So You Want to Go Solar? Here’s Why Installation Is a DIY Don’t

With millions of solar installations in the US, it’s harder to find a reason not to go solar. Installing solar panels helps you cut back on carbon emissions. And of course, who wouldn’t want to make their own electricity?

A reason that still prevails, though, is the initial cost. One way homeowners might think to get around this is to go the DIY route.

Will online articles and video guides be enough to pull off your own solar panel installation? Not really, and here’s why:

You Need Correct and Quality Installation

You can’t Google experience. And there’s no room for trial and error in your home’s electrical system.

Having worked on other installations in the past, professionals know what’s best for your home. So they can give you the best solar panels along with all the parts that work with them.

Want To Install Solar

Experience will prove necessary when finding the ideal placement for maximum yield and efficiency. Also, a professional installer’s knowledge of the many electrical codes and standards can ensure that everything is up to par.

Installing Solar Panels Can be Dangerous

The solar panel kits that don’t require a professional solar panel installer are small and usually meant for RVs or sheds. If you want to power your home, you’ll be working with bigger roof solar panels.

Not only is it dangerous working on your roof, but you’re also working with electricity. This will involve setting up batteries and inverters and doing them properly.

The solar panel installation cost won’t just cover labor; you’re also paying for your peace of mind. You won’t have to constantly worry if you’re putting your family in danger in case you did something wrong.

You Could Lose Your Warranty

Most solar panels remain productive for about 25 years so manufacturers will offer warranties around that time. However, some require professional installations, and DIY attempts might accidentally void their warranties.

Installation companies can also offer service warranties on their work. So not only will professionals install solar panels, but they could also help you maintain them.

It’s Still More Cost-Effective

Considering that the main driver for wanting to DIY is cost, your initial saving won’t hold up for long.

Improper installation could yield less output from your panels. Mistakes could also lead to sustained damage over time. This reduces your panel’s lifespan and leads to more repair costs.

Professional installers can help you find financial incentives or offer financial plans for your budget. Certain tax rebates also require professional installment.

Check out local installation companies for options for going solar in your area!

Your Home Deserves the Best!

With their many benefits, always treat solar panels as investments. When trying to save money by installing solar panels yourself, you’re losing their benefits and gaining damage instead. 

If you need help making other important decisions, check out our other guides!

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