7 Best Intel Core i9 Laptops In India – 2022

Best Intel Core i9 Laptops In India

When it comes to high-end laptops, the Intel Core i9 beats most of the powerful processors available in the market. Because of its expanded multi-threading capacity and better power efficiency, it is considered an enthusiast-level workstation or best gaming laptop that can deliver an exciting gaming experience along with better processing capabilities and an advanced … Read more

9 Best Ryzen 5 Laptops Under 50,000 In India

Best Ryzen 5 Laptops Under 50000

When it comes to performance Ryzen 5 laptops are considered to be extremely powerful processors as they have higher TDPs. It features a higher basic clock speed that enhances normal usage and provides efficiency while streaming games, editing photos or videos. The Ryzen processors often come with 4-8 cores, which means they can handle games … Read more

10 Best Smartwatches In India – 2022

Best Smartwatches In India

Smartphones when launched took mankind to a new era of smartness, were doing the impossible just became an everyday tool. But now it’s not the same anymore. Now People want more than what smartphones can provide in a less and smaller yet fashionable way. And that’s when my friends, the Smartwatches were introduced. The small … Read more

Samsung M Series Phones In India – 2022

Samsung M Series Phones

When it comes to smartphones, India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world, and Samsung dominates India’s luxury smartphone market. Samsung, a South Korean company has always been one of the primary competitors for most of the popular brands in India. The company was founded by Lee Byung Chul in the year 1938 as … Read more