access more features and tools, we suggest getting the paid version.


Clicktale is a free heatmap application that gives you an excellent idea of how visitors interact with a specific section or element in your site. It tells you which area of your web page or blog is popular among your visitors and where they spend most time hovering their mouse or cursor.

It could be on your advertisements, offers, or even when they switch from one page to another (e.g., they clicked on your SEO-friendly FAQ Page from your landing page).

The visual representations are in color codes, from the most popular areas shown in the color red, ranging from orange and yellow to green and blue for the less popular ones. 


Ahrefs is an essential SEO tool and one of the must-haves in content optimization. While you can use it for basic keyword research, it also provides backlink and competitor analysis, rank tracking in Google, and site audits. It is also an essential tool for understanding your target audience. 

Ahrefs manages complex tasks like performance reports according to your preferred cadence, keeping you informed constantly.


It’s no secret that one way to build your brand is to increase your social media engagement. But it can also be time-consuming to keep up with continual postings and interactions with customers if you do it manually.

Making it easy for you is Hootsuite, which is an excellent tool for managing social media network channels. Hootsuite allows you to track what your customers say, view multiple streams simultaneously, post updates, read responses, schedule messages, view statistics, and much more in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

On a single platform, you can keep track of all of your mentions and respond to them instantly. They are arranged in this program in tidy tables and columns, making accessing different content simpler.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free tool from Google that gives users access to their website’s performance, including total clicks, impressions, click-through rates (CTR), and average position. It clarifies algorithms and shows how to produce top-notch material following Google’s online content rankings.

Additionally, GSC can assess the underperforming keywords to help consumers optimize and raise the SERP rating of their content.


Optimizing your content is the best thing you can do for those trying to monetize their articles. That’s because search engines like Google favor them better than those not, especially regarding visibility.

Optimizing your blog entries makes them more likely to rank high in SERPs, making it easier for potential audiences to find you. On the other hand, articles that are not optimized have fewer chances of ranking first on SERPs, resulting in a more irregular audience rate. 

Clearscope is an AI-powered tool that assists bloggers in creating highly relevant content. Its main goal is to help them optimize their content by finding relevant keywords to include in their articles. Clearscope provides an outline generator, content grading, competition analysis, and readability level indicator.

This tool doesn’t come for free. Its basic plan costs around $300 a month, and the more advance a feature gets, the more it costs. So, make sure you have a budget set aside for this tool if you want to utilize it to improve the performance of your blog.

Final Thoughts

Every blogger has different goals. If the results differ from what you anticipated, try not to let it get you down. Utilize these tools to improve your approach and pinpoint the advantages and disadvantages of your content.

Finding the best strategies, formats, and themes will enable you to use them to your advantage and achieve your blogging goals. But that is only possible when you know how to monitor its performance and maintain consistency in your tracking.

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