How Technology Can Affect Your Relationships

Our current technology has blessed us with wonderful opportunities to expand our social circle and communicate with our loved ones anytime and anywhere. With instant messaging and social media platforms, you can share your thoughts, milestones, and precious happenings in your life to a broad audience.

Technology is now a part of our daily lives as if we can’t fully continue our daily tasks without using our gadgets or accessing the internet. Even in our social life, we spend a considerable amount of time talking with our friends and colleagues virtually. While there are lots of things we have to be thankful for, it also raises the question of whether technology impacts our relationships positively or negatively.

The Positive Side

Long-distance relationships are now possible

With social media and other electronic communication media, couples, who are away from each other, can at least feel each other’s love and presence. Gone are the days when you have to wait for many weeks or months to receive a single letter from your significant other. Messages can be sent and received instantly using our gadgets. This is one of the positive ways technology has changed our relationships. If you used to worry about the distance that can cause a barrier between you and lovers, it would be time to forget that fear.

Creating more communities or groups

Thanks to technology, we can meet more people who we wouldn’t come across with personally due to proximity issues. This creates more chances to build relationships with people who we haven’t seen personally. We can also gain support for our advocacy or easily find individuals to talk with about niche topics. Technology can bring us closer together despite not being in one place physically. In the situation of COVID 19, technology is really a great assistant that we ever have.

The Negative Side

Individuals rely too much on dating platforms

Dating apps and sites open up new avenues for love-seekers to find a potential partner. These platforms provide us with many choices and convenience in our love search. This is why some individuals may opt to fully rely on dating platforms. There’s nothing wrong about using it for your own good, but too much can hurt your chances to find true love. You have to maximize your opportunities by going online and offline.

Remember to only use one or two platforms for your love search. If you’re undecided about which one to use, visit this site to read honest and detailed reviews about dating apps and sites, so you don’t have to go through them one by one.

Less meaningful conversations

Non-verbal cues such as kissing or hugging are absent during an online conversation. These cues are highly important in creating the right message to the receiver. Now that we can’t rely on these while conversing online, it’s challenging to get our message across. Supposed that the joking utterances are now turned into letters without any facial expression or tone of voice, don’t you think it may lead to a potential misunderstanding of other listeners. 

Being disconnected from the real world

Scrolling in our feed to be informed is a good thing, but there are also chances that this simple activity hurts our relationships. Individuals can get distracted from their personal lives by exposing themselves too much on the internet. Instead of forming strong connections offline, some people tend to linger online and feel as if they’re connected with others in some way. But the truth is they don’t. 

The Bottom Line

The key to a successful connection is a clear balance between our online and offline presence. Technology is introduced to make our lives easier and better, not the other way around. We just have to be mindful of our actions and ensure that we utilize this wonderful innovation for our own good.

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