5 Best Milk Delivery Apps In Bangalore – 2022

No doubt milk is an essential part of everyone’s daily routine. Be it children, old or young, all of us take it in some form or the other.

Today when everything is adulterated, it is very difficult to get 100% pure milk, especially if we talk about cities it is almost impossible to even think about milk in its purest form or fresh farm veggies.

But there are some apps where you can get your hands on some wholesome goodness. Whether it’s milk, fruits, or vegetables here everything you get comes directly from the farm and too at the comfort of your home.

Apart from purity, extreme situations like the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak, when everyone is afraid of stepping out and struggling to get the required groceries & essentials due to restrictions, increase the need for such applications.

Now millions of people use these apps for everything right from grocery orders to essential house items. These apps are very reliable sources that assure quality products, proper safety precautions, fast delivery, trustworthy payment modes and refund options.

Best Milk Delivery apps In Bangalore

Let’s pick the best one.

1. Country Delight

Country Delight Milk App

Country Delight is one of India’s best online milk & grocery delivery apps which was founded by Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal in 2015. This extremely user-friendly app offers a variety of dairy products like milk, paneer, ghee and other daily essential items to your doorstep every morning with no delivery charges.

With the aim to provide the basics through their delivery app, they source superior quality dairy products, grocery, eggs and naturally harvested fruits directly from its network of 500 farmers to the consumer.

Their milk and other dairy products are of original quality and don’t contain milk powder, water or any kind of preservatives, as the quality of the milk is tested scientifically at every stage on more than 26 parameters by an FSSAI approved external lab to make sure the consumers are getting the best products for the price they are paying.

Besides, this app is very easy to operate, using this application you can choose the date and product according to your convenience. Apart from managing your order, this app also allows you to track a summary of your monthly consumption, your monthly bill and detailed delivery of each day.

App Download Link: Android / iOS

2. Supr Daily

Supr Daily - Best Milk Delivery Apps

Whether you need milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, cooking essentials or daily essentials, Supr Daily is a one-stop delivery app that delivers it all at your doorstep every day. Puneet Kumar with his fellow batchmate Shreyas Nagdawane founded this daily consumables startup in the year 2015 to digitize milk delivery in India.

Today with its quality products and extensive range of offers this app has become one of the trusted apps which serve in many parts of India including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, etc.

The best thing about this application is that there’s no minimum order condition and no time barrier. You can place orders how much you need and whenever you need, as they even provide service as late as 11 pm.

Furthermore, if you are a subscription holder consumer you get the option to set a grocery delivery schedule for products that you need on a regular basis like a packet of milk, a dozen of eggs every weekend or curd on alternate days which makes this app more convenient.

In case you face some difficulty there is a 24X7 service, so you can easily raise a complaint on the app immediately.

App Download Link: Android / iOS

3. FTH Daily

FTH Daily Milk App Bangalore

As the name itself suggests, FTH Daily is a daily e-grocery app from the house of FreshToHome. It was founded by Shan Kadavil with the aim to ease the lives of millions of consumers and cater to their food & daily essential needs at competitive prices.

This application is like a one-stop destination where you get everything to satisfy your daily requirements like 100% pure milk, fresh preservative-free organic food & spices, cold-pressed oils, personal care products and other essentials.

Besides the existing products, you will always find some newly added products so that you never miss anything. In addition, you get more than 70 varieties in milk like Lactose-Free Milk, Organic Milk, Whole Cow Milk, Raw Milk, Buffalo Milk, Goat Milk, Camel Milk & much more, a handful of choices for every consumer.

Since FTH Daily is a subscription-based application that serves across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, you get many benefits such as daily exciting offers to cut down your grocery expenses, create your own milk delivery schedule, etc.

It is one of the best milk delivery apps in Bangalore as well as in India with over 7 lakhs customers using it on a daily basis.

App Download Link: Android / iOS

4. Bbdaily

bbdaily Online Milk Delivery App

When it comes to milk or daily essential delivery service, Bbdaily is a very popular and trusted name by a huge grocery delivery platform BigBasket.

Hari Menon, a founder of Bbdaily, started up this large network in 2011 to provide fresh and organic products directly from the farm. This app operates in 10 key Indian cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida & Pune.

With an affordable subscription service, it offers 5000+ products like fresh milk, dairy products, bakery, vegetables, fruits, staples, fresh fish, meat and more, giving you the hassle-free experience of getting safe & fresh products at the comfort of your home.

Bbdaily claims that it delivers milk and other grocery items by 7 AM every day as long as you order before 10 PM the previous day. Also, it does not have any ‘minimum order’ restrictions, so you can even order one or two items at a time, which makes this app so convenient.

Another useful feature of this app is that there’s a built-in wallet where you can add money and use it to deduct it against milk subscriptions. Besides it, this app lets you monitor all your transaction history as well as check your older subscriptions.

App Download Link: Android / iOS

5. Milkbasket

Milkbasket Milk Delivery App

Milkbasket is a Haryana-based micro-delivery app that aims to fulfill daily dairy essentials & household needs of the consumer and ease the morning hustle.

It specializes in milk and has over 40 varieties of milk such as fresh, tetra pack, cow, buffalo, organic, etc – from more than 10 highly trusted brands- Amul, Mother Dairy, Nestle, etc.

In addition to fresh milk, this app supplies everything including bread, eggs, fruits, vegetables, yogurts and other grocery items. This huge online grocery delivery app provides services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad.

No minimum purchase, no questions on return, discounts on everyday items, no delivery charges, no payment check-outs, no OTP, CVV hassle at every order, option to set recurring orders are some of the reasons why over 50,000 families trust this app for their everyday needs.

In case you are busy and forgot to do grocery shopping, you don’t have to worry, now you can add your order in the basket anytime till midnight and your fresh groceries will be at your doorstep the next morning. Furthermore, it also offers you the advantage to keep a track of your monthly grocery expenses.

App Download Link: Android / iOS


E-commerce is booming and is projected to grow even in the future with an increasing number of people relying on mobile apps and the convenience it provides.

The online milk delivery apps are one such as it looks very promising and can be applied to a large population. These apps provide delivery of fresh milk and daily essentials at your doorstep which makes things easier.

The best part of such apps is that they give you complete control over your purchases and management. The process becomes even more systematized with proper tracking and details of orders.

Hence day-by-day more people are shifting to these services to manage their daily needs. If you were also searching for these kinds of apps then we hope that you find this article helpful. All the apps mentioned above have a user-friendly interface that anyone can easily operate and use.

If you still have any doubts about the best milk delivery apps, you can leave your questions in the comment section and we will try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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