5 Best Milk Delivery Apps In Mumbai – 2022

No doubt the internet is flooded with various online delivery apps like Big Basket, Amazon Pantry, Flipkart, DMart, and many others for groceries and other essential items but choosing the right app for pure milk in a smart city like Mumbai is really a difficult task.

We all have been hearing about the benefits of milk since childhood, and also are aware of the fact that milk is one of the most essential parts of everyone’s daily routine. Be it children, old or young, everyone takes it in some form or the other according to their varied likings like for tea, coffee, milk-shake, fruit shake, beverages, etc.

Hence it is crucial to get assured about its purity before consuming it. Though in rural areas it is super easy to get pure milk dairy but in towns or cities, it is almost next to impossible to even think about milk in its purest form.

Apart from that, extreme situations like the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak, when people are afraid of stepping out, have made it even tougher.

Thus, keeping in mind all these factors and the importance of pure milk, we have curated some of the best milk delivery apps for Mumbaikars that not only ensures fast delivery of milk at your doorstep but also takes care of all the safety precautions so you can place orders using these apps without the fear of getting infected.

Best Milk Delivery apps In Mumbai

Let’s choose the best one.

1. Country Delight

Country Delight Milk Delivery App Mumbai

With 7 years of experience, Country Delight is a trustworthy Indian dairy & grocery delivery application that serves Mumbai along with different parts of the country including Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Noida, Jaipur, Chennai and Hyderabad.

The company was founded by Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal in 2015, aiming to bring back the basics of Milk.

The best part is they have cows & buffaloes in their backyard that give natural and fresh milk every day and therefore there is no chance for adulteration, that’s the reason it has become the favorite delivery app for milk in such a short span of time.

Country Delight with a bunch of Engineers and IIM Graduates has solved the challenges of millions of Indians by taking away the hassle of managing their milk requirements. Besides milk, it also offers a wide variety of dairy products such as paneer, ghee, bread, eggs and other daily essential items.

Using this extremely user-friendly app you can place an order before 10:00 pm and can get fresh pure milk and essential groceries the next morning between 5:00 am – 8:00 am that too without any delivery charges.

App Download Link: Android / iOS

2. Milkbasket

Milkbasket Online Milk App

Originated from Haryana, Milkbasket is a daily micro-delivery application that serves consumers’ housekeeping and shopping needs.

It was started in 2015 by Ashish and Anant to remove your morning hustle and deliver milk at a price that is even less than that of your local vendor. Here you have the option to choose from over 40 varieties of milk including fresh, tetra pack, cow, buffalo, organic, etc from more than 10 brands.

Apart from fresh milk, with this app, you can fulfill all your other requirements like fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, yogurts & groceries from an assortment of over 5,000 branded products without any hassle.

The most convenient aspect of the Milkbasket is that you can order even at midnight, which means if you forgot to do grocery shopping due to your busy schedule you don’t have to worry, as you can order the product late at night and you will get your fresh groceries the next morning at 7:00 a.m.

This prominent online grocery delivery application has its existence in many areas across the country such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad.

App Download Link: Android / iOS

3. Bbdaily

bbdaily Online Milk App

When it comes to 100% pure dairy products or daily essential delivery service, Bbdaily is a popular and reliable app offered by BigBasket. Trusted by over 1 million customers, Bbdaily lets the customers order different dairy products such as curd, mattha, butter, in addition to more than 5000 daily grocery items at your doorstep.

The concept was invented in 2011 by Hari Menon to provide organic products directly from the farm and the company successfully achieved the target by giving the customers a hassle-free shopping experience at the comfort of home.

With an affordable subscription service, you can access and take advantage of many useful features like a built-in wallet where you can add money and use it against milk subscriptions, monitor all your transaction history, and much more.

Apart from Mumbai, the app operates in many parts of Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Noida & Pune.

The company claims that you will get the delivery of your products by 7 AM every day as long as you order before 10 PM the previous day, which adds convenience to your shopping.

App Download Link: Android / iOS

4. Supr Daily

Supr Daily Milk App

Founded by Puneet Kumar and his fellow batchmate Shreyas Nagdawane, Supr Daily is a daily delivery service that has started its journey in the year 2015.

This is a one-stop delivery app specializing in quality dairy products along with other organic essential items starting from vegetables, eggs, butter, fruits, biscuits, rice, cooking oil, spices to baby care products.

Backed by popular startups like Y-Combinator and Swiggy, Supr Daily has brought convenience to over 100 million Indians every day.

One of the best features of this application is that there’s no minimum order condition and no time barrier, so you can even place an order for one or two items at a time and as late as 11 pm.

Supr Daily also offers an insulated bag worth Rs 500, which you can get absolutely free on your monthly subscription. This bag helps in preventing the dairy items from spoiling.

With all its amazing features, extensive range of offers and pure dairy products, this app has become one of the trusted delivery apps. Currently, this service is available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai and Hyderabad.

App Download Link: Android / iOS

5. DailyNinja

DailyNinja Milk Delivery App

Like BBDaily, DailyNinja is India’s largest early morning milk and grocery delivery service introduced in 2015 by Sagar Yarnalkar with a view to make India’s morning routine seamless by providing everything in the morning.

This Bengaluru-based hyperlocal delivery platform provides an uninterrupted app experience to users and boasts over 2,000 milkman partners. Compatible with Android and iPhone, this is an extremely easy and user-friendly application that allows customers to manage their orders.

Besides milk, on a DailyNinja you can subscribe for bread, eggs, fruits, veggies and much more and acquire your daily needs at the best affordable rates. Through this app you can also select the time of delivery as per your convenience and their team will deliver your product at your doorstep.

Additionally, it comes with an advanced calendar mapping which helps you to track all your subscriptions and tweak the orders.

There is even a built-in wallet to add money via credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc. and use it to pay towards existing or new subscriptions. Currently, it caters to more than 110,000 customers daily.

App Download Link: Android

FAQs: Best Milk Delivery Apps In Mumbai

1. Which App Is Best For Milk Delivery?

Country Delight and Milkbasket are one of the leading milk delivery apps. These apps are free to download from Play Store.

2. Which App Delivers Amul Milk?

Milkbasket and bbdaily are the best apps for ordering Amul milk and other Amul dairy products online.

3. What Is Milkbasket App?

Milkbasket is a milk delivery app. It also delivers bread, eggs, juices, butter and other dairy products every morning, right at your doorstep.

4. How To Order Milk Online In Mumbai?

Download Country Delight or any other milk delivery apps listed above to order milk online in Mumbai. The good thing about these apps is you get fresh milk every morning before 7 AM.


In today’s world of technological advancement and busy lifestyles, e-commerce is booming, as more and more people are relying on mobile apps to manage their daily needs.

That’s the reason they need for such applications is increasing day by day, especially in metro cities.

So if you are one of those who are looking for an app from where you can get 100% pure milk and fresh farm organic products, then you can consider these popular apps.

All the apps mentioned above have a user-friendly interface and are extremely easy to use so everyone can operate them.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you still have any queries you can ask them in the comment section.

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