8 Best Logo Design Software For Your Business In 2024

A logo is the heart of any business as it plays a very vital role in building a unique identity for your business and grabbing the attention of people. It helps in creating a visual and minimalistic encapsulation of your brand’s mission and values.

Therefore the logo of the company should be of the right design. For this, you need the best logo design software. Logo design software is a program that helps entrepreneurs and designers to create logo designs with a beautiful amalgamation of shapes, letters and colors.

A quality logo design software must allow responsive logos, meaning the logos can be easily customized or modified for different creative materials and marketing channels according to the brand’s evolution and requirement. There is plenty of logo design software present over the internet.

But finding the best one among them can be a difficult task. Hence in this article, we are going to list down the top 7 logo designing software using which you can create striking logos effortlessly.

Best Logo Design Software For Making Professional logo online in 2024.

Let’s check out the list below:

1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator

Launched in 1987, Adobe Illustrator is a productive vector graphics editor and design program developed by Adobe Inc.

Offering a variety of templates and vector logo objects, it allows the users to create drawings, add or modify colors, and much more. The ability to import the scanned image is one of its powerful features.

Illustrator gives the users access to over 20,000 font types starting from fun to professional making it easy to control every aspect of logo designing. The special option like Puppet Wrap allows for quick modification of the logo and whereas the SVG OpenType fonts let you include a beautiful range of colors.

Since it is a vector-based application the drawing won’t be pixelated when enlarged, which means the users can scale their logo to any size. With all these amazing features you can create brilliant logos, drawings, and icons of your choice in no time.

In terms of the subscription plan, Adobe Illustrator can be purchased for a price of $20.99 per month. Also, it comes with a 7-day free trial with access to up to 10 images.

Download Link: Adobe illustrator

2. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW Logo

CoreIDRAW is another vector graphics editor introduced by Corel Corporation. Its latest version is marketed as CorelDraw Graphics Suite and was released for Windows and macOS in 2022. This application was designed with a view to providing facilities for editing two-dimensional images such as logos and posters.

What makes this platform different from the other competitors is its Live Sketch Tool, which lets the freehand sketches transform into precise graphics without the hassle of scanning and tracing. With the help of this powerful and feature-rich designer software, you can turn basic lines and shapes into complex works of art.

The CorelDRAW has a user-friendly interface so no matter, whether you are a beginner or a professional logo designer, you can create your logo designing process a breeze.

Furthermore, the integrated LiveSketch tool is also there to make hand-sketching even easier via a pen-enabled device. So if you are someone who loves drawing with a pen and paper then you can check out this software.

Download Link: CorelDRAW

3. Designhill

Designhill Logo

As the name suggests Designhill.com is the world’s No. 1 creative online design marketplace that caters to the needs of business owners by helping them to source high-quality custom designs at affordable prices.

The company started its journey in 2014 and now it has grown into a global marketplace for different entrepreneurs and individuals.

Designhill is a combination of a crowdsourcing custom design marketplace and a creative platform especially developed for designers to let them showcase their talent in designing and create their own logo resonating with their brand essence.

The best thing is using their DIY tool you can easily create your own logos without any charges, so you don’t have to worry about a hefty budget.

Even if you are a beginner and don’t have much idea about designing then also you can create your logo with the AI-powered logo creator tool.

Apart from that this platform will also help you to reflect the core values of your brand and grab the attention of your target audience.

Download Link: Designhill

4. Hatchful

Hatchful Logo

Ending up with the right logo to represent your digital business is a challenging task, but now it’s very easy with Hatchful, a free logo design tool made by the leading e-commerce platform Shopify.

This is an excellent logo maker tool specially built for entrepreneurs on the go. To access this platform you don’t need to do a master’s in designing, you can create your own unique brand from scratch without any hassle. Hatchful boasts hundreds of icons, fonts, templates and color combinations.

What you have to do is just enter the type of business you run, select the creative style, business name, and social media, business cards, or merchandise where the logo will be used, then with the help of the website’s AI it will create hundreds of logo variations in the chosen style, from there you can customize the icons, colors or fonts of your choice.

Where the other “free” logo makers charge to download a high-quality logo, Hatchful lets the users download their logo absolutely free.

Download Link: Hatchful

5. Canva

Canva Logo

Canva is a web-based Australian graphic design platform that can be used to create presentations, social media graphics, posters, documents and other visual content. This drag-and-drop graphic design tool was created in 2013 by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams.

And today it has more than 750,000 users. Although Canva is a free platform that everyone can access, in order to use its additional functionalities you can take paid subscription offers such as Canva Pro.

Also, users can pay for physical products to be printed and shipped. On their website, you can find millions of free & premium icons, illustrations, and images to choose from. Besides, you can also personalize the colors, shapes, and symbols as well.

And once you are done with your logo or design, you can share or download your finished logo as a PNG file, which is absolutely free.

So if you’re new to design, Canva can be your perfect companion with its easy-to-use and handy pop-up instructions.

Download Link: Canva

6. Designevo

DesignEvo online logo maker

DesignEvo is another great logo creation tool that provides you with many built-in logo templates to make your logo in a few minutes.

It has user-friendly and straightforward tools that empower small businesses, startups and business owners to create unique and awesome logos.

With this logo creation tool, you can easily create a logo by customizing the background color, icons, text and shape of the template.

The software also provides you an option to preview your logo on your marketing materials and website to check how it looks before finalizing the logo creation.

This tool is free to use and it also has a very affordable paid plan for people who would like to access the premium features.

Download Link: Designevo

7. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

Developed by Serif, Affinity Designer is a vector editor for macOS, iPadOS, and Microsoft Windows boasting many advanced features that are increasingly used in the design industry.

Released 7 years ago in 2014, it runs super-fast on the latest hardware, whereas the most recent update (V1.10) has made it even faster.

If we talk about the list of best cross-functional design software, Affinity stands out in both quality and customizability aspects, as it has a practical and user-friendly interface that functions smoothly.

This award-winning software is a perfect option when it comes to logo design, icons, mock-ups, UI design, and artwork. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and iPad devices the Affinity Designer is one of the most convenient applications to use on the go.

To check whether it suits you or not, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial and give it a try. And if you want to learn how to create a logo you can also take the help of the Affinity Designer logo tutorial.

Download Link: Affinity Designer

8. Inkscape

Inkscape Logo

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor which is used to create vector images, primarily in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format.

It was launched in 2003 as a code fork of the Sodipodi project. The integrated tools allow manipulating primitive vector shapes such as rectangles, arcs, ellipses as well as complex objects like 3D boxes with adjustable perspectives, polygons, stars and spirals.

It can also import and export various file formats, including AI, PDF, EPS, PSD, and PNG files, making it extremely convenient for the designers sitting across several design platforms.

The Inkscape offers a pen tool with the help of which you can draw straight lines & curves, create designs, etc. Using this versatile tool you can customize and subtle your detail work with zero knowledge on designing.

So no matter if you’re amateur hunting to get started on designing a logo you can easily use it. This web-based software is fully compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Download Link: Inkspace


Creating a perfect Logo design can be a tricky thing to get. Hence throughout the process, you need to keep many important components in mind so that you can design the most suitable logo for your company.

Here we have tried to gather the best feasible solutions for professionals as well as beginners. All the Logo maker software mentioned above is very simple to use and will give you a complete professional logo in a fraction of a minute.

Many of them are paid software, while some of them are also free so you can use them however you like. Hope you find this article informative.

If you still have any queries regarding this topic you can write to us in the comment section. And do let us know if we have missed any good logo designing software.

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