9 Best Room Heater In India -2022

As the name suggests, a room heater is a simple appliance that keeps your room and homes warm, especially during winters when it gets really harsh in several parts of the country.

Extremely low temperatures in the surroundings can cause the body to enter into a state of shock, triggered by low breathing capacity, shivering, low blood circulation, or even heart attacks and death.

In order to keep bodily functions running smoothly, it is necessary to keep your surroundings warm. That’s why you need a room heater which works on the principle of heat radiation, where it warms the air in the room until it reaches a uniform temperature.

Therefore, today we bring you the 9 great quality room heaters for your home. Whether you need the best of the best or just the most affordable option. We have got just right for you.

Best Room Heaters In India

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1. Havells GHRFHAGW200 – Comforter Fan Room Heater

Havells - Best Room Heater


● Power consumed: 2000 W
● Overheat protection
● Color: Black, White
● Settings: 3

First on our list as best overall is the Havells Comforter Fan Room Heater. It’s a budget-friendly room heater that comes in an attractive yet sturdy white finished body with a power consumption of 2000watt.

This Havells room heater can bring warmth to approximately 150 square feet in a room. A convenient handle makes this unit exceptionally portable since you can place it anywhere you want. With a manually adjustable thermostat knob, you can take advantage and adjust the temperature according to your preferences.

Moreover, the manufacturer has implemented safety features as well including protection against overheating. Also, it’s exterior stays cool because of the non-heat coating even if this unit is operating.

So, we will definitely recommend this one if you are looking for a quality room heater without spending a lot of money.

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2. Bajaj BLOW HOT Fan Room Heater

Bajaj Fan Room Heater


● Power consumed: 2000 W
● Overheat protection
● Color: White
● Settings: 2

The Bajaj BLOW HOT is another portable room heater that combines a decent look, affordable price and consistent performance that’s strong enough to provide proper heating throughout the household.

This compact yet powerful heater is powered with 2000watt and can heat up a large room very easily with its fan-based heating technique. This Bajaj heater also has a safety feature of automatic thermal cut-off protection for overheating.

When it comes to performance, this room heater operates at three different modes including cool, warm and hot from 1000watts to 2000watts, so you can choose the one that feels the most suitable in specific situations.

And the best thing is it’s a noiseless operation which makes it extremely quiet and perfect for working spaces or when you are sleeping.

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3.  Usha HC 812T Fan Room Heater

Usha Fan Room Heater


● Power consumed: 2000 W
● Overheat protection
● Weight: 4 Kg
● Settings: 2

On number 3 we have Usha HC 812T room heater. This heater is equipped with variable heat settings so that you can adjust the temperature depending on what you want to achieve in a particular mode.

Besides temperature, you can also adjust its height according to your convenience. Whereas it’s carry handle is a great addition to this heater because you would be able to move it anywhere you want as well as a small LED indicator helps notify you whether this heater is turned on or off.

In terms of performance, this room heater comes with a twin-turbo design and side air inlet vents that heats the room quickly and efficiently. So as you see the Usha HC 812T is all about convenience.

To conclude this heater deserves its place in your household as it’s affordable and strong enough to boost your level of satisfaction as high as possible.

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4. Sansui SQH800 SQH800 Quartz Room Heater

Sansui Room Heater


● Power consumed: 800 W
● Tilting angle: 0 degree
● Weight: 2.1 Kg
● Material: Plastic, steel, ceramic

The Sansui SQH800 would be a good option for you especially if you are looking for a durable and innovative room heater. The dimensions of this heater are 33cm x 20cm x 39cm and it weighs around 2.1kg.

This compact heater comes with numerous useful features which means that your small to medium-sized rooms are going to be as warm as possible during the winter days.

With two power modes 400watt and 800watt you can control your comfort level through the adjustable thermostat. This ISI certified quartz room heater has in-built safety measures including a tip-over safety switch, cool to the touch exterior and mesh grills.

The carry handle makes this heater portable and great to take with you to a friend’s house or away on a trip to a cold place, as it’s very easy to carry due to its lightweight design and is perfect for long road trips.

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5. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater (White)

Orpat Fan Room Heater


● Power consumed: 2000 W
● Plug type: 15 A
● Weight: 1.1 Kg
● Material: Plastic, metal

Orpat is another trusted name among the electrical appliance manufacturers. The brand is known for its wide variety of everyday household electrical gadgets at affordable prices.

If we talk about this room heater is a very safe heater since it is equipped with safety mesh grills and a cool-to-touch exterior body. Performance-wise the Orpat OEH-1220 comes with two heat settings so that you can customize the temperature to suit your preferences.

On the other side, its maximum temperature of 2000watts is good enough to quickly and effectively heat a small or medium room with an approximate size of 250 square feet.

In conclusion, the Orpat OEH should be considered seriously as your next purchase as it’s cost-efficient and performs well enough to transform your household into a cozy environment during the cold temperatures.

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6. Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater (Steel)

Bajaj Radiant Room Heater


● Power consumed: 1000 W
● Voltage: 230 V
● Weight: 1.75 Kg
● Material: Plastic, steel

This is a top-quality radiant room heater by a reputed brand Bajaj one of the oldest companies. The heater operating at a maximum power of 1000 watts is ideal for harsh winters.

In terms of build quality, this Bajaj radiant room heater is made of a nickel-chrome plated mesh grid which ensures its hardness and also makes it corrosion-resistant.

While stainless steel corrugated reflecting surfaces, it heats the room evenly. And at the bottom, there is a flexible stand for strong support.

Take comfort in knowing that this room heater delivers enhanced safety features along with a cotton braided cord for overheating. And the best part is that it comes with a 2-year warranty in case of any inconvenience. So you can enjoy this winter with this Bajaj room heater.

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7. Nova ISI Mark NH 1235 Fan Room Heater

Nova Fan Room Heater


● Power consumed: 2000 W
● Overheat protection
● Auto revolving heater
● Modes: High, Eco

Our next pick is Nova NH 1235. It is incorporated with all the latest and improved technology for instant heating. From a design perspective, this compact and portable heater comes with a white finished body that will match your room’s decor without a doubt.

And since the company uses high-quality material to build this heater, it guarantees durability as well.

Besides it, the Nova NH 1235 is combined with two heat modes each of different voltage and cool blow function along with a variable thermostat that helps you to keep your preferred temperature throughout the day.

When it comes to safety measures, this room heaters featured auto safety cut-off and anti-freeze protection that provides safety especially if you have small kids. Overall this is an efficient little heater that will warm up your room in no time.

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8. OMEGA’S Quartz heater (800W) V2 Quartz Room Heater

OMEGAS Quartz Room Heater


● Power consumed: 800 W
● Overheat protection
● Material: Plastic
● Color: White

The OMEGA’S Quartz heater comes with a lightweight design that makes it easier to transport. The heater has an operating power of 800watt and a dual heating system that can deliver efficient heat into every part of your room.

With the thermostatic heat control knob, it lets you adjust the settings between 400watt to 800watt, to have more freedom when it comes to customizing it to your preferred temperature.

Coming to its performance aspect, This room heater warms the air around you by creating a mild current of heat and can effectively get rid of cold right away.

It works well with people who prefer something straight forward without those complex functions. Another great thing about OMEGA’S Quartz heater is that it comes with a 1-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about its durability.

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9. Orient Electric Areva FH20WP 2000/1000 Watts Fan Room Heater

Orient Electric Areva Fan Room Heater


● Power consumed: 2000 W
● 2300 RPM
● Weight: 1.2 Kg
● ABS plastic

Orient Electric Areva FH20WP is meant for spot heating. It’s a two-in-one heater and fan beautifully designed for safe use in your room. The heater has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use and is created to fit seamlessly in small to medium-sized spaces.

Measuring 25 x 11.8 x 24 cm, it’s a very handy product which can be mounted in both horizontal and vertical direction. Regarding safety, this room heater is approved by ISI which means it offers 5 levels of protection in order to ensure safety for your families with children and pets.

When it comes to its build quality, the Orient Electric Areva FH20WP comes with a minimalistic design and is made of an ABS body with metal mesh for better aesthetics. Additionally, this room heater comes with a 1-year warranty covering the body parts and the motor.

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You have just gone through this article and now you would have knowledge or idea about the room heaters especially if you are buying it for the first time.

As you already know that this article is all about the best room heaters available in the Indian market, we have tried to list out some top hand-picked models to help you in deciding which one is best suited for you.

All these room heaters belong to popular and reputed brands and use different mechanisms to heat your room. But in order to select the perfect one you have to invest some time so that you can save from a lot of hassle, money and time as well.

So, we hope that our article has helped you to some extent and now you will be able to find the best room heater according to your need and in your budget.

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