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If you’re an active gamer, then you’re no stranger to the dialog box “_.dll is missing” while you’re trying to run certain features on a new console.
A particularly annoying pop-up is vcruntime140_1.dll not found when you’re just merely operating your system without even touching the big gaming files.

The concept of a shared library system has been around since the early days of modern computing, it is the single most effective way to save on memory while having robust features that can effectively keep your system running quickly and smoothly.

Every OS and its Manufacturer has their own version of implementing it, and the way most of us are familiar with linked libraries is through Dynamic Link Libraries, which is what shared system files are called by Microsoft. It goes by the file extension of “.dll”.

How it works

The driver functions in your system that are required to execute basic background sysops are sometimes corrupt due to malware you accidentally downloaded, or sometimes even deleted alongside some files you assumed were junk. However, as sneaky and behind the scenes, as these files may seem, they are very essential for you to operate your Microsoft Windows PC.

The Operating System is quite literally built on thousands of these dynamic link library files that are absolutely essential to operate your computer.

Download The Files

The “vcruntime140_1.dll not found” is an issue that usually arises when you use software backed by Microsoft’s Visual Studio, that is if you have likely made any of the previously mentioned mistakes.


There are a number of fixes to this common issue that plagues us, the easiest of which is to simply

a) Download the necessary “vcruntime.dll” file

Make sure you download the version that is in accordance with your processor’s bit version (64 or 32) and place it in the applications registry along with other system x86 files.

b) Automatic fix

Download the concerned app that will check for missing essential .dll files and place them in the appropriate places saving us the trouble of finding the right location

c) Update system drivers

There is a large chance that the existing VC runtime file is simply outdated and needs to be updated, which is when you update the entire system’s drivers or download the automatic driver update application that does it for you.

d) Scan PC for malware

If your PC is infected with any malware, then a simple fix such as downloading the necessary files won’t be enough, it is important to get rid of the malware by scanning and searching for it first, before deleting it. Then, you can proceed to install the necessary files

e) System File Checker

An easy way to see whether your PC indeed has missing files is by using the file checker software, a 3rd party app that can be used to scan and inspect the directories and the libraries and see if there are any missing files and if yes, they can be replaced effectively.

Now that we’ve established these quick fixes that very irritatingly interrupt your flow of computing, let’s briefly touch upon viruses that are programmed to copy data/corrupt your dynamic link files, wherein the process is called DLL Hijacking, which has been a concern ever since Microsoft’s Windows OS became mainstream in the early 2000s.

There’s no easier way to prevent your files from being touched upon other than ensuring that you’ve your firewall up and running and adequate antivirus software installed.

A well-informed user must always be aware of the risks and rewards of their PC. Happy computing!

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