7 Best Gear Cycle Under 5,000 In India – 2022

If you are thinking of buying a bicycle then it’s a great decision because a bicycle helps you in many ways.

Especially when it comes to being healthy, staying fit and physically active then cycling is one of the best sources of physical activity that not only helps you to lose weight but also eliminates the risk of health, heart, bones and lungs-related problems and improves your overall fitness.

At the same time, cycles are good and eco-friendly means of transportation that don’t pollute our environment and are also less prone to accidents. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best smart gear cycles that will enhance your riding experience.

Gear bicycles are much better than basic bicycles as they offer many benefits, they provide good acceleration, allow you to ride with great comfort even with extreme altitude variations, save your time & energy, eliminate the chances of chain slip or losing balance and they are easy to maintain as well.

Best Gear Cycle Under 5000 In India

So before buying the bicycle you can consider the list below:

1. HERCULES Storm 2.0 26 T Road Cycle  (Single Speed, Multicolor)

HERCULES Storm - Best Gear Cycle Under 5000 In India

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When it comes to bicycles or motorcycles HERCULES is a brand that is always relied on for quality and value performance. Hercules is a German brand that was established in 1886.

And this model is one of their best gear bicycles perfect for straightforward, no-fuss usage for commutes/ leisure rides within a city. In terms of build quality, the Hercules relStorm 2.0 26 T has a steel frame to ensure vibration-free comfortable smooth riding and also assures durability.

While its anti-skid pedals with wide cleats provide you better stability. Additionally, the bicycle is combined with 26 inches wide tires for perfect balance and great control even on rough ground.

Another benefit of the cycle is that it comes with all the safety accessories like reflectors at its front and rear, side stand, mudguard, etc to protect the cycle and make your ride safe.

2. HERO Skyper 26T 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle  (Single Speed, Black)

HERO Skyper 26T Mountain Cycle

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If you are an adventure-loving person or living in a hilly area then you can consider the HERO Skyper 26T which is specially designed for riding on the mountains.

It’s a lightweight single-speed bicycle that is equipped with an integrated carrier, an ergonomic saddle and hand bar end grips to make your ride more comfortable. Further, it comes with Turbo Drive Technology which helps you to travel long distances effortlessly by improving pedaling efficiency.

The HERO Skyper 26T has been designed with proper safety precautions and is enhanced with V-brakes for a better leverage ratio.

Since it is a mountain cycle, it is combined with 26 inches of durable MTB tyres, which means you can ride through the tough roads without worrying about wear and tear. Hence, with all these amazing features, this bicycle is totally worth its value for the money.

3. Leader Scout MTB 26T Men’s Mountain Bicycle/Bike Without Gear Single Speed – Sea Green, Ideal for 10 + Years 18 inch Frame

Leader Scout MTB 26T Bicycle

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This bicycle from the new brand Leader Scout is an amazing creation with great features and stylish looks. It’s an 18-inch frame cycle that comes in a vibrant color combination of sea green and black.

This mountain cycle can be easily ridden by all grown-ups above 11-years of age and within the height range of 5.5 feet and 6.0 feet. When it comes to the body of the cycle, the company uses super-strong steel to build its frame, while high-quality 26-inch rubber tyres are combined for better traction and long rides with ease.

To provide maximum comfort to the rider, the Leader Scout MTB comes with soft rubber grips along with a height-adjustable PU Saddle in order to give a comfortable sitting position for people of different heights.

In addition, the bike is equipped with an efficient braking system that assures your safety and security during riding on all types of rock surfaces.

4. Hercules Flunk RF 26 T Single Speed Road Cycle (Ideal for : 12+ Years ,Brake : Disc )

Hercules Flunk RF 26 T Cycle

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Those of you looking for the best sturdy bicycle suitable for comfortable riding can go for this single-speed road cycle. This bike is very easy to maintain and offers value for money in the long run.

The Hercules Flunk RF comes in a matte black finish and is available in two different color combinations- black and green & black and orange, so you have the option to choose from.

Moving on to the other aspect, the bicycle’s frame is made of steel allowing the rider to use it in all situations without worrying about wear and tear.

Also, it comes with a wide seat that makes your riding experience more comfortable. Another advantage that you get is the stylish fenders as an effective mudguard which protects the cycle from muddy puddles or slush.

To conclude this is a beautiful gear bicycle with excellent performance that you can buy under this price range.

5. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike (Black, Ideal For : 12+ Years )

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle

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No doubt Hero is one of the oldest and favorite brands amongst the Indian people. And what makes the brand so reliable is the impressive performance of its products. The Hero Kyoto 26T is one of their best-selling bicycles at such an affordable price range.

Well suited for 12+ years of boys and girls, this bicycle is a perfect fit with a height of 5.4 feet to 5.10 feet. Like the previous Hero bicycle, it is also a mountain bike that can move through all types of roads without any worries.

From the design perspective, the Hero Kyoto 26T comes in a black finish along with a brand logo on the front side. It is featured with a rigid suspension and has a robust construction which makes your ride more fun and comfortable.

Additionally, the bicycle is delivered in an 85% assembled state, which means you can prevent all the hassles related to assembling the cycle.

6. HERO Spunky 26TSS/Spunky 26T BK & RD 26 T Hybrid Cycle/City Bike

HERO Spunky 26TSS Cycle

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This is another premium quality hybrid or city cycle from the same brand Hero and is enhanced with all the amazing features that make it a perfect buy. In terms of comfort, the HERO Spunky 26TSS delivers the utmost pleasure of riding to its users.

Further, it comes with a rigid suspension which makes the cycle effective and allows the users to easily move through all types of obstacles without any worries. While the 18-inch steel frame completes the overall look and attraction of the bicycle.

Another quality of this bike is its rubber grips that offer maximum comfortable grips with long-lasting usage. In addition, the bike is available in three color options so you can choose the one as per your taste.

This hybrid bicycle is created for riders with a height ranging from 4.9 feet to 5.5 feet. So, if you have a kid 13+ years of age, this cycle is something that you can give to him and make them happy.

7. HERCULES Stimulus Pro RF 26 T Road Cycle  (Single Speed, Green)

HERCULES Stimulus Pro Road Cycle

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The last product on our list is the HERCULES Stimulus Pro cycle. The cycle comes with a pair of 26 inch wide tires mounted on double-wall alloy rims which make it quite strong for increased durability as well as assures the fastest performance.

Also, it boasts a modern box section design which makes the cycle sturdy and light in weight. For getting the maximum absorption from the tyres against all types of rough surfaces, this cycle is equipped with a rigid suspension.

To provide pedal stability it is equipped with a big foot platform that also lets you race on roads. Also, you can customize the height of the seat as per your requirement with the help of a QR lever.

The only lacking point in this bike is the mudguard but you also get access to other facilities like stand, reflectors on the front as well as back, etc. Overall, it’s a smart and attractive bicycle that has all the potential to impress you.


If you too are thinking of buying a cycle but are confused as the market is full of impressive offers and many brands.

Then, after reading this article and going through the list you might have acquired some clarity regarding which brand of bicycles you should opt for and we hope that now you can make the best choice.

For your convenience, we have also shared the links of every product so if you want you can directly order the bicycle using that link and also check out their prices and other details.

But, If you still feel any confusion or need any other information about gear bicycles, you can leave your questions in the comment section and we would get back to you with the best possible solutions for your problems.

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