The Best Business Management Software: 13 Options

Today, you can find 32.5 million small businesses in the United States. It’s vital now more than ever to make your business stand out.

To make your business stand out you need more time to focus on the things that matter. You might wonder how you can get more time in your day.

The answer is by using business management software. Finally, get more time in your day and focus on what matters. Read this guide on the best business management software out there to help you pick out the right options.

What Is Business Management Software?

It’s computer software that helps you save time on daily operations. It could help out with projects, human resources, financials, or customer relationship management. Improve business operations, make smart decisions, and track data.

1. iinsight

You can get help today and ensure WIOA compliance. Speed up automation, specifically for those running a vocational rehabilitation business. It’s also configurable and secure.

2. nTask

No matter what business you are, nTask allows you to have a multi-dimensional solution. You can monitor, collaborate, and plan your projects.

It also has timesheets and charts to better allow you to project performance. You can also provide feedback to your team members through the comments section.

3. FreshBooks

For accounting and invoicing, FreshBooks is a popular option. It provides you with a reliable and fast solution to track expenses, invoices, etc.

You can also keep track of projects through this business management software. There are project assignments, team chats, and file locations.

You can also see how much time your team is spending on tasks. This is useful for charging your clients the correct amount.

4. Flodesk

Perfect for small businesses, show off your brand and create stunning emails. Create sequences, automate lead agent send-offs, etc.

Business Management Softwares

Even if you don’t have a website you can create email signup forms. You can also send out and have as many subscribers as you’d like. It’s also easy to use since it has layout blocks and a drag-and-drop email builder.

5. Timely

Keep track of what your team is working on. Reduce time management overhead and improve accuracy.

It shows you the overtime and hourly rates. Timely has client-friendly reporting and real-time project dashboards. Time tracking is automatic.

6. Deskera

Take care of your CRM, invoicing, payroll, and accounting in one location. It comes with many features including template designers, custom pipelines, and custom fields. You can use it on your phone, tablet, or laptop through automation.

7. Trello

For small teams with projects, Trello is a fantastic option. They even have a free plan for you to check out.

You can track progress, organize tasks, and assign them to team members. It’s a good option for straightforward projects.

Customizable and accessible UX templates are available. It shortens the amount of time that it’ll take you to complete various projects.


Perfect for mid-sized companies, will allow you to invoice reports, use their easy integration, use expense tracking, and more. Many of those in the technical, marketing, management, and consulting industries use it.

You’ll be able to generate invoices in seconds, organize your data, and use pre-delivered reporters. You can even customize your dashboard.

9. Netsuite

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large company, Netsuite could benefit you. Use tools that help with eCommerce, CRM, HR, financials, and more.

10. Chanty

Improve productivity and collaboration with Chanty. Whether you’re looking to have one-on-one, group, public, or private conversations you can stay in touch.

Use video conferencing or audio calling. Assign teammates to tasks, turn messages into tasks, and use screen sharing.

Chanty integrates with Gitlab, Github, Onedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, Trello, Zapier, and more. It also has an unlimited message history.

Use their built-in task management to save time. They have business and free plans available.

11. Zoho One

Zoho One allows you to handle finance, HR, customer support, marketing, and sales in one location. All of the business applications are integrated with each other.

Since the programs are unified, this allows you to communicate data with each other. It’s also a cloud-based option. Even if you’re on a mobile device you can access Zoho One.

12. Bitrix24

Britrix24 works as both a CRM and task management tool. It also allows you to have team collaboration and documents management.

Bitrix24 has both free and paid versions. You can also automate your marketing, track your sales pipeline, and provide customer support.

Use task management, invoicing, sales reports, email marketing, and lead management. There are plenty of application integrations to choose from too.

13. Dropbox

Collaboration and safe file storage are both available with Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud storage tool that’s easy to use and set up.

It has other built-in tools to make the entire process even easier. Enjoy the integrations with other applications, file sharing and storage, and custom access controls.

The Business Management Software Benefits

Some options allow you to improve customer service. You can track the history and interactions of customers.

It also helps you make better decisions since you can see customer feedback, sales trends, data, and more. Since you have more time due to automating your business, this could lead to an increase in productivity.

Exploring the Best Business Management Software

After exploring this guide on the best business management software, you should have a better idea of the various options out there. Think about what you’d like help on for your business and find the appropriate software to help.

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