9 Best Ceiling Fans In India – Latest 2022

Ceiling fans have now become a part of your home interior than just a fan. It is a versatile home appliance that boosts the air circulation inside your home or maybe in the office.

It’s a cost-effective alternative to an air conditioner and works better than a stand or wall-mounted fan. It distributes the air more evenly across the room allowing every corner to stay cool during those warm days or nights.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best ceiling fan then we can help you find it. In this article, we have reviewed the best ceiling fans available in the Indian market for their true quality.

We have come up with a shortlist based on their popularity, durability, quality and price so that it can help you become more familiar with the features of this rotating device.

Best Ceiling Fans In India – 2022

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1. Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells - Best Ceiling Fan


● Blade size: 1200 mm
● Metallic paint finish
● voltage: 220-240 V
● 2 years warranty
● Power: 72 watts

Havells Leganza is a cost-effective ceiling fan that appears to be greatly admirable by the customers in the market as it packs a handsome design with a versatile and efficient performance.

In terms of design, the fan has eye-catching trims on its body which makes it a decorative element rather than a simple appliance.

Also, it comes in two color variants- bronze and pearl white with a metallic finish which is always a good choice because regardless of your interior this unit is going to add a great sense of aesthetics to your entire home.

What makes this fan worth having is its HPLV motor that provides powerful performance and works even at low voltage. Moreover, it has 48 inches long blades that rotate at the speed of 350 RPM and deliver optimal cooling to a large room of 65 to 100 square feet.

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2. Usha Bloom Magnolia 78 Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Magnolia Ceiling Fan


● Material: Aluminium
● Wattage: 78 W
● 380 RPM
● Weight: 6.2 Kg
● dust resistant

Usha Bloom Magnolia would be a top option for everyone who is looking for a modern ceiling fan. So, when you have this ceiling fan installed it will enhance the look of your home because it’s three different colors makes it suitable with any decor.

It is a budget-friendly ceiling fan that is easy to install and capable enough to deliver effective cooling across your entire house.

In addition, this unit consists of 1250 mm scratch and dust resistant blades which have a moving capacity of 380 RPM to ensure that your home will get the best possible air circulation.

Another great thing about this fan is its ability to produce 235 cubic feet per minute. Also, it comes with 4-speed settings so that you can adjust it at your convenience. All these features make it a good option as it gives a great value for its cost.

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3. Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm with Remote Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Ceiling Fan


● Super energy efficient BLDC motor
● Downrod mount
● Material: Aluminium
● Color: Matte Brown
● Consume: 28 W

Atomberg Efficio is a stylish three-blade ceiling fan that looks really elegant. It comes in four different color editions like black, brown, white & ivory.

All these fans share the same functionalities so you can choose the one that suits you the best without worrying about anything. In terms of build quality, this fan is made of aluminum alloy which makes the fans & the blades rust-free.

Apart from this, you can also find a smart remote control of which you can take advantage and make adjustments in form of turning the fan on or off and adjust the speed, time.

It is incorporated with a BLDC motor that makes this fan energy efficient and delivers the best possible performance while preserving the energy expenditure up to Rs.1500 per year so your electricity bills would never be highly affected.

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4. Orient Electric Wendy 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Fan


● Size: 1200 mm
● Wattage: 70 W
● 320 RPM
● Color: Blue/ silver
● Weight: 5250 grams

Orient Electric Wendy is an indoor Ceiling Fan that is produced by a respectable company that has been on the market for over 68 years.

From a design perspective, this fan comes with a minimalistic design and available in four different dual-color combinations so you have the options to choose from, but each of them differs in price but looks exceptionally good.

Moving on, there are 4-speed settings of which you can take advantage of in order to customize the speed, so you won’t be restricted in terms of heat. This unit is equipped with a full copper motor that delivers superior performance and also ensures for the durability of the fan.

The blade span of this fan is 1200mm while its RPM is 320 which is quite good for the price. Besides it, the Orient Wendy ceiling fan has an extra-wide blade that provides you an exceptional cooling experience.

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5. Crompton Aura Prime Decorative Ceiling Fan

Crompton Ceiling Fan


● Size: 1200 mm
● Anti-dust technology
● 380 RPM
● Power: 74 W
● Weight: 5280 grams

Crompton Aura Prime is a premium 42-inch ceiling fan that comes in a modern appealing design with a tint of metallic shine fuse and enhances the ambiance of your home.

It is adorned with three dynamically balanced blades which provide an airflow efficiency of 230 cubic feet per minute and make it a must-have fan. While the unique 2-piece design of the fan ensures its stability and silent operation.

In addition, it has a 100% copper winding motor and all of the three blades are made of the anti-rust aluminum body so even if you have been using the fan for a longer period of time you would never recognize a decrease in the quality.

Overall the Crompton Aura prime decorative ceiling fan is a top option so give it a try and assure yourself of its capabilities.

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6. Luminous 1200MM New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan

Luminous Ceiling Fan


● Size: 1200 mm
● Material: Aluminium
● Wattage: 75 watts
● Weight: 10.4 Kg
● Color: Ale brown

Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan has a modern and sleek design with a mirror finish that can fit into any space and look like it belongs there. Although this fan is very affordable, it comes with a lot of amazing features too.

The unit’s construction gathers three-blade sweeps that make the fan capable of performing both indoor and outdoor. The Luminous new york Brooklyn ceiling fan comes with four-speed settings so that you can adjust the fan speed to your desired comfort level easily.

This fan has a flow rate of 230 CMM plus the fan’s played sweep is 1200mm. Apart from this, it is very easy to clean the fan as it has a dust-repellent coating.

To conclude the Luminous New York Brooklyn would be definitely the right choice if you want to invest in a quality fan that guarantees long years of operation.

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7. Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer Ceiling Fan


● Size: 1200 mm
● Double ball bearing
● Power: 72 watts
● 400 RPM
● Color: Brown

The Havells Pacer Ceiling Fan with the classy appeal will fit flawlessly in your home’s modern interior design while its clean finish creates a timeless look to your boring ceiling. As per the performance, this fan is superb and truly worth your money.

It is equipped with a whisper-silent double-sealed ball bearing motor for smooth, noise-free operation and also increases the shelf-life of the fan. Also, it can operate even on low voltages.

In addition, the fan is attached with three widely shaped blades which are designed to deliver an even distribution of air in every corner of the room.

According to the manufacturer, this model is recommended for rooms that range between 65-100square feet in size. Moreover, it comes with twin canopies which makes it easy to mount the fan on the ceiling.

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8. Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Ceiling Fan


● Anti Delivery: 205 CMM
● Material: ABS
● Wattage: 56 watts
● 2 years warranty
● Weight: 4.62 Kg

The 8th product on our list is the Bajaj Frore ceiling fan. While ceiling fans vary in price, power and aesthetic, a budget version like the Bajaj Frore is a cost-effective way to increase circulation in any room.

It has an airflow of 205 CMM and 1200mm blades which makes it a perfect match for any large to medium-sized bedroom, living room and other space. The 5 inches down rod is accompanied by a high torque motor that provides extremely high performance.

In terms of build quality, this fan is equipped with Double ball bearing technology to ensure its durability. From a design perspective, it comes with a clean white finish while its casual and sophisticated look will complement any house decor.

Moreover, this unit is energy efficient as it functions on a low voltage of 56 watts, so it won’t consume much power.

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9. Candes Star 1200mm High-Speed Anti-dust Fan

Candes Ceiling Fans


● Size: 1200
● 3 years warranty
● 400 RPM
● Material: Copper
● Wattage: 68 watts

Finally, at number 9 we have a Candes Star Ceiling Fan. If you are looking for a fan that will get the job done without breaking the bank, then this is an excellent choice for you.

This 48-inch fan comes in three different colors- black, ivory and dry brown, to provide a modern look for your living room, bedroom, office or anywhere else you decide to install this fan.

For the long life of the fan, it is integrated with an anti-dust, non-corrosive high-grade aluminum motor that offers 400 rotations per minute, while its dynamically balanced blades deliver 238 cubic meters per minute.

The good thing is that this fan provides you the benefit of saving energy costs up to 30%. Hence, purchasing this unit gives you an opportunity to enjoy decent performance features, great quality and the modern aesthetic associated with this package.

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As you all know that the ceiling fan is a must-have home appliance for summer because it is popularly known as the best value for money when it comes to effective and cumulative usage for a long time.

Ceiling fans have been trending for a long and still have a larger preference than any other cooling device like standing fans, coolers and air conditioners due to their efficiency, low maintenance characteristics and acceptable pricing system.

They can be given a very good entitlement of being providently reliable during times of weather fluctuations like humidity and rain. Ceiling fans have also given its users a great level of satisfaction throughout the time.

But when it comes to buying a fan it becomes very difficult as there are many brands available in the market. And it is impractical to go to different stores and try all their available models.

So to help you out on your search we have prepared the above list so that you can choose the best ceiling fan as per your taste and requirement.

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