6 Aspects that Contribute to Cost of Production in Australia

The video production industry in Australia is worth $2.6 billion this year and is growing at 11.3%. 6,763 businesses offer these services and employ 16,703 people. Videos are known to capture consumer attention better than text and skills, and it was found that videos get better engagement.

A promotional video is likely to be noticed within the first 10 seconds, and they are omnichannel, allowing you to post on multiple platforms at once.

Wondering what the cost of video production Australia is? You could shoot a video using a smartphone, but no matter how good the camera quality is, it cannot beat the professional service.

Cost Of Production In Australia

Therefore, hiring a videographer to create, shoot, and edit your promotional videos makes sense. The professional touch shows. These are the six aspects that contribute to the cost of production in the country.

Pre-Production Aspects

The magic happens even before you begin shooting. This stage gets creative as you pitch in your idea and play around with a concept. The scriptwriter will develop a storyboard and a script to go along with it.

Once you finalize the storyboard, then there is the aspect of casting and crew. The more experience and talent you want, the costlier it gets. Finally, you create a production release schedule.

Videographer and Equipment

This is the next highest cost of video production in Australia. Equipment does not come cheap, and using more than one camera or drone can increase your cost significantly. Also, the videographer you hire can make or break your promotional efforts.

The learning curve connected to using the equipment correctly is quite long, and therefore, hiring a videographer with a few years of experience under their belt is recommended.

Crew Cost

A crew can be a one-man-army or an army-of-men assisting in the various aspects of production. How much it costs depends on the quality of your production and the time you have on hand. Crew can cost about $25 per hour per person. You can do the math. You may need a larger team if you are using more than one camera or using drones and other complex equipment.

Location Costs

Shooting outdoors can be expensive as you may be required to get permits to transport the equipment and crew to the location. Renting a studio can be cheaper as it costs about $100 per hour and comes equipped with essential equipment. Most production houses have given up owning studios as it is cheaper to rent one.


Animation is quite popular when it comes to promotional videos. You can create a wide variety of animations, and the costs can range from $10 to $50 per hour. If you have some experience in energy, you can use web-based animation tools, many of which are free.


Post-production includes adding titles, credits, lower thirds, voice-overs, and subtitles. You can include music and sound effects to enhance the quality of your video. One thing to remember here is that people watch videos without sound. Therefore, your video should be compatible with no-sound viewing.

You can use web-based templates or hire an expert videographer to edit your videos. The cost of video production can change based on the quality of post-production services you pick. You may have to pay anywhere between $25 and $200.

With advances in technology, the cost of video production has come down dramatically. Above are the top six aspects that contribute to the cost of production. You will incur additional expenses, but these are the major ones.

Technology also allows you to pick the quality of service according to your budget. Simply hire a videographer and let them know what you need and how much you are willing to spend.

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