Top 10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools (Free & Paid Tools)


Sendible is a powerful social media management tool for agencies that need to manage social media for multiple clients. You can either schedule posts across the different social media channels or integrate it with blogs and social sharing sites. You can even add it to Slack and make the communications process a whole lot easier.

Sendible can create an organized editor calendar for your blog. Moreover, it also reports brand mentions, which allows you to respond to people and know your social media presence.


Buffer is one of the most commonly used social media marketing tools for your business. It is an internet-based application whose main purpose is to manage social media content. It was one of the first social media marketing software to introduce the queue publishing system.

This queue publishing system allows the users to schedule the content in all the social media networks without having to post them every time individually. This application has the ability to connect with all the social media accounts and make it easier to create and schedule the post.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a SaaS software. Its main aim is to promote communication between the business and the people. You can consider the Sprout Social as your main go-to tool to fulfill all the social media engagement needs. You can use the Sprout Scheduling queue for automatically scheduling the posts for you. If you are running an online business, then you can use the Sprout Social very effectively for social media marketing, social customer services, social media analytics, and social media management.


Hootsuite has probably around the longest into the market. It has wide range of applications you need and some robust content features as well. For example, it has content curation, RSS integration, scheduling and organization

Hootsuite has an option for bulk scheduling, which allows you to upload several posts at a time. Moreover, it does not have the Auto Post feature that recycles the content for you. It has a cool feature that allows you to create social sweepstakes or content on social media. It also has RSS integration, just like the eClincher.

Zoho Social

For devising a powerful strategy, Zoho Social is one of the perfect social media management tools for marketing. Its primary aim is to provide social media management solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. It helps the firms to grow its online presence by reaching the right audience on social media. With its prediction engine, it allows sharing more relevant content to its audience. Zoho Social comes up with the interactive calendar that lets you to scheduled posts by using easy drag and drop functionality.

It provides the monitoring tool, which helps you to track when the customer reaches out to you so that your team will respond in a timely manner.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a great platform because it provides many features in one dashboard. Social Pilot has the basic scheduling features but does not have the Auto Post or Smart Queues. It does offer RSS integration and auto-publishing.


Edgar helps to schedule content sharing in a unique way. It does not add up all the content ina single queue. Moreover, it adds content in different categories, and then it adds a publishing time to each category. This helps you to target a certain niche at a set time.

This type of arrangement makes sure that you get the best out of each social media update. Beyond that, MeetEdgar automatically re-posts an update to make sure that it reaches a wide range of audiences and that no content goes unnoticed.


Socedo aims at leading generating with the help of a social media tool. It searches your target, engaged them by just a click. Socedo searches the expected users that suit your requirement, and then further accelerates them by a pre-designed workflow. This attracts the right prospects to your sales target. Socedo attracts prospects with the help of custom criteria for you. You can fine-tune your requirements and engage the workflow to make sure better-quality leads.


Feedly is a slightly different concept when it comes to social media marketing application on this entire list. it is a news aggregator software that is available as a SASS on the system and as an app on both the Android and iOS.

This cloud-based service lets you – the social media manager, rearrange, customize, and share news feeds from a wide range of verified online sources with other people.

Post Suite

Post Suite promises two things that generate the leads and creating campaigns within the seconds of opening the software. You do not need to be an SEO analyst to utilize this software. It is that much simple to use.

For the small business owners who do not have enough money to hire the social media teams or even enough time to sit down and read with the pages of social media analytics, this software provides with a simple fix.

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