6 Effective Tips For Finding the Best WordPress Theme

Did you know that more than ten thousand WordPress themes are available for you to choose from? It might take years if you decide to check each one of them. Elementor being one among them, finding the best theme to use with Elementor shouldn’t be that difficult.

You can easily find the best one if you know what you are looking for and what you need to avoid. To help you in your mission, here are six practical tips for finding the best WordPress theme.

1. Determine your needs

Before you start your hunt for a suitable theme, sit down and think about your requirements. Your requirements play a crucial role in deciding which theme would be perfect. If you plan to build a website for an eCommerce business, themes specially made for eCommerce stores are a better choice.

Some of the popular eCommerce themes are Blocksy and Neve. They have all the necessary online store features like shopping cart, shipment tracking, and product reviews.

2. Make a list of required features

Once you determine your website needs, it’s time to make a list of all the required features. Rank all these features into categories based on their importance, list the highly essential ones, and segregate the optional ones.

You can try the theme demos to check the functionality of the features. Building an online fashion store must have an “add to cart” button, wishlist, inventory management, social media buttons, and similar essential features. This list will help you expedite your hunt for the best theme to use with Elementor without much hassle. 

3. Check for speed and responsiveness

Speed and responsiveness play a key role in user experience. You don’t want your visitors to be frustrated because of a slow page load and unresponsive website.

These two factors are also influential in the search engine rankings as web crawlers consider the page load time while ranking web pages. That’s why you should always confirm the speed and response of the theme.

4. Mind the color schemes

Colors are highly influential when it comes to online appearance and branding. Wrong colors might portray your brand in a poor light, while a good color scheme can be an asset in marketing your brand.

If you have a logo in place, it’s best to match the theme’s colors with the logo. If you wish to keep it neutral, you can experiment with different types of colors. Consider the significance of colors while choosing the color scheme.

5. Consider buying a premium theme

Free themes might do your work, but sometimes it’s good to spend some bucks on a premium theme. Free themes may not offer a higher level of customization or features, and you might need to pay for premium features. In such circumstances, it would make sense to purchase a premium theme instead.

6. Avoid a bloated theme

Do not apply the “more the merrier” concept while choosing a theme. It can be tempting to select a WordPress theme that has plenty of features. But it’s important to understand that the website speed is inversely proportional to the features.

It means the more functionality you add to your theme, your website will take more time to load. It’s always good to stick with only essential features.

These are 6 of the many practical tips for choosing the best WordPress theme. It’s best to take up a lean approach while selecting the theme’s features as it will affect your UI, UX, and website performance.

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