10 Best Headphone Brands In India – 2022

Music is something that immediately changes your mood and makes you feel refreshed & peaceful.

If you too are a music lover, then you must have a good pair of headphones that not only adds to your music-hearing experiences but also provides comfort to your ears.

You can use them for listening to music, watching movies, and while studying via audio lessons or audiobooks as well, So we can say that headphones are multipurpose.

Therefore, this article is all about top brands in India that manufacture the best quality headphones along with many amazing features.

We have prepared the list below along with the necessary details after evaluating various aspects like sound quality, noise cancellation, frequency and price.

So, Here is a list of the 10 best headphones brands that will help you out in buying the best headphones.

Best Headphone Brands of 2022

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1. JBL    

When it comes to headphones, JBL is leading the headphone industry. Their headphones are completely great as far as audio output is taken into consideration. It is one of the greatest headphone companies which was established in the year 1946.

The brand comes under Harman International industries. It is a traditional audio manufacturer that operates all over the world.

Compared with other brands their price is on a little higher side, but it is worth buying because it offers great sound quality which is better than any of the other headphones.

The brand has a place of its own in the headphone planet, and the design of the JBL headphones are made according to human body engineering so that you can wear them for a long time without any irritation.

2. SkullCandy

This is the latest entry in the field of headphones but has gained the trust of people just in a few years of quality service. SkullCandy is actually a US-based company that was founded by Rick Alden and co-founder Cris Williams in 2003.

It is the most prominent audio brand globally. The brand designs the headphones especially for teenagers who like funky designs with fancy colors on their headphones.

In general, Skullcandy is known for making headphones aimed at average consumers with good features. Their headphones offer you a decent clarity, unlimited music experience and separate you from surrounding noises.

Further, the headphones provide you the best fit and you can wear them while jogging, dancing, aerobics and more without any irritation. Overall Skullcandy headphones won’t disappoint your expectations.

3. Beats

If you want headphones that are stylish and fashionable then Beats is the one for you. Beats is a global company which is owned by the Apple Corporation. And all Beats headphones are products of Monster, which is essentially a marketing company.

They have been known for making very popular and fashionable, albeit overpriced, consumer products and tend to be well-known in social circles as the ‘cool’ type of headphones.

The brand produces extremely high sound and also their active noise cancellation technology is very impressive. This company owns the largest market shares of purchase and preferences in India.

Their headphones offer refined sound filters, quality and clarity in the sound. Their headphones are made in such a way that they will be comfortable for everyone. Beats tend to have over-emphasized bass and the overall sound signature is a bit muddy and non-authentic.

4. Sennheiser

Sennheiser, a German company is popular for its innovative design and best sound quality. The company was established in the year 1945 as laboratorium wennebostel by Dr. Fritz Sennheiser.

It is the oldest company but still the preferred brand in the country. Their headphones have loud yet clear sound and also come with active noise cancellation and reduction capacity.

They offer a lot of different types of headphones ranging from closed backs, which are your typical over-ear headphones, to open backs, which offer a much bigger soundscape and better listening experience.

This is one of the brands used by professional musicians and engineers of sound. Some of their best models are- HD 180, HD 201 Dynamic Stereo, HD 202 II, HD 205 II.

So, If you’re just looking for the best sound for the least amount of money, stop right here and go with them.

5. Philips

If you want to buy an excellent pair of open, over-ear headphones then you can go for Philips.

Philips is a Netherlands-based global company which is well-known for its production of a wide range of products especially lightings and outstanding headphones in the country.

They offer a variety of highly sensitive headphones which are very comfortable and lightweight for their size.

The company has many options for professional and casual listeners that deliver high-quality sound output with a  number of their budget versions that provide you much better than more expensive headphones from different brands.

SHP1900/97 wired headphones, SHP2000, SHP 9500 are some best seller products of Philips. So you may find what fits best for you.

6. Sony

When it comes to electronic appliances Sony is a leading house of production. The company was established in 1946 and its headquarter is located in Tokyo.

It is a top global name in the realm of digital products. If we specifically talk about Sony’s headphones and music system the company manufactures heavy bass stereo headphones with neodymium magnets.

Sony headphones have a classy appearance and also amazing quality. They span the range from cheap, semi-open, sports earbuds to really expensive over-ear headphones.

The Extra Bass lineup delivers a stronger low-end. But if you would like the best that Sony has to offer, you might shell out somewhat more than you would with other manufacturers, as their finest performing headphones frequently have a premium price tag.

The major models by the brand are MDR-HW700, Sony MDR XB-450 and the MDR- AS200 series, etc.

7. Bose

Bose is a brand that builds a market on premium lifestyle consumers, focusing on design and materials. Their headphones offer many amazing features but the main one of these features is noise cancellation.

In general, Bose headphones tend to have very low amounts of leakage as well as an ability to block out sound around you so that you can really focus on the music that you are listening to.

This feature can be great for isolating you a bit from the chaos of your environment. When it comes to the price, it tends to be a little on the high side, but the audio engineering seems to be somewhat is very impressive, detailed and balanced compared to other audio brands.

Sound true, SoundLink, QuietComfort 25, Special edition triple black QuietComfort 25 are famous variants offered by the brand for different user bases.

8. Boat

Boat is an Indian-based consumer electronics company that was established in 2015. It is one of the best headphone brands offering great quality at a price you can pay.

The 6 years old company, makes a wide range of consumer durable audio products, including, earphones, headphones, stereos, etc. The Boat headphones deliver superb sound quality that will surely live everyone beyond expectation.

It is really admirable for its distinct and HD clear sound which gives a great music listening experience. When it comes to build quality, boat headphones are very light and compact.

They have an attractive design which makes them unique and ensures their durability as well. Also, the headphones are available in multiple colors, so you can buy one of your choices.

Hence we can say that Boat is a brand that you can blindly trust when it comes to headphones.

9. Noise

On No. 9 we have placed the most trendy brand, Noise. Noise is an American music management company based in Austin. The company is popular for making the latest technology accessories that too at a very affordable price.

Noise has started the journey in the year 2007 as a smartphone producer but later the company expanded and now the company diversified into smart wearables and wireless headphones, etc.

Their products are highly demanding especially among young Indian consumers. Noise headphones are the hottest accessory you can have, as the brand is one of the best-selling headphone brands in India.

In terms of design or look their headphones come with a great sense of style and they are of great comfort as well so you can wear that for a long, even while jogging or workout. Also, their headphones are very durable, so you are going to love Noise headphones.

10. PTron

The brand was established in 2014 by Ameen Khwaja. It is a company based in China that engineers and manufactures high-quality earphones and headphones.

If we talk about the build quality of their headphones, they are made of soft earmuffs that provide great comfort to your ears and overall they give a premium feel when you wear them.

Since PTron headphones have a snug fit, you can also use these for a workout with Bluetooth. Further, the headphones also come with a noise cancellation feature, which lets you enjoy your song without hearing any outside noises.

Ptron has a wide range of headphones that too at very affordable prices which means the consumer of any category can buy them. Overall the headphones under this brand have great physical controls with decent sound quality.


In Today’s article, we have talked about the Best headphone brands because in recent times the word “Brand” has become a very important aspect of everyone’s life.

Nowadays when anyone thinks of buying something the first thing or the first question that comes to their mind is what brand should I prefer. Whether you want to buy a headphone, refrigerator, clothes or anything, everyone wants a branded product.

So keeping it in mind we have prepared the list of top brands available in the Indian market which will surely help you in selecting the best budget headphones.

All the brands we have mentioned in our list are the best in their own way and their headphones are of top-notch sound quality which guarantees that you won’t waste your hard-earned money on some crappy cans.

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