9 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity In 2023

With the evolution of mechanization and constant disruption in the field of technological offerings, now it is very easy to maintain day-to-day operations.

Whether you’re a full-time employee, a student, a freelancer or own a small business who wants to manage your all-day tasks, Chrome extension is the best way to increase your productivity level.

The extension not only helps to customize the browsing experience but also enables the users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual requirements or preferences.

Today there are more than 1,00,000 Chrome extensions available over the internet, but choosing the best one among a lot of options is a time-consuming process.

Therefore in order to help you save effort, we have compiled a collection of the top 9 best Google Chrome extensions that will give you the most satisfying experience and make your day more efficient.

Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity And Achieve More In 2023

Let’s explore the list below.

1. Todoist

Todoist for More Productivity

Todoist is a very simple yet efficient task management platform introduced by Doist Inc that lets you track all your projects as well as manage the tasks by organizing and delegating directly from Chrome.

You can utilize this software in many ways like creating sub-groups or sub-projects, micromanaging your daily workload, color-code your projects, and much more without worrying about missing deadlines.

The highlight of this platform is that even if you are battling with a huge number of emails daily you can integrate Todoist into your work or personal account and label them as “tasks” or “comments” in order to centralize your workspace.

Besides, you can also set up reminders, add due dates, and build productive habits with the help of Todoist’s recurring-date option.

This application works on the Mac App Store and comes in both free, premium and business options.

2. Momentum

Momentum Chrome Extensions For Productivity

Designed to give a moment of calm with being productive, Momentum is a productive application to schedule your tasks so that you can eliminate distractions and beat procrastination.

Apart from managing the tasks, this app also takes care of your mood, as it allows you to set beautiful landscape photos, uplifting quotes and encouraging mantras making you feel refreshed each day.

Using the Todo manager you can track, add and complete all the tasks that come up during your day. Add your favorite and most visited websites to the Links section at the top left corner of Momentum for quick and easy access to your favorite websites.

Balance mode is one of its useful features that provide you with a visual reminder of when you should focus on important areas of your life and when it’s time to rest, which is great to track your to-do list.

3. Forest: Stay focused, be present

Forest Chrome Extension For Productivity

Developed by Shao Kahn Pi, Forest is a popular productivity application that was released 6 years back in 2016.

With the help of this unique prolificity app, you can set aside blocks of time and do all your important work on your to-do list without giving in to your procrastination impulses.

It has multiple focus modes like timer mode and stopwatch mode that make you more focused and give you a more flexible way to manage your time. Whereas the planting reminder takes care of your phone addiction habit by reminding you to put your phone down.

Available as a browser extension on the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons, Forest can be easily accessed across all your iOS, iPad and Android devices without any hassle. So try this application today and increase your productivity in a fun way.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome Extension For Writing

Grammarly is a cloud-based web application that came into existence in the year 2009 by Ukrainians Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider.

This application makes use of artificial intelligence to identify and search grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, engagement, and an appropriate replacement for the error it locates.

It works as an important accessory and is loved by all the students, teachers, reporters, as well as office workers, as it can outstandingly cut your typing time and elevate your overall writing performance.

It takes the spell check function to another level, no matter what kind of program you are in, it can correct your emails, social media posts, and any other content within your Chrome browser.

In addition, there is a “Plagiarism” section which helps to cross-reference your text with thousands of other web pages in order to find the identical phrases or sentences.

5. Wordtune – AI-powered Writing Companion

Wordtune Chrome Extension For Better Writing

Powered by deep AI technology, Wordtune is an advanced Google Chrome extension that understands what the users are trying to say and suggests different ways to make the writing more clear and more authentic.

Built by AI21 Labs, this application was founded in 2018 by AI luminaries to revolutionize the procedure we read and write. It uses machine learning technologies to help businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and other professionals to rephrase their sentences and improve the overall written communication.

With Wordtune, you can translate and rewrite your content simultaneously as well as receive rephrasing suggestions in English, which is a useful feature for non-native English speakers.

In order to offer their users a better experience, save your precious time and make you focus on what matters, WordTune is constantly working on its updates and improvements.

6. Loom – Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture

Loom Chrome Extension For Screen Capture

Trusted by over 14 million people across 200,000 companies, Loom is a highly efficient video messaging tool that acts as the easiest and fastest way to record the content on the go and get your message across through instantly shareable videos.

Starting from Atlassian, and HubSpot to Netflix, Loom is the screen recording tool of choice for most of the top companies.

With Loom it’s very easy to record your microphone, camera & desktop at the same time and collaborate with your team just with a single tap, which means now you don’t have to spend much time crafting the perfect email in-between meetings.

Besides, you can also add time-stamped comments as well as save videos you have recorded to your device.

This leading video communication platform is a perfect web browser extension that is especially designed for fast-moving and virtual teams who want to have a personal connection.

7. Workona Tab Manager

Workona Chrome Extension

Protected with enterprise-grade 256-bit AES encryption and Transport Layer Security (HTTPS), Workona Tab Manager is a great software that helps to securely store all your workspaces in the cloud so that your work is backed up and you can access it from anywhere you need without worrying about losing work.

It doesn’t end here, as the name suggests, Workona also allows you to manage the tabs, organize important projects, and bring together all of your work in the browser. Using this application you can group the related Chrome tabs into separate dashboards and comfortably switch from one to another.

The tab management system on this platform not only helps you to focus on the task at hand but also eliminates the need of closing and reopen tabs over again each day.

In addition, you can access Google Docs, Zoom Meetings and hundreds of other cloud resources, right from Workona.

8. LINER – Search Faster & Highlight Web/Youtube

LINER Chrome Extension For Highlights

Last but not least Liner is a free Google Chrome extension that manages, collects and shares your insights with just one single click on any platform.

Used by millions of people around the world, this makes your browsing experience easier and lets you find what you are looking for faster than ever.

Like you students highlight the point on the books, you can highlight it on any video, web page or PDF file and check out it any time you want.

With the help of this application, you can learn and find a wide range of reliable information that too at a much faster speed. On Liner every time you open a new tab you will get the personalized curation of articles and videos that can be turn off as per your choice.

Even you can highlight your favorite videos on YouTube that you want to remember.

9. Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker

Toggl Track For Productivity

Designed to make you understand how much your time is worth, Toggl Track is a simple yet very powerful time tracker application that allows you to track and manage your hours with just one click.

You can also integrate the Toggl Track with your calendar and add special events. With this application, you can get better focus and productivity, thanks to its built-in Pomodoro mode that automatically tracks your time in every 25-minute increments, with notifications and a countdown timer to help you stay focused.

Apart from that, you can customize your time entries with clients, and projects and adjust your precious time accordingly. Whereas using the manual mode enables you to edit all of your time manually ensuring that every second of your time is accounted for.

To offer the users added convenience, there are many shortcuts like @ and #, which allow you to add projects and tags much faster.


No doubt today the majority of people use Google Chrome Browser to surf the internet, and the reason is its advanced features and great security support.

Even though there are many alternatives available, the users still stick to Chrome because of its amazing functionality and extension support.

After going through the above part of the article now you must understand the importance or need of these productivity extensions from Chrome.

By offering a wide range of smart features these Google Chrome extensions not only help you to boost your productivity but also lets you concentrate more on work rather than wasting your precious time.

We hope our effort in making this list helped you in narrowing your search for the best productivity Chrome extensions.

If you still have any questions in your mind you can leave your queries in the comment section.

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