Review of Domain availability check tool – Why is it useful

Today it is easy enough to create your own brand on the Internet with a domain. That is, instead of an IP-address (for example,, you just need to type in an easy-to-remember combination of characters assigned to the site. As a result, choosing the right domain name is the key to success. But some of them can be taken up. You just need to find a convenient search tool – a domain name checker. It will show you available names in order to quickly make sure that a particular domain is available for your project.

This domain search availability review will be helpful for those who can’t wait to find out if the required domain is free and what extensions can be used. More details are in this review. Go on reading!

About a Domain Name Checker: Reasons to Use It

Choosing a domain and registering it is the first thing the owner of any site faces when launching a new web project. Its name should most fully and capaciously reflect the essence of the business. Do you like several domains and would like to choose one of them for your website? Use a special tool – domain availability checker – to check names for availability and further use. A convenient search and verification system allows you to check domains, which will significantly save time and effort in the further steps of domain registration. With its help, you will receive data on the current availability status of the domain names of interest. 

Why do you need to use a name availability checker review?

  • Find out information about the availability of specific names;
  • Find new free TLDs or extensions for your own projects;
  • Find and register various extensions to protect your brand from cybersquatting, etc.

So, if the service shows that the address is already registered, you can find other options automatically generated for you, depending on registrars and zones.

Domain availability checker Tool Review

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How to Use It? – 3 Simple Steps

On the site, you can easily check the domain for availability. There are several hundred options to choose from – from well-known generic top-level (gTLDs) to various regional and country-specific (ccTLDs). Well, how get it?

  • Step #1. Enter the domain name you plan to register. This must be the exact URL you’re going to register, not only the keyword. Whatever you intend to register, please check its status before registering. Otherwise, the whole process may drag on for a long time before receiving confirmation that a certain site name can be registered and safely used.
  • Step #2. Look at the list of available options. In the case of unavailability, they can be replaced with other top-level domains. Due to the fact that many are trying to get the .com option for their sites, this option can often be taken. Accordingly, you are asked to choose a more narrowly targeted, for example, .biz, .org or .net. Remember that Google will not prioritize the .com. Accordingly, it will not affect your SEO or other marketing metrics in any way.
  • Step #3. Choose the option that suits you best and continue with the next steps. So, some names are available to you. It is, first of all, an identification mark of activity, regional representation, a powerful brand component of any organization. Combining all three is a good solution. At this stage, you need to decide on each of these aspects.

Not many people know what a simple action such as checking the availability of a domain in a special service plays an important role in the development of any online project. So, don’t waste time and check your potential or existing domain.

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