9 Best Child Tracking Apps Of 2022

Being a parent you want to give freedom and some privacy to your child but at the same time, you feel worried about their safety and security.

Especially in today’s modern world where every day you come across different types of bad news of children’s kidnapping and regarding harmful effects of the internet like cyberbullying and many more.

It is also because nowadays children don’t feel comfortable sharing everything with their parents regarding location, messages, social media activities, etc. But now it is easy to track your child’s location as well as their activities.

There are various kinds of location and phone tracker apps available on the internet with the help of which you can monitor your kid’s location & online activities and can make them aware of the risks associated with overexposure to the Internet at the right time and can ensure their safety.

Here’s the list of some best child tracking apps:

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1. mSpy

Parental Control App

mSpy is one of the popular parental control apps in the world that was launched by a London-based tech company in the year 2010. It was created not only to monitor mobile-related activities but you can also keep an eye on the computer of your child.

The app is highly secured and all the data are encrypted so that only you can access it. By installing this app on your child’s smartphone, you can impose restrictions on his calls and SMS, block unsuitable websites and applications, etc.

Besides it, you can also check the location history. The app is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac. Since the app runs in background mode and is invisible to the user, your kid never gets to know that you are spying on them.

But, you can access all these features only when you sign up for the monthly plan. In order to be more effective and inconspicuous, the app is regularly updated.

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2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch - Phone Tracking App

Hoverwatch is a wonderful child phone tracking app that works smoothly on Mac, Android and Windows devices. And its unique tracking style makes this app different from its competitors.

This is a simple yet very effective app that allows you to access dozens of features like cell phone and SMS tracking, call history and audio, camera, locations, social media monitoring- WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, Instagram and other internet activity from home via your registered account.

Especially if you are a working parent and can’t be able to give your child enough time then this app provides you an easy way to keep track of where your kids are at any given moment.

The app is also equipped with geolocation features, which means you can track your kid’s location with the help of GPS mobile tracker. But the thing is you should install the app in the correct way.

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3. uMobix

uMobix - Cell Phone Tracker For Modern Parents

uMobix app is a complete solution when it comes to ensuring your child’s safety. There are plenty of amazing features available in this app like providing you with important information regarding your child’s online and offline activities.

Also, monitoring multiple devices at once and browser history is some of the best functions of this app. In order to get the data or information of your child, you have to install Umobix on your his/her device just like any other spy or tracker app.

uMobix gives a broad spectrum of parental controls by allowing you to view your child’s activity, their call lists and set necessary restrictions on unsuitable apps and websites or contact lists.

In terms of performance, this app is highly effective and easy to use. But if you find any difficulty, uMobix offers a free trial so you can first go for the free trial and if you find this app user-friendly you can get a subscription.

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Best Child Tracking Apps

SPYERA, as the name itself, suggests it is an impressive spy tool or app designed to keep your child safe from strangers around them as well as online scams. It works on a stealth mode and gives the users advanced analytics about their children.

In terms of compatibility, the app works on Android, iOS Microsoft or MAC OS devices. With an easy and user-friendly interface, this app is a perfect solution to monitor your child.

This app provides you with complete access to your child’s smartphone, laptop or tablet and lets you keep an eye on their actions and interaction with different people so that you can make them aware at the right time.

Another reason why you should use this app is its keylogger feature that you didn’t find even in other similar apps. This feature lets you know what your child is typing on his/her device by detecting the password.

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5. ClevGuard

ClevGuard - Online Solution For Parental Control

ClevGuard is another well-designed surveillance app that helps or assists you in tracking or monitoring the activities of your child and keeping them safe.

Since its existence, the app has gone through many modifications & updates and after that, it has come up as a more effective and efficient app in terms of performance. It’s a handy app that can be used by parents with great ease without any hassle or confusion.

The app offers various kinds of features like the keylogger feature and accessing deleted messages or media files. You can also take screenshots of your kid’s device in real-time, this feature is helpful when you feel that your child is hiding something from you.

The app comes inbuilt with GPS or Wi-Fi location tracking technology that helps to track real-time locations. Using this app you check their social media accounts as well as their website visits.

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6. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor - Child Tracking App

Since technology is one of the highest temptations for children and teenagers you have to always keep an eye on your kid’s online activities and for this purpose iKeyMonitor is an ideal option.

It’s a multi-purpose app with parental control capabilities and real-time location tracking. The apps offer a wide range of functions like real-time location tracking & geofencing, call recording, email alerts about suspicious activity and many other advanced features.

Since the app has the ability to monitor and record the various activities performed by your kid on the phone, iKeyMonitor gives you every single information regarding browsing history, passwords, email content, calendar data, and contacts that your child does whether it’s offline or online.

iKeyMonitor also offers some exclusive features like blocking certain apps or games and setting several limitations.

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7. Spyier

Spyier - Best Spying App

When it comes to best tracking or spy apps Spyier is one of the top-rated apps that run most of the modern on Android devices and iPhones. Due to its effectiveness, the app is highly popular and is used by over a million people across the world.

It offers plenty of features including social media tracker, message reader, location tracker, web browser history, contacts book access, media files download, SIM card info, calendar events viewer and many more.

Its web-based interface uploads the data to an online private account periodically and lets you access it from your smartphone or PC browser. In terms of security, this app is 100% safe which makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

The best thing about this app is that it works on stealth mode, so your child will not be able to know that you are hacking and spying on them through their phone.

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8. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY - Monitor Cell Phone

FlexiSPY is a solid parental control app that comes with multiple monitoring features for Android and iOS users to watch their kid’s behavior from all aspects.

This well-programmed app provides advanced level services and has everything that you expect from any monitoring system starting from reading email, SMS, accessing social media messages, tracking locations and even you can record conversations by turning on the microphones too without the knowledge of your child.

FlexiSPY is available in two versions – The premium version and the Extreme one. The premium version is equipped with the basic features that you may find in any other tracking app excluding call interception and call recording.

While the Extreme version offers every feature that is not included in the premium one such as record calls, send fake text messages, take screenshots, etc.

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9. FamiSafe

FamiSafe - Best Parental Control App

FamiSafe is a parental control app with many amazing features like location tracking, cyberbullying prevention, app blocking, web filtering and screen time control.

It is a  reliable app which is designed for parents to monitor their child’s activities and protect them from harmful threats. Using this app, kids can share their real-time location with parents on iPhone devices.

Apart from tracking their location history you can also supervise the online activities of your kid and can block the inappropriate contents in order to protect them by app blocker and web filter.

In addition, it has smart schedule features that send you an activity report. It helps to form good digital habits in the child and limits the distractions during their studies. In terms of service, the app has its presence in more than 200 countries and provides affordable subscription plans to its users.

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You just went through some of the best parental control apps which are created to protect your child from any type of threats whether it’s physical or mental.

With the help of these apps you can give them their privacy but at the same time can ensure their safety by preventing them from viewing objectionable or unsuitable contents over the internet.

All these apps are very safe to use and also have a user-friendly interface which means you didn’t find any type of difficulty accessing its functions.

Apart from amazing features, these apps come with budget-friendly plans so that everyone can afford them. For your convenience, we have added the links of the apps, so if you want you can directly install the apps just by clicking those links.

If you still have any queries regarding the apps you can leave your questions in the comment section and we will try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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