What Is Kindle Cloud Reader And How To Use It – 2022

Kindle Cloud Reader is a web app for online ebooks reading and library management. This makes it possible for people to read Amazon Kindle ebooks without a Kindle device or the official Kindle mobile app.

Kindle Cloud Reader is primarily for people who don’t have a Kindle device or don’t want to install any extra software to read ebooks.

Anyone who has an Amazon account can access and read ebooks purchased on Amazon.

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Is Kindle Cloud Reader free?

Yes, Kindle Cloud Reader is a free web app that you can access by visiting the URLread.amazon.com, You need to have an Amazon account to access it.

However, you have to buy books from Amazon in order to read them as it doesn’t allow any books and files downloaded from third-party websites.

How do I get to my Kindle Cloud Reader?

Go to read.amazon.com to open Kindle Cloud Reader. You need to sign in with your Amazon account. Once you sign in, Kindle cloud reader will open in a web browser and you can see your kindle library on the main page.

Google chrome also provides an extension. You can install the Google Chrome extension and the extension icon will show up at the right top corner of your browser. You can now click on the icon to access the Kindle cloud reader instantly.

Kindle Cloud Reader is available globally, you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Can i import any external ebooks or documents in Kindle Cloud Reader?

When you open Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Read, you’ll only see the books purchased from the Amazon or Kindle Store. However, if you haven’t purchased any books before, Kindle Cloud Reader will be empty.

Kindle Cloud Reader doesn’t allow you to import any external ebooks, documents and files.

It could be one of the major disadvantages of Kindle Cloud Reader.

What is Kindle Cloud Reader

What are the features of Kindle Cloud Reader?

Kindle provides a convenient and easy way for free to read ebooks online through its amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader. Along with this, It also has some features that you should be aware of. Here are some features of the Kindle Cloud Reader.

1. Offline Reading Mode:

You can read books without any interruption even your PC is not connected to the internet. The offline reading feature is helpful if you’re traveling or in a location with no internet connection.

You need to enable offline reading mode in order to read it without the internet. It can store up to 50 MB of data. You can also remove or delete the books if you want to manage space.

2. Better Reading Experience:

It provides a seamless book reading experience with a clean and user-friendly user interface. You feel like you’re reading a physical book.

You can also customize your reading experience as it provides a few options for you to change. You can adjust the font size, margins, highlight text, bookmark, take notes, color mode and much more.

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3. Library Management:

Kindle Cloud Reader automatically stores the books you download from Amazon. It also displays the books you’ve read recently on the home page for easy access.

You can also organize your library according to your need. It supports three sorting options that are title, author and recent. You can also adjust the cover size of ebooks.

You get only 50 MB of space to store your ebooks on Kindle Cloud Reader, You can also remove some ebooks if you want to clear some space. However, removing ebooks will only delete ebooks from the Kindle Cloud Reader, you can easily download it again from the Cloud tab.

4. Synchronization:

Synchronization makes a seamless reading experience across your entire account and devices you use to read ebooks. In order to refresh or sync all your content such as ebooks, bookmarks and recent activities, you have to click on sync icon at the right top of the page.

5. Optimized viewing experience on iPad

Kindle Cloud Reader is designed in a way to provide an optimized user interface with the ability to perform an action through a touch screen. It gives a better reading experience and sometimes you might feel that you’re reading an ebook on a Kindle device.

There will be some UI differences in terms of navigation, menu and sidebar if you compare it with PC or desktop.

Is is possible to read ebook without internet?

Kindle Cloud Reader is a web-based version of Kindle. It lets you read your ebooks in any compatible web browser. It also allows you to keep reading even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Here is a quick link to visit Kindle Cloud Reader: read.amazon.com

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