ClickFree Review The Best Parental Control App to Track My Child’s Phone Stealthily

As a parent, your child’s addiction to his/her phone could be very disturbing. It is often worrying because we are aware of the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of our children. We also know how the world is not full of nice people.

Children have succumbed to digital crimes and even online bullying. We hand over phones to our children in the form of a necessity to stay in touch but they soon rule our children’s life. That flimsy piece of the gadget has the potential of messing up your child’s life.

There has been a sudden influx of parental tracking app around the world. Parents have become more and more aware of how the internet is not a safe place for children. Further, you can’t guard your children all the time.

A lot of parents get bewildered by the variety of parental tracking apps they see online. Every app claims to be better than the other. But, is there a truly honest app that can provide you an unhindered purview of your child’s life without raising any suspicion?

Introduction to ClickFree

As a web-based application, ClickFree meets all the user requirements to allow you to hack into your child’s phone remotely. The remote access you can view their messages, iMessages, Whatsapp, Social media exchanges, email, GPS locations, and even their library of apps. 


You can do all this and more on ClickFree, and be aware of the absolute state of affairs of your child. Even if they are lying to you about someplace they were, you would know about it. This is an incredible piece of powerful spying you can do from anywhere. 

ClickFree better than other parental control apps

ClickFree is different and better than other popular parental control apps. It ensures utter and complete anonymity of conduct. Your child would never know that you know whom they are texting or where they are going.

parental tracking app

The web-based app does not ask its users to share any irrelevant information. In fact, even with the most basic details, you can be up and running with ClickFree. This is how mighty this platform is. 

You don’t require root or jailbreak through your child’s phone. There are minimum trails and downloads and you would not need to worry about getting caught at all. Even the employees of ClickFree cant access information at their will, let alone your child.  

How to Track your child’s phone Stealthily

If you’re wondering how tricky tracking your child’s phone could be from ClickFree, you would be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is. The requirements are minimal and in a matter of a few minutes, you can initiate a link between the app and your child’s phone.

ClickFree Track Children Phone

With a very straight forward process, you can be done. All you need to do is ensure that you do have the vital details that you would seek for registration and linkage. Again, as mentioned before, the requirements are extremely basic and simple. 

You do not need to be a technology expert to operate ClickFree. The interface is so friendly that you would feel very comfortable using it. Further, as parents on an escapade to spying on your child, the platform wouldn’t make you apprehensive at all.

Step 1: Registration

As a first step, you will need to open the web app and register yourself as a new user. You will register through your email ID. 

Step 2: Plan Purchase

Post registration, you would have to select the plan that suits you best. ClickFree has many plans that cater to varied requirements. There are premium monthly plans and family monthly plans that provide you economy of scale. 

Step 3: Setup

After you have chosen the plan of your choice and paid for it, you will receive the set up email for installation. The set up will be simple and self explanatory. You will have the installation completed on your system within no time. 

Step 4: Target Platform

After completing the installation, the app will seek the ‘Target platform’ from you. This means that you will have to state the kind of phone your child is using. If your child uses an iPhone, then select iOS. If your child uses an Android phone, then select Android

Step 5: Linkage

When you select iOS, you need to enter the iCloud credentials of your child’s iPhone. That is the only information that the app will seek from you. You don’t need to indulge in any rooting or jailbreaking and the process is as stealthily as it could be. 

When you select Android, you would need to download the ClickFree app on your child’s Android phone. Every application needs to abide by the Android rules and there is no direct access allowed under Android phone.

When you have downloaded the app, you can hide it at the same time. When on a hidden mode, your child cannot view the app. The app also vanishes from the library of apps. Actually, the app has been designed to weigh only 2 Mb.

This tactic allows the app to exist while showing no signs of its existence. Your child would never know of any such app on his/her phone and you can spy on their conduct and be a better parent.


The parental tracking app industry is seeing a lot of increased demand because parents know and understand the security of their children. Ensuring the safety of one’s children is not only a right but also the duty of a parent. 

So, if you do come across any untoward behaviour from your children or are suspicious about things they are or they are not telling you, know the truth. ClickFree meets all your criteria and expectations from a spy app.

There is a reason why ClickFree is a trusted name with parental control apps. The anonymity and integrity of the application make it extremely coveted. It has also ensured many parents who were able to save their children from a wrong step or decision.

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