How to Sell Art Online and Make Money from Home in 2022

It’s widely believed that the only way to support yourself as an artist is to sell your work to an art dealer in the pursuit of creating a good profit. Fortunately, the simplicity of conducting business has significantly enhanced due to the technology’s quick development.

In today’s global marketplaces, demand and supply from all over the world come together. It’s incredibly simple to start promoting your art, market it, and draw in clients worldwide. You can leave your day job and pursue art as a full-time profession.

The following advice can help you make money from home in 2022 by selling your artwork online.

#1: Build a Website and Create a Shop for Ecommerce

Creating a website is one way to show the world that you mean business. Finding the finest website builders for artists will simplify your work and make you appear more professional, resulting in more money flowing into your cash register.

Additionally, having a website for your company can improve your chances of being found online. However, you must ensure your website appears professional and represents your brand.

You can sell your creations there if you have a website or online art gallery and don’t want to use a third-party store. It’s vital to have your website or online portfolio whether you sell your work there or elsewhere.

Your website’s design should highlight your artistic sensibility and serve as a showcase for future clients and art collectors. It should be a digital reflection of your brand and showcase your best work.

#2: Start Utilizing Social Media

Art promotion is an essential component of selling your art, particularly online. Many outstanding painters are competing for attention in the art world. You’ll discover that promoting your work to a current audience is far simpler.

Sell Art Online and Make Money From Home

You’ll have a captive audience eager to buy if you are using social media to communicate and interact with individuals who are curious about your artistic ability and have already found your Instagram profile intriguing.

Tell the world more about the original works you’ve created or are creating by using blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or any other social media site with which you feel comfortable at the time. Give your viewers a glimpse of the artist that lies behind the work.

Discuss your art space, behind-the-scenes activities, or the sources of your inspiration. Their trust and faith in you and your business will grow.

#3: Think About Utilizing Several Online Platforms

Utilizing several internet platforms or art marketplaces is crucial when selling your paintings online. Before advertising your art on other platforms, it is recommended to concentrate your efforts on one site at first, make necessary corrections, and learn from your failures.

It’s a terrific approach to diversify your sources of income to sell your artwork on several online marketplaces. You might want to market everything from original artwork to posters, magnets, diaries, gift items, T-shirts, and cups. When choosing the things to sell your artwork, be careful not to skimp on the caliber of your creations. 

If you have experience using a certain media, you might even think about leading seminars or starting your online course. Additionally, you might attempt selling your artwork through online galleries, craft fairs, art markets, and online auctions.

Make sure to conduct your homework before making any decisions and only select renowned and reliable companies. You can sell your artwork this way and work from home while earning money.

#4: Learn How to Monetize Your Art Fairly

It is crucial to study the many approaches to selling your art while also being careful not to underprice or overprice it. Instead of choosing figures randomly if you’re a novice and have never sold your work before, you might find it helpful to start with an art pricing formula and make adjustments as you advance.

Several online programs can assist you in setting a price for your artwork; enter the size and style of your artwork into the tool to receive a price. It will be simpler for you and, in some manner, you will be able to work from home and make the money you deserve.

#5: Familiarize Yourself with Your Consumers and Their Needs

It’s crucial to comprehend your web audience and what they’re looking for when browsing online art. You must be aware of the target audience you’re attempting to draw and what precisely their needs are. Pay close attention when someone praises your job.

Observe your social media accounts as well. Which articles have received the most remarks, likes, and shares? Do you frequently get comments on the same pieces of art? These are signs that the artwork in question sells most effectively to its intended audience.


Let’s confront it, and it’s not simple to support oneself as an artist. Maintaining a consistent level of revenue month after month requires ongoing effort. However, producing the type of work you want is feasible and making a good living. You can sell straight to your supporters and reach out to new crowds of potential customers online.

By eliminating the mediator, you may sell your creations exclusively. Online art sales have a huge potential, and with cautious and planned Internet use, the opportunities are virtually endless.

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