40 Instagram Marketing Facts Every Brand Should Know

The goal of today’s marketing is to establish a personal connection with the audience. It’s no news that Instagram is one of the best marketplaces to not only make such connections but also make sales. Instagram is creating possibilities for people to start businesses and make money at very little cost.

Instagram’s user base, business features, algorithms, and technological capabilities have all developed over the last decade or so. So, when you prepare your Instagram marketing strategy for 2022, make sure you’re up to date on everything on Instagram.

In this article, we will offer you steamy hot Instagram marketing facts. As a brand that is aiming for maximum growth, these facts will help you design a comprehensive approach to marketing.

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40 Instagram Marketing Facts Every Brand Should Know

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Fact 1: Instagram is a global social media platform

Instagram is available in many countries worldwide. Though not every country permits the app, it still has a wide reach that businesses can use to catch their target audience. 

Fact 2: Instagram is fast-growing

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Here’s a brief portrayal of how fast-growing Instagram is:

  • 2 months after the launch of Instagram, it had up to a million users. 
  • Fast forward to almost 2 years after launching, the platform could boast of 10 million users!
  • Now in 2022, 12 years after its inception, Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users.

No doubt, Instagram has a track record of explosive growth and more people are still signing up to join. For businesses, this means a wider customer base.

Fact 3: Instagram covers more users from a younger demographic

For businesses with a target audience comprising the younger generation, Instagram is a great option. The platform is a hotspot for Millenials and Gen Zs. According to Hootsuite, 61.6% of Instagram users are between 18 – 34 years old.

Fact 4: Instagram is a home for top brands

Instagram for brand
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With Instagram, you get the opportunity to see what top brands are doing. It allows you to look at these brands and learn from them. Over 65% of top international brands like Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Zara, Gucci, Starbucks, BMW etc use the platform. Explore top brands in your niche and grab all the inspiration you can.

Fact 5: Instagram is constantly evolving

Instagram started as merely a photo-sharing app but today, it’s way more than that. New features and updates are always emerging to open more doors for businesses. Instagram Reels, Shoppable posts and many others are valuable business additions to the app. Interestingly, more updates are on the way.

Fact 6: Instagram allows for easy branding

Building a saleable brand can be tedious for the offline marketer. However, Instagram has created a space where business owners can build a brand for almost nothing. With the right hashtags, content and marketing strategies, you can put a good look on your brand.

Fact 7: The best engagement rates are on Instagram

Instagram has the highest organic engagement rate at 1.16%. This is way higher than those of Facebook and Twitter which are at 0.27% and 0.07% respectively. High engagement rates can help you make conversions from leads.

Fact 8: The gender distribution on Instagram is almost equal

Instagram Online Statistics
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According to Statistica, 49.3% of all Instagram users are female while 50.7% are male.

Fact 9: Instagram is ideal for B2C marketing

If your brand is a business-to-consumer company, then Instagram is well suited for you. Your consumers can follow you, see your products and buy without hassles.

Fact 10: B2B businesses can also benefit from Instagram

Instagram For B2B Marketing
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Businesses can interact and collaborate and mutually benefit from their partnerships. Instagram allows for collaborations and paid partnerships between two or more business to help business growth.

Fact 11: Educational background is not an important demographics

This implies that Instagram is open to more people regardless of their educational background. So, If you buy Instagram followers, you’ll likely get people from different demographics.

Fact 12: Consumers can make direct purchases from Instagram 

With Instagram checkout, your consumers do not need to visit an external online store to buy your products.

Fact 13: More than 200 million users visit at least one business account every day.

Instagrammers are on the lookout for brands that can provide products and services to them. So many of them visit a ton of brand pages every day.

Fact 14: Hashtags are crucial to Instagram marketing

Instagram Hashtag Marketing
Image source: Instagram| @lolly.meredith

Make sure you create a branded hashtag for your business. Some of the best marketing hashtags on Instagram are: 

  • #marketing 
  • #digitalmarketing
  • #entrepreneur
  • #socialmediamarketing
  • #advertising
  • #smallbusiness
  • #marketingstrategy
  • #onlinemarketing.

Fact 15: The number of hashtags in a single post matters

Avoid cluttering your captions with too many hashtags so they don’t appear like spam. Only about 3-5 are advised.

Fact 16: Instagram ads are highly targeted

To help businesses reach the right people, Instagram ads have targeting options such as demographics, location, interests, behaviour, lookalike audiences etc.

Fact 17: Instagram ads are quite affordable 

On average cost-per-click, Instagram ads are between $0.70 – $1.00. The cost depends on your targeting choice.

Fact 18: Instagram ads can reach 849.3 million users.

Online Instagram Ads
Image source: Instagram| @shirt_ng

Sponsored posts or ads will help your brand gain awareness and make conversions.

Fact 19: Influencer marketing can give you positive outcomes

You can make more sales or increase your brand awareness by partnering with an Instagram influencer.

Fact 20: Content is the king even on Instagram 

Creating high-quality brand content will attract followers to your page. The Instagram Algorithm favours good content

Fact 21: The Explore tab is a goldmine

Many Instagrammers visit the explore page daily to discover new products. With your posts on the explore page, you stand a chance to gain more awareness.

Fact 22: You can make shoppable posts

Business On Instagram
Image source: Instagram| @yasminillanas

Instagram shoppable posts allow businesses to post products with product tags. It brings stores to feed for easy shopping.

Fact 23: Instagram stories can boost the shopping experience with AR filters

With AR filters consumers can virtually try on products before making purchases

Fact 24: 57% of millennials find fashion trends through Instagram content.

If fashion is your niche and millennials are your target audience, you are right on track with Instagram.

Fact 25: Using Geotags can boost your engagement

Tagging your location increases engagement rates by 79%

Fact 26: Short videos have the highest engagement rates on Instagram.

Make videos up to 30 minutes for high engagements.

Fact 27: Carousel ads are the best for brand awareness

Carousels allow you to post more information about your brand in a single post.

Fact 28: Instagram Reels allow you to make engaging content

The Instagram reel is one of the latest video additions. You get to make trendy videos for your audience.

Fact 29: There are best times to post on Instagram

You can study your account analytics and know when best to post according to the activity of your audience.

Fact 30: Users spend an average of 29 minutes daily on Instagram. 

Instagrammers below the age of 25 spends up to 32 minutes in the app.  Those above 25 years old spend up to 24 minutes.

Fact 31: Video posts make 2X more engagement than image posts. 

Videos also help showcase products in action.

Fact 32: You can schedule Instagram posts

You can schedule posts to publish when you are offline. It will increase your productivity and make your work stress free.

Fact 33: 500 million Instagrammers use Stories daily

Instagram Stories
Image source: Instagram| @victoriasscret

Post your products on your Instagram stories and engage with your audience.

Fact 34: You can create shoppable stories

With Instagram stories, you can also make shoppable stories and increase sales.

Fact 35: Gift card stickers are available

You can sell digital gift cards with sticker features on your feed or stories.

Fact 36: Highlights Help store Stories

Instagram Highlights will keep your stories for longer than 24 hours

Marketing Facts Of Instagram
Image source: Instagram| @zara

Fact 37: Instagram Aids Interaction

66% of Instagrammers say that Instagram aids their interaction with brands.

Fact 38: Instagram connects brands with customers

50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand after seeing a campaign for it on the platform

Fact 39: You can market your Instagram page across other platforms

There are features to help promote your brand on other social media sites. Additionally, you can market your blog on Instagram and vice-versa.

Fact 40: Instagram drives conversions

The ultimate goal of doing business is to make sales and increase income. Instagram is helping businesses achieve this goal and that is why there are over 200 million businesses on the platform.

Wrapping it all up

We are interested in seeing you start that business you’ve always wanted. And we’ve given you a comprehensive list of Instagram marketing facts so you’ll strategize appropriately as you begin.

These facts will be a guiding light to help you put together the best Instagram marketing strategy. Keep calm, apply these tips and build the brand of your dreams.

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