5 Top Java Coding Apps For Android

How cool is it that now you can study and work from any location? Get your phone and go to a cafe, create a pleasant, safe study bubble, and here you go! But to make the experience even better, you’ll need some helpful applications. If you’re using Android, we have 5 best Java coding apps for you!

Along with Java coding experts, they will help you with homework, your portfolio, etc. While you can get Java homework help online in times of need, from AssignmentCore, for example, there should be an arsenal of useful apps just to make your education and practice easier.

Java Coding

5 Best Android Apps for Java Coders

Here you will find useful IDE (integrated development environment) solutions, editors, and other useful apps that will help you learn Java. Syntax highlighters will make it easier to navigate any code, and smart editors can improve your homework-doing speed. 


If you’re tired that every time you try to write an Android app, you need the Android SDK for operating systems like Linux, Windows, or Mac, this application is for you. JavaIDEdroid is a classic IDE that allows you to write right from your Android phone. 

There, you have a compiler for Java, dc and aapt tools, a builder for apk, JavaRunner, and other useful instruments. The zipsigner-lib will cover the zipalign for you, while the runner will help with all binary command runs. 

The rating on Google Play is 3.5, which is solid when talking about professional solutions. You’ll need Android 2.2.3 or higher, and a storage card for the files.


If you’re a beginner and want a crash course in learning programming faster, Dcoder will help you a lot! This is a convenient, easy-to-use IDE supporting 30 languages, including Java, PHP, Python, C, and C++.

As a bonus feature, there’s a Rich Text Editor that will help you navigate codes with highlights, adequate autocomplete, canceling actions, etc. To improve your learning, there are examples of problems in codes that you have to solve. You can learn anytime and from any location with your smartphone.

Java Editor

One of the easiest applications for Java, Java Editor will do all the basic help. You’ll see syntax highlights, properties and attributes, etc. It has a very convenient Search feature for you to navigate codes easily, a replacement feature, and an autocorrect. With this editor, you can open any default files.

If you need a basic helper, this application will do the job well.

Code Peeker Pro

Code Peeker Pro will be a great helper if you want to search for snippets. It’s not like a conventional editor, more like a code reader that will help you analyze it. Code analysis is very important when you want to learn about the most common mistakes or your own coding tendencies. Although the curriculum is the same, every coder gets their own habits and tips. Now, you can analyze them! 

Another great thing, Google Play has chosen this application for its Education program. A lot of schools are using it to promote faster and more effective education. It has a file browser, a code peeker, supports both external SD cards and your phone’s own internal storage, and can be used with various file browsers.

Java N-IDE

This app is suitable for beginners who start their way to coding. It only supports Java but is very lightweight so you don’t need a lot of memory for the app. You get features like an autocomplete, a code formatter, and a compiler that works without the Internet connection. There are more features for the app coming soon, so it’s definitely worth your attention.

Why You Should Have Useful Apps for Education

The tech world is evolving. Earlier, some schools would make you write a code on a piece of paper to check your attention to detail. Now, even the most difficult code can be checked easily with an app or a website.

Some people (especially teachers) think it’s bad and makes people unprofessional. But in reality, such services are amazing helpers. Students have a lot of load on them from studies, part-time jobs, and other obligations. And it’s much better to proofread the code once yourself and then a couple of times with a program than to spend hours trying to find the faulty symbol without highlighters, etc. 

That’s why, if you think you’re a terrible student if you use help from homework writing services or useful applications, don’t be so hard on yourself! You can create an army of helpers and make homework easier, learning more, and doing so wherever you are. These five Android apps available on Google Play will help you do that!

No need to stay in the dorm and use your laptop to code. Go to a cafe or a park, make yourself comfortable, grab a snack, some tea or coffee, and do everything on your smartphone! This will bring something fresh to your education, which will lead to amazing results very fast.

The Final Word

Each application will make it easier and more pleasant for you to study and maybe even prepare a portfolio. A student that can make use of special applications and helpful services is definitely going to succeed! Don’t lose your chance, take half an hour to learn a new app, and you’ll see that Java homework doesn’t take as much time and effort as it used to.

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